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Two Gold Rings Lost Macewan Neighbourhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Tim called this morning requesting my service to locate two gold rings that his girlfriend had lost 0n Saturday afternoon.  After asking Tim a few  questions I agreed to meet him this afternoon at the location where the rings were lost.

When I arrived Tim showed me the area, and he was positive the rings had fallen into shrubs and woodchips.  He already had search the area with no luck so I quickly searched the area and than expanded my search.  I found one 10k ring 20 feet from the shrubs and the other 14k ring another 41 feet away from the woodchips.   When I called Tim over he couldn’t believe I had found both rings so quickly.

Thank you Tim for entrusting me to locate your lost rings.

Another happy Client.

Lost 18K White Gold Ring! Windermere Neighborhood Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received an e-mail from Arash this morning asking for my help in finding his lost ring.

Arash explained that he was shoveling snow off his driveway on Saturday, and had not realized that his  ring was missing until that evening.  Arash spent all day Sunday looking for the ring with no luck.

I met Arash and he showed me where he had shoveled the snow. Within  3 minutes of turning my machine on, I found his ring buried in four inches of snow on the side of his driveway.

Another Happy Client.


Two Gold Rings Found Henderson Estate, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Nada this afternoon requesting my service to find her two rings which were lost while she was doing yard work on Monday,  however it was not until Tuesday that she realized  that her rings where not on her finger. I told her I would be there within one hour.

I met up with Nada at her home where she showed me the area she was working in the back yard.  She had been  pulling plants out of her flower pots and raised garden and was cleaning the back yard for the winter.

After asking Nada a lot of questions I started checking the flower pots and then couple of bags full of leaves with no luck.  I headed to her raised garden plot in the corner of her yard where I found the larger ring. The smaller ring proved much more difficult to find. I searched around the yard for another hour.  Nada was realizing that the ring was probably lost elsewhere but I told her not to give up yet.  She went in the house to warm up.

I continued searching and headed to another raised bed. There I heard a faint sound in my headphones.  The ring was covered in leaves! I called Nada over and told her it was her lucky day as both rings had been found.  She was very happy to have them back on her finger.

Thank you Nada in entrusting me to find your rings.





Lost White Gold Wedding Band On The Anthony Henday Drive Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_1060 (2)  IMG_1060

Received a call from Kerry around 8:15 last evening wondering if it was possible for me to find his Lost Ring on the side of the Highway. He had marked the area he was stopped at good thinking Kerry. (makes my Job a lot easer when that happens)   He told me how he lost the ring he was helping a friend move some boxes to a storage locker one of the boxes fell off the truck and ended on the highway so he stopped picked the box up and place it in the truck then he removed his glove to check the rest of the boxes that’s when he felt his ring fell off his finger and ended in the ditch he spent a while looking for it before he called me .

I meet up with Kerry this morning around 8:10 am at the location – 13C (8.0) Fahrenheit  and 6 inches of snow It took me a couple of minutes to find his ring which made him a very happy man.

Once again another happy Client and thank you Kerry for the generous reward.