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Diving Ring Rescue In A Freak Lightning Storm, Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Perth, Western Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

Well this was a first! When called out to Hillary’s Boat Harbour to dive detect for a sentimental wedding ring recently I got to roll onto my back and observe a powerful lightning show from 4 meters underwater!

Weren’t you scared Sean?  mmm.. yeah.. um.. well yes.. quite a lot actually..

I’d arranged to meet David and his wife who were here on holiday from New South Wales at the bathers beach in Hillary’s Boat Harbour. I’d asked David to bring along his swimming gear so he could swim out to where he thought he’d felt his precious wedding ring slip off into the depths a few days before.

I donned my diving gear on the beach and made my way out as well. When David gave me the o.k. I dived down to the bottom which was at about 4 m or so and started a circular search pattern with my metal detector. Initially the visibility was pretty good for a harbour with perhaps 6-7 m but as there is virtually no current in the harbour the water was soon full of sediment and darkness. It is always difficult to explain just how disconcerting being underwater in total or near total darkness can be. It is truly one of those things you have to do to fully comprehend.

When I had returned to my starting position on the first search circle with an assortment of junk I extended outward another meter and started to search a second larger circle around the first when all of a sudden there was one hell of a bang, an intense flash and a pressure wave which made me spit my regulator out into the darkness somewhere in front of me! I didn’t have time for panic to set in, I dropped my detector to the seabed and searched frantically in the darkness for the hose my regulator was attached to and once found, returned it to my gob for a long suck on the oxygen it provides!

As I concentrated on getting my heart and breathing rates back under control I realised there was a lot more light now and that the light was flashing different colours in the clouded water. It now dawned on me that what had happened was not an explosion but a lightning strike somewhere very close by and the flashes were further lightning reflecting off the bottom. Amazed, I decided to move out of the cloud I’d created and to roll onto my back and watch this rather surreal show unfold for a few minutes as I contemplated just how safe it was to be in the water just now! Which I might add it is not, certainly not in shallow water, however being on the surface is less safe again. 

The sun reappeared along with David’s precious! 

When the flashes were getting less frequent I returned to the task at hand which was to finish the second search circle. I was really hoping to find the ring by this method but would only do one more larger circle before switching to a running jack-stay search which is more efficient when searching over larger areas.

Not long later whilst squeezing yet another target filled handful of goop I felt something solid.. and heavy.. and round.. with a hole in it, a big hole as in finger big. As usual when I’m at this point my heart rate goes up a bit as I draw the object in my hand to an inch from my dive mask.. is it is it is it? That turned into an oh yeah that’s the glint of gold, and then an oh yeah its got a pattern on it.. and then.. surely? A quick exit stage left to some clear water and another look confirmed it.. there she was, David’s triple-tone gold wedding ring!


14K White Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Surf – Found! Cherry Grove, SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I got an e-mail from Kevin about a lost ring I had posted on Craigslist that wasn’t a match to his. So after a few e-mails back and forth I met Kevin on the beach at 9am on Sept 22nd. Kevin and his family were here on vacation from Georgia and he told me he was playing Frisbee with his sons on Sept 20th. In the process of catching the Frisbee he misjudged catching it and felt his ring fly off in a different direction than the Frisbee went

I set up a 30X60 ft. grid and started searching. On the 6th pass I got a good strong signal, dug a shallow scoop and there it was. I called him letting him know I had found it and he came right down from his room with a big smile on his face.

Kevin really helped me out on finding this ring by getting landmarks and knowing the area he lost it in.

Kevin – Thank you for the generous reward.


Thank you for reading my post



Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Band – Recovered and Returned in North Myrtle Beach, SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I received an e-mail from Candy on June 22nd stating that her and her husband Charles, had been in North Myrtle Beach on their honeymoon.  He had lost his gold with diamond cut silver lining wedding band in the ocean in about waist deep water. She gave me a general idea of where it was lost and the hotel they were staying at as a reference.

I had a strong feeling this was going to be a tough hunt as it was. To complicate matters, the ring was lost ten days earlier on June 12th (one day after their wedding), I was currently out of town on vacation and Candy and Charles were back home. I contacted my counterpart, Matt Fry in Myrtle Beach, and asked him if he’d contact Candy and see if he could help her.  He did, and he also got a couple of pictures of the ring, but due to work obligations he wasn’t able to do an immediate search.

I returned home from vacation two days later and contacted Matt for an update on the ring. He said he wasn’t able to search and sent me the pictures. The following evening I hit the beach at low tide and started the search without a more definitive area to search. After 3 to 4 hours of searching, it was getting dark so I suspended the search and planned on getting out the next morning.

Early the next morning I showed up at low tide and expanded my search into thigh to waist deep water. After about an hour in the water I got a good strong signal, dug out 3 scoops of sand and there was a ring shining up at me through the shells. When I found the ring I wasn’t positive it was the one I was looking for because in my mind, I thought Charles’ ring had diamonds on it. After another 2 hours of searching I went home.

Once I got back home I verified the ring with the pictures I’d received and it was clearly a match. I immediately typed up an e-mail to Candy with pictures of me holding the ring and then I called her. Needless to say she was elated, as well as shocked, that after 2 weeks her husband’s ring was found. I wrapped the ring up with a couple of small shells, as a memento of their honeymoon vacation in North Myrtle Beach and mailed it back to them.

Total search time was between 6 to 7 hours in the choppy Atlantic Ocean.


A note from Candy:

Jim, Thank you for taking your time to find this. That means so much to us. It is great to know that there are still good people out there. You have made our day. Thank you again. Candy M.

The joy of finding and returning someone’s ring and then seeing that happy face with a big smile on it will never get old!

Thank you for reading my blog!!

Jim Wren/TheRingFinders.com/843-655-5889.


Keys Found in Franklin, MA

from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)
Contact: 1-401-225-5770

On Valentine’s Day, I received a telephone call from Kelley, a fellow employee, explaining that she had lost her keys in the company’s parking lot somewhere in the snow.  It was my day off, and another employee suggested that she call to see if I could help.  The company has huge parking lots, so I was concerned that it may have been plowed into one of the huge mounds of snow, but I agreed to give it a shot.  I searched three areas of the parking lot where she thought she may have dropped the keys without any luck.  Finally, I searched around a light pole in the parking lot and found the set of keys.  Kelley said it was the best Valentine’s Day present she could have received!


Sentimental Ring Found, (Hillview Neighborhood) Edmonton, Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118

Aron (2) 48badd79-c717-4171-985e-68f73287d138 Aron

I received a call from Marlene on Christmas Eve asking if it was possible for me to find her Dad’s ring. 10 days ago he had been brushing the snow off his car with his bare hands when his ring flew off. I told her that if the ring was on the ground I would find it. She described the ring as gold, very large, and having much sentimental valve as it was a 35 year’s of service award from the automotive industry when her dad retired.


Today, Boxing Day morning, I meet Marlene at her condo complex and she showed me where her dad’s car had been parked that evening and also mentioned that he had been out looking for the ring a couple of times and had piled a mound of snow on the front lawn and that the ring could be there. I started my search and had Marlene move her vehicle from her parking spot so I could search that area. I found the ring where her car had been in about two inches of hard packed snow. When Marlene’s father arrived, I walked him over to where the ring was laying in the snow. The smile on his face was proof that this ring was very sentimental for him. He and his daughter were extremely pleased to have the ring back.  Although Aron declined to have his picture taken with his ring for our “book of smiles”, he did give permission to have his ring published. Thank you for entrusting me and “The Ring Finders”. Happy New Year!

Diamond Wedding Band Lost Camping in Almaden Valley San Jose-Found!

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

Regina took her family on a company camping trip in the Almaden area of San Jose recently. The weather was beautiful and everybody had fun.

When it came time to tear down the tents, Regina was wiping hers off when she felt her platinum and diamond wedding band fly off her finger. Family and friends all looked everywhere, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

Regina contacted me the next day. Because she was camping on private land with few visitors, she felt that the ring must still be at the campsite. We met at the campground in San Jose the following day. I immediately understood why nobody had found the ring when the searched for it: the grass was very thick and well cared for. Fortunately, the grass had not been mown since the camping trip, so we knew the ring was probably right in front of us, in that thick grass.

We could still see the depression in the grass where Regina had pitched her tent, so I marked out a search area along the side where she had lost the ring. Because she was so certain where and when she lost the ring, I focused on that side, but expanded the search zone in both directions. Sometimes it’s hard to judge exactly how hard you fling a ring.

The ground was nearly clear of targets. After five minutes I found a penny. A couple of minutes later, my detector let out a strong ping at the base of a tree at the very edge of the search zone. It was Regina’s ring.

Amazingly, the tree was at a right angle to the direction where Regina thought she was wiping her hand when she lost the ring. That’s why I marked out the larger search area: it is nearly impossible to know exactly which way your hand is moving, or where your finger is pointing, at the moment your ring decides to fly away.

Everybody went home happy!

Regina with her lost wedding ring, now found again

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22K Gold Ring Found in Novato

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Lost gold ring found in Novato

It was a usual saturday evening for Nazeem, playing volley ball with friends in the office volley ball court. Walking to the car to drive back home, he noticed his wedding ring was missing. Immediately he rushed back to the court and the players started the search for the ring.They looked all over the entire playground, covered in thick grass, for over an hour in the evening, but they couldn’t locate the ring anywhere. The next day they searched again in sunlight with family and friends, expecting the ring to shine, but no luck again! They were almost sure the ring was in the volleyball court itself, as the ring was present in Nazeem’s finger in the photographs they had taken the previous day at home.

Nazeem’s wife Bily contacted me on Monday. I met them both at the volleyball court on Tuesday afternoon. We’ve been having beautiful weather for a couple of weeks, so it was a pleasure to be outside metal detecting. I tested Bily’s matching ring, made from the same 22K gold, and noticed that I would have to sweep low and slow in order not to miss  the faint signal it returned to my detector.

Because the ground was fairly hard, and there hadn’t been any rain since Saturday, we knew the ring would not be buried. Unfortunately, the grass was thick and well maintained, so anything small and dense like a ring would disappear quickly. So I started my grid search behind the serving line on one side of the court, and slowly worked my way toward the net.

Fortunately, the ground was clean. I only picked up six signals in the first 30 minutes, and only one was within two inches of the surface. About 5 feet in front of the net, near the center of the court, I got a signal on the surface. I scraped my fingers through the grass, but could not find it. But after pinpointing it again, I found Nazeem’s ring hiding down among the roots. Nazeem was extremely delighted to get his priceless ring back! Everybody went away happy!

Lost gold wedding band


Toddler Throws Dad’s Wedding Ring Off Belmont Balcony

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Lost ring found in Belmont, San Mateo County

Lost wedding ring recovered after toddler throws it off balcony

Everyone knows how toddlers love to play with Mom & Dad’s things. They hide them, put them in the trash, and sometimes throw them off the balcony. That’s what Amy’s three-year-old son did with her husband’s Cartier wedding ring: he threw it off the balcony into the neighbor’s side yard.

Amy searched the area and found a whole collection of her son’s golf balls, sidewalk chalk and more, but no ring. So she searched Google for “metal detector ring finder” and found us.

The first thing I did when I arrived was survey the search area. Much of it was covered by a scrap lumber pile, and nails and screws protruded from many of the boards. These would be difficult and dangerous to move. But it is very important to be systematic in difficult search areas, so I started at the highest point, a few feet above the lumber pile.

Underneath a stairway, I got several signals, including a strong point signal that showed as a shallow, pure-metal target on my display. Although rings often give exactly this type of signal, in this case it was a wad of aluminum foil pressed into the soil and covered by a large plastic sheet. After I ruled out all the signals that I could find with my large detector, I scanned a crevice next to the sidewalk with my handheld pinpointer, a small detector with which I could avoid the rebar inside the concrete.

Bingo! The ring was wedged into the crevice near the end of a buried board. I couldn’t even see it until I removed a layer of leaves and debris. It was a large ring, just the kind of thing a toddler would love to play with, and ultimately throw off the balcony. Amy was happy to get it back, and didn’t tell her husband she had it back until he got home from work.


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