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Yellow Gold Diamond Earring Lost, Sherwood Park. Alberta. Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Carolyn requesting my service to locate her earing lost in her back yard! Carolyn was kneeling on the lawn when her dog jumped up and tried to chew her ear.  He tugged on the earring and took off with it.

I met Carolyn this morning and she showed me the area.   Thankfully Carolyn had left every thing the way it was when it happened which made my search easer.  After tweaking my V3i to her other earring I began my search.  After about an hour of searching I found her earring.  I called Carolyn over to  show her how well covered with grass her earing was.   She was very happy to have her earring back!

Another Happy Client.

Diamond Earring

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)


Falls Church, VA. Land search AT Pro with stock coil and 4’ sniper coil, Pro pointer. About 1 hour.

Pamela called me and left a message. She was visiting a grave site when she lost a very treasured earring. As anyone would do, she searched on her hands & knees for a long time. I called her back and we worked out the time and location to meet. Pamela was on top of everything, she even contacted the cemetery to make sure it was OK to search.

As always, we re-enacted how the item was lost. Having the matching earring allowed me to set the detector to ignore most other targets. I started searching in a small area with a probe, and then a larger area with the stock coil. Despite proper settings, the larger coil was getting too many signals. Within minutes of switching to the sniper, I recovered the earring. When I pulled it out of the grass, I was overwhelmed from the look on Pamela’s face. I am so glad to be able to help people find their treasures. Thanks to Chris Turner, for being a visionary and creating the Ringfinders.

In retrospect I should have started with the 4” coil, but I have had great success on small items in the past with the stock coil. I’m glad I could adapt to the unexpected conditions with the proper equipment. Pamela is a very interesting person who has some professional experience in electromagnetic fields. She expressed interest in learning to metal detect and helping others. Jump on in Pamela, the water’s great:)

If I can be of service, the fastest way to get me is by text at 703-598-1435. I will contact you back ASAP.



in the grass





Lost One Gold Diamond Earring! St. Albert, Alberta. Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Stan on Monday morning asking if I could help him find his wife’s earring that she had lost while planting lilacs in her back yard.  I met with Stan and his wife Brenda, and Brenda explained to me what she was doing that day and that it was only after cleaning up that she realized she had a missing earring. I started at the last hole Wendy dug checking around the lilac bush and there I found the small gold back to the earring. I pulled out the lilac tree and checked the hole for the earring but it was nowhere to be found.  

I thought the earring had to be close by but that was not the case.  I spent the next couple of hours scanning both Brenda’s back and front yard with no luck.  After asking many questions trying to jog Brenda’s memory she thought that she may have lost it in the shower and it had possibly gone down the drain.  I told Brenda I would return the following day with my camera so I could check her shower drain. I returned the next day and decided to take another shot at the back yard using a different metal detector White’s(V3I). As I knew the earring had to be close by! Within 20 minutes of scanning the front yard I found her earring next to a cedar bush that I had scanned the previous day. Brenda was very happy when I informed her that her earring had been found.

Another Happy client, Thank you Stan and Brenda for allowing me to find you lost earring.