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Lost Gold Ring Near Strathcona Farmers Market Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


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Michael  called me this morning to see if I would be available to help him find his lost gold ring. It belonged to his father and was of huge sentimental value to him. I told him I would be there in forty five minutes.

Michael had been checking his parking meter to see how much time he had left, lost his balance, and felt the ring fly off his finger but had no idea in which direction it had gone.  He thought it ended up on the Church property and had spent a couple of hours with his friends looking for it with no luck.  He had even had the Edmonton Police with a hand held detector looking for him.

I did a quick search of the area but did not find the ring so I decided to check the street.  With all the traffic, I had to dodge cars, and I felt my chances were slim that I would find it.  I did detect a tone, which  turned out to be a pop can.  I swung my coil again and only inches away from the pop can I heard the same tone again. Packed in about 2 inches of snow was the ring in perfect condition.  Considering that he had lost the ring 3 days prior, and all the traffic on that street, he was very, very fortunate.

Another Happy Client! Thank you Michael for your generous reward.

Misplaced 18ct Gold Ring In A Downtown Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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I received a call on Monday from an elderly lady who had misplaced her mother’s gold ring.

She and her house keeper had looked everywhere in her condo. The ring had been missing for approximately one week and they both felt that it must have gone in the garbage.

Upon arrival on Thursday morning they immediately showed me the garbage and recycle bags outside on the deck and so I went through both bags. The ring was not there.

Next I searched the couch, chairs, cupboards, drawers, book shelves, you name it. I looked under the bathroom sink and furnace registers, and still no ring. I proceeded into the bedroom and checked under and around the sides of the bed. I asked them both if they had looked in the closet and the dressing table drawers. They told me that they had taken everything out. I asked if they would mind if I checked in the drawers, and “BINGO”, there was the ring tucked in between a pair of socks. When I showed her the ring I saw in her face just how relieved she was, and how happy she was to have her mother’s ring back on her finger again.

Thank you for entrusting me and The Ringfinders to find your ring, and also for your generous reward.

Found Diamond Wedding Ring South Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


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Chris called me on Tuesday in regards to his wife’s lost wedding ring which was thought to have been in the back yard. As I had other commitments I told Chris that I would be available on Friday evening, and that since the ring was lost in their back yard, it would be safe. Amanda was very distressed about her ring and  I reassured them both that if the ring was there I would find it for them.

Amanda told me she had been in the back yard for a couple of hours with friends, visiting and playing with their children. They then had gone inside the house for a while. When her friends left and after putting her daughter down for a nap, she realized that her ring was missing. Panic set in.

Amanda and Chris looked for the ring but had no luck.  Then Amanda went on Google to check about renting a metal detector.  Our website came up and she contacted me.

Amanda showed me the area in the back yard where she had been. I went to work slowly checking all possible areas in both the front and back yard as I knew how import this ring was to her.  Two hours later, I had to tell Chris and Amanda that the ring was not outside.  Amanda burst out crying. I told them that it had to be inside.  They told me that they had looked every where in the house and so I asked Amanda to retrace her steps.

She told me she had been in the freezer and the refrigerator.  Chris had also taken the plumbing apart in the bathroom incase the ring had fallen while Amanda was washing her hands.

I asked many questions and  Amanda told me she had been sitting on their leather couch.   Chris had already checked the couch but I needed to check for myself.   We turned it over and I checked the inside of the couch, and between the back rest and the cushions.  I then checked around the back support of the couch and found the ring.  I shouted “Bingo”.Amanda jumped out of her chair with enormous relief.

Thank you Chris & Amanda for entrusting me and The Ring Finders to reunite your wedding ring. Thank you for the generous reward.