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Wedding Band Found Meadowlark Community Center, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received a call from Daniel yesterday afternoon asking if I could help him find his lost gold wedding band which he lost on Saturday while playing soccer with friends,  meet Daniel at the park and he showed me the location where he and his friends searched for the ring for a few hrs with no luck. After searching the area  and a couple of more area which Daniel  thought the ring could have fallen off, I backed up and thought for a minute and looked at the first original area and asking questions also by just watching Daniels body language I said to my self that the ring Has to be near by. I expanded the search area from the original spot, after 2.5 hrs searching the area  I found his Ring 30 feet from the original spot , Just goes to show if you can’t find the ring at that area expand the search area. Another happy client. Thank you Daniel for the generous Reward.