Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Band – Recovered and Returned in North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an e-mail from Candy on June 22nd stating that her and her husband Charles, had been in North Myrtle Beach on their honeymoon.  He had lost his gold with diamond cut silver lining wedding band in the ocean in about waist deep water. She gave me a general idea of where it was lost and the hotel they were staying at as a reference.

I had a strong feeling this was going to be a tough hunt as it was. To complicate matters, the ring was lost ten days earlier on June 12th (one day after their wedding), I was currently out of town on vacation and Candy and Charles were back home. I contacted my counterpart, Matt Fry in Myrtle Beach, and asked him if he’d contact Candy and see if he could help her.  He did, and he also got a couple of pictures of the ring, but due to work obligations he wasn’t able to do an immediate search.

I returned home from vacation two days later and contacted Matt for an update on the ring. He said he wasn’t able to search and sent me the pictures. The following evening I hit the beach at low tide and started the search without a more definitive area to search. After 3 to 4 hours of searching, it was getting dark so I suspended the search and planned on getting out the next morning.

Early the next morning I showed up at low tide and expanded my search into thigh to waist deep water. After about an hour in the water I got a good strong signal, dug out 3 scoops of sand and there was a ring shining up at me through the shells. When I found the ring I wasn’t positive it was the one I was looking for because in my mind, I thought Charles’ ring had diamonds on it. After another 2 hours of searching I went home.

Once I got back home I verified the ring with the pictures I’d received and it was clearly a match. I immediately typed up an e-mail to Candy with pictures of me holding the ring and then I called her. Needless to say she was elated, as well as shocked, that after 2 weeks her husband’s ring was found. I wrapped the ring up with a couple of small shells, as a memento of their honeymoon vacation in North Myrtle Beach and mailed it back to them.

Total search time was between 6 to 7 hours in the choppy Atlantic Ocean.


A note from Candy:

Jim, Thank you for taking your time to find this. That means so much to us. It is great to know that there are still good people out there. You have made our day. Thank you again. Candy M.

The joy of finding and returning someone’s ring and then seeing that happy face with a big smile on it will never get old!

Thank you for reading my blog!!

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  1. Matthew Fry says:

    Way to save the day Jim. I admire your tenacity and dedication! Good hunting.

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