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Lost Gold Ring Near Strathcona Farmers Market Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


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Michael  called me this morning to see if I would be available to help him find his lost gold ring. It belonged to his father and was of huge sentimental value to him. I told him I would be there in forty five minutes.

Michael had been checking his parking meter to see how much time he had left, lost his balance, and felt the ring fly off his finger but had no idea in which direction it had gone.  He thought it ended up on the Church property and had spent a couple of hours with his friends looking for it with no luck.  He had even had the Edmonton Police with a hand held detector looking for him.

I did a quick search of the area but did not find the ring so I decided to check the street.  With all the traffic, I had to dodge cars, and I felt my chances were slim that I would find it.  I did detect a tone, which  turned out to be a pop can.  I swung my coil again and only inches away from the pop can I heard the same tone again. Packed in about 2 inches of snow was the ring in perfect condition.  Considering that he had lost the ring 3 days prior, and all the traffic on that street, he was very, very fortunate.

Another Happy Client! Thank you Michael for your generous reward.

Lost White Gold Wedding Band On The Anthony Henday Drive Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received a call from Kerry around 8:15 last evening wondering if it was possible for me to find his Lost Ring on the side of the Highway. He had marked the area he was stopped at good thinking Kerry. (makes my Job a lot easer when that happens)   He told me how he lost the ring he was helping a friend move some boxes to a storage locker one of the boxes fell off the truck and ended on the highway so he stopped picked the box up and place it in the truck then he removed his glove to check the rest of the boxes that’s when he felt his ring fell off his finger and ended in the ditch he spent a while looking for it before he called me .

I meet up with Kerry this morning around 8:10 am at the location – 13C (8.0) Fahrenheit  and 6 inches of snow It took me a couple of minutes to find his ring which made him a very happy man.

Once again another happy Client and thank you Kerry for the generous reward.