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SeattleRingHunter Reunites Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt with her Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt’s Texas A&M Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap!

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Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt connected during our 2021 snow event asking for some help. Sadly she told me she had just lost a gold diamond ring throwing a snow ball for a photo. I asked her if this was a wedding ring and she no and did not offer any further details of the ring. She had learned of my services from my local metal detection shop when calling to rent a machine. The weather was quite crazy as we don’t typically get that much snow so it generally catches us off guard in the Seattle area. Ally had been out near Point Defiance when she lost her ring. Due to the snow and all the was taking place I was not able to meet her that same day. However she lives very close to the area she lost her ring so I did all I could to help her over the phone until I could make the trip. She came out the next days and searched for her ring. At first she didn’t realize she had been over a parking lot of snow. A few days past her loss she had received a cheap metal detector purchased on line and it basically did not perform all that well for her only turning up a simple coin. She tried to detect her friends ring in the snow and said the machine didn’t even respond. Admittedly having no experience with the cheap metal detector it was no surprise she did not locate her ring with the detector. By the time I was able to meet her in the parking lot a few days after the loss I learned more of the story. This is when I learned it was a Texas A&M class ring and that she had just found the ring the day prior visually searching the slushy snow! She also informed me that there was still a missing God Diamond Ring Wrap that she could not find! By they time I arrived the parking lot pavement had been plowed clear of all snow. Having been in the snow the past few days recovering other rings I knew this snow to be soft and light when it first fell. With what she told me I suspected when the ring flew off her finger the ring and diamond wrap separated. The chunky gold Aggie ring sank in the snow as where the Diamond Ring Wrap quite a bit lighter in mass stayed up a little hither in the layers of snow. When the snow plow came thought the parking lot I was hoping the Diamond Ring Wrap got pushed to the edge of the parking lot in the piles of snow. She was very fortunate to have eyeballed her Aggie class ring and to have found it undamaged.

I had a decision to make as we often do, either go right or left. I chose the right side of the parking lot first as the snow bank was not a hight as the other side. Always do the easy low hanging fruit first! No ring wrap, so off to the left side and still no ring wrap. Determined I continued to work up the parking lot when I finally got my first real solid target. I was not sure but had a pretty good anticipation this was it. After a few quick swipes of my detector and pin pointer I had a snow ball in my hand and pulled her Gold Diamond Ring Wrap completely undamaged from its snow packed hiding place! Thank you Lord for protecting this precious diamond ring wrap. She was quite concerned that it could have gotten run over by a car but fortunately we are thankful to report it was recovered undamaged. She was extremely pleased with the results of our efforts. With big proud smiles she put her ring back on her finger ready to live through the next adventure life brings her way.

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