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Lost Keys found in Fergus Ontario

  • from Cambridge (Ontario, Canada)

I lost my VW (2012) key fob in the ice and deep snow while visiting my Sister’s animal farm to help her with some farm maintenance.  I lost the other key fob some year ago, so I was not able to drive the car home. I rented a metal detector but was still not able to find my key fob, not to mention how I felt in the extremely cold weather we experienced last week.  I thought it was a lost cause.  I searched the internet and noticed Ron’s name on the Ring Finders web-site.  I called him Wednesday night and he returned my call immediately.  He assured me that he could come the next day (Thursday) to search for my key fob. Fortunately, Ron found my key fob in about 2 hours, as mentioned, in extremely cold weather. I can’t tell you how it felt when Ron handed me the VW key fob. Thanks Ron for your concern and kindness shown and quick response.