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Lost Keys Sturgeon Neighbourhood St. Albert, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call from Loren the other week requesting my service to locate her neighbours house and mail box keys she lost while shoveling snow on her property, she also brushed off the truck and that when she notice she did not have the keys on her, Loren  searched everywhere with no luck.

I meet up with Loren she showed me the area she was shoveling and she said she was beside her truck when she noticed the keys where gone, I began my search around her truck and with in minutes I had her keys back in her hands. Another happy client.


Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring, Gariepy Neighborhood, West Edmonton Alberta. Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a text from Joe on Monday May 20, requesting my service to locate his lost wedding ring at a tot’s park in the Gariepy neighborhood. As I was out of town we agreed to search on Thursday.
Joe showed me where the ring came off and he told me he had his family out with him searching for a couple of hours using a rake but unfortunately they could not locate the ring.
Within ten minutes I located his ring buried in three inches of sand. Joe was very happy to have his ring back on his finger as the ring had a very sentimental value to him.
Thank you Joe for entrusting me and The Ringfinder to locate your ring.
Norm Peters

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Potters Green Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received  a call late last evening form David requesting my service to locate his lost wedding band at the neighbourhood playground while he was play with his children.  I scheduled a meeting with him at 8:30 am this morning.  David told me how his ring flew off his finger and he spent a lot of time in the immediate area searching for his ring in the sand with no luck at all. With my experience and of past searches I knew his ring had to be within six feet from the immediate area.

Within five minutes of meeting David, I found his ring and he couldn’t believe that his ring flew that far from the area he was initially looking at.

David was very happy to have his ring back on his finger, thank you David.

Another Happy Client.

Misplaced Rings, Found Westlock, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Kimberly this morning asking if I could help her grandmother locate her misplaced wedding/engagement rings at her home out in Westlock, Alberta, which is approximately 40 miles north of me. I told Kimberley I could be out there by 1Pm.

I met with Kimberley’s grandmother, and Arlene started telling me that the rings had much sentimental value to her as they had been in her possession for over 60 years.  The rings were loose on her finger and could possibly be in any of four locations: the car, house, grocery store, or coffee shop.

I checked her car, house, and back yard with no luck. I decided to head out to the store where Arlene told me that she had picked up groceries and some corn out of a bin and that possibly the rings fell off and were in with the corn. I asked the store supervisor if anyone had handed in rings and nobody had, next I went to the coffee shop, same thing, no rings. I then checked with the RCMP to see if anyone had handed in any rings and no one had so I decided to go to the only jewelry store in town to see if someone had tried to pawn some rings in the last couple of days and no one had. After exhausting all possible leads I decided to head back with Arlene to the house and have a final search while still asking questions. That is when Arlene told me that yesterday she had bathed her dog, washed and dried the towels, and then had put the towels away under the sink.  There amongst the towels were her rings!

Arlene was so happy to have her rings back on her finger once again.

Thank you Kimberly and Arlene for entrusting me to find you’re your lost rings!

Another happy client.    

Lost One Gold Diamond Earring! St. Albert, Alberta. Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Stan on Monday morning asking if I could help him find his wife’s earring that she had lost while planting lilacs in her back yard.  I met with Stan and his wife Brenda, and Brenda explained to me what she was doing that day and that it was only after cleaning up that she realized she had a missing earring. I started at the last hole Wendy dug checking around the lilac bush and there I found the small gold back to the earring. I pulled out the lilac tree and checked the hole for the earring but it was nowhere to be found.  

I thought the earring had to be close by but that was not the case.  I spent the next couple of hours scanning both Brenda’s back and front yard with no luck.  After asking many questions trying to jog Brenda’s memory she thought that she may have lost it in the shower and it had possibly gone down the drain.  I told Brenda I would return the following day with my camera so I could check her shower drain. I returned the next day and decided to take another shot at the back yard using a different metal detector White’s(V3I). As I knew the earring had to be close by! Within 20 minutes of scanning the front yard I found her earring next to a cedar bush that I had scanned the previous day. Brenda was very happy when I informed her that her earring had been found.

Another Happy client, Thank you Stan and Brenda for allowing me to find you lost earring.


White Gold Ring Found And Returned From Lendrum Beach Volleyball Court Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_0242 IMG_0239

Katrina called last evening ask me if I could help her find her lost white diamond engagement ring! which she just lost while playing volleyball in the sand court told her I would be down within 30 minutes, when I arrived at the court I see her friends on their hands and knees searching for the ring with no luck in finding the ring.

I did a couple of grid search with my V3i with 4×6 Eclipse Shooter Coil with no luck Knowing that the ring had to be in the area I went back to the truck and got my AT pro with standard coil and with in 10 minute found her ring I could tell by the smile Katrina was one happy young lady to have her ring back on her finger.

Thank you Katrina for the generous reward.

Another Happy Client.

Medical Device Recovered in Calgary Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

We had just come through a big snow storm and this morning I received a text message from Justin explaining the night before on his way to work he had fallen in the deep snow,  To top it all off Justin is deaf and had lost his Cochlea Implant when he fell. I texted back and forth with him we agreed to meet at the location.  We communicated through notes and his lip reading skills and I setup a grid of the area.

This was the first hunt for this toy of device for me so I set my Garrett ATPro on Zero Discrimination.  After about 20 minutes I recovered the main part of the interface and then 5 minutes later the wire that clips to the implant and the interface.  Justin put it on right away and it still worked.  He told me that it would cost $10,000 to replace so he was very thankful to get it back.   Another customer thrilled with the service from TheRingFinders.com Justin Coclea Implant InterfaceRecovered Coclea Interface