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Lost Gold Wedding Band Kinnear Park Queen Ann Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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James contacted me asking for some assistance in recovering his lost gold wedding band. He explained he had been doing some exercises earlier in the morning at Kinnear Park on Queen Ann Hill in Seattle. He had some gymnastic rings attached to the swing set and was doing a few moves. He decided to take his wedding ring off and placed it into his shorts pocket. Most likely after doing a few simple inversions the ring fell out and was quickly obscured by the wood chips below. He poked around looking for his ring but could not locate it. He knew he had to get someone with a metal detector if he was to get his ring back. After a simple Google search he found my profile page on and reached out for assistance. After a few brief moments swing my detector coil over the wood chips I acquired the signal I was looking for. I called him over and with my pin pointer moved the top layer of wood chips aside. Sure enough we acquired the golden target we were after his gold wedding band! A simple search saving one more ring and collecting another appreciative smile.

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Jeff Morgan