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Gold Wedding Ring Lost In The Snow! West End Of Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Dmytro called me around 6 pm this evening requesting my service as he had just lost his wedding ring in a dealership parking lot  and could I help him find his ring. Lucky for Dmytro I was only 10 minutes away from him! I agreed to meet him there and for him not to move just in case somebody was walking around the parking lot.

I met up with Dmytro and he explaind that he took the floor mat out of his car and shook the snow off it,  then he took his glove off and thats when his ring fell off his finger and into a snow bank.   Within five minutes I found his ring and handed it back to him! Dmytro was very happy to have the ring back on his finger.  Thank you Dmytro for entrusting me to find your ring.


Beautiful 14K Rose Gold Ring Lost, Found in Berryville, VA.

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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I received a call from Brandon on Thursday asking if I could help him find his 14K Rose Gold wedding band which was lost on his property in Berryville, Virginia. Brandon stated he bought a metal detector and attempted to locate the ring himself, even searching at night with a flash light in hand, but no luck.  As with most detectorists we know you sometimes have to get through a lot of trash in order to find the treasure and the trash was what Brandon was finding unfortunately. After getting a few details on when it was lost and approximate area on the property where he believed it may be located we arranged for me to come out on Friday morning. Since he was not going to be able to be there to meet me I had to initiate the search on what details I had and the pictures he sent me to come up with a search strategy.

I started my search to the left of his home and closer to the wood line which is where he believed it would be located. After about 90 minutes and a pound of debris, other than the woods itself, I felt I covered the backyard area pretty well. Before I took on the search of the large area of bushy woods I though I’d give the grassy area closer to the house and attach shed a quick grid search.

…after about 30 minutes….there she was, one of the prettiest colors of rose gold I’ve seen shining brightly and just waiting to get backs to it’s owner. I contacted Brandon via a text by sending him a photo of his ring, he was ecstatic at knowing his ring was found and would soon be back on his finger.

Glad I could reunite you with your ring Brandon….

God Bless




Lost Gold Cross Pendant w/Birthstones, Found in Bristow, Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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I received a text from a couple, John and Amy in Bristow, Virginia. Amy had been doing some gardening in the back yard and as she walked around the side of the house she realized her chain was dangling from her neck, but the gold cross charm was missing. After searching for hours they placed a notice on their community website asking if anyone had the ability to assist. One of the neighbors suggested they reach out to theRingFinders.

I’m about 45 minutes from their location so I was able to head early after work the next day to do a recovery search with the hopes of finding it quickly as the area was not too large. Once I arrived Amy gave me the rundown of what she was doing and where she walked, so  initially conducted a quick search in the grassy area where she realized the charm was gone. No hits in this area so I decided to go right to the garden bed in the hopes it fell into the mulch/soil she was seeding for green beans and carrots. As I was working the bed, Amy was literally a foot and a half away from me and shouted, “I found it!! While watching me she happen to look down near her feet and there it was just laying in the grass. Great Karma, lucky find and glad to see her smile so big. Amy’s had the cross for 20 years and it holds the birthstones of each of her children, a very treasured item to say the least.

Gold Cross pendant with Birthstones

God Bless and happy Hunting!!


Lost Wedding Band in Bristow Virginia Yard, Found in Bushes

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray @ MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217.

I received a text message early Saturday morning from Todd in Bristow, Virginia requesting my assistance in locating his yellow gold wedding band which was lost somewhere in his backyard the night before. Todd has been enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having these past few days here on the East coast; spending time cleaning up the yard, doing some trimming of the bushes and vines, doing a general cleanup and hanging around his hammock. At some point during the evening he realized his ring was no longer on his finger, like many men including myself we tend to ‘feel’ the ring constantly as a nature of habit and that’s when he noticed it was gone. He spent several hours at night looking for the ring, unfortunately with no luck. As many customer tend to do he almost was tempted to purchase a metal detector himself, I’m glad he called me instead! Most if not all of the customers I’ve met who have purchased a lower end detector were not successful in finding their treasure as the unit may not have been sufficient to isolate the ring from many other hits, and new customers tend to not have the experience to fully utilize the detector’s features.

I arrived at Todd’s beautiful home in the early part of the afternoon, then after a brief description of his ‘yard’ activities I initially started a quick sweep to see if I could get a hit. With the quick sweep not showing any significant results I started a more detailed grid of different sections of the yard, still no ring. The yard was not significantly large, but was broken up into nice little sectional areas; hammock area, birdbath, stone walk, bush areas. After hitting most areas several times I started to focus on the bush areas next t the fence which also had heavy vines growing on them. I borrowed a rake and cleaned most of the leaves and debris from the bush bedding area and still after a few grid searches no good hits.

I was then laying on the ground running the detectors further in to reach past the heavier bushes that’s when there was something sparking as bright as the ring from Lord of Rings, there was Todd’s beautiful golden wedding band. Even with a detector it would have been difficult to get a hit on this one as it was positioned between two closely nestled bushes. Sometimes you just have to get dirty! Todd was so excited to see his ring back and immediately placed in on his finger, hopefully never to come off again.

Great customer, thank you Todd for using theRingFinders network.


Gold Wedding Band found in Bristow Virginia back yard.