Family Crest White Gold Signet Ring Lost In Snow University of WA Seattle 2021

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Jorge’s lost family crest signet ring during our recent snow event.

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Jorge contacted me asking for some assistance in locating his lost white gold family crest signet ring. He had been playing tossing some snowballs when his family ring got lost. He also told me he was located at the University of WA district. After learning this I knew I had to head over without delay. In high traffic areas like this it often does’t take long before passing eyeballs pickup lost rings. Once I arrived Jorge had a very clear report of where he had been throwing snowballs. After we identified a grassy strip between the the sorority and fraternity housing I quickly got setup. The grass strip between two roads was about twenty-five feet wide. I easily laid out four one hundred foot tape measures making a total of five lanes five foot wide each. Jorge even asked the reason for laying out the grid lines. I explained to him that this gives us absolute certainty that no area was missed in our search. He quickly understood the reasoning of how this makes the process much more efficient in the long run. I got started in my first lane and before I even got five feet into my search Jorge called me over. He had been standing in the middle of the grass and had been visually searching the ground between the gridlines when he eyeballed his own ring! We were both very happy that he found it. I have said so many times I don’t have to be the hero that finds the ring just as long as it gets recovered. Jorge did say the gridlines must have helped as we both searched for the ring. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. We both understood that even if he had not eyeballed the ring I would have easily detected it as it was in the middle of my search area. Jorge’s huge chunky white gold family crest signet ring was quickly brushed off and and back on his finger with big smiles. It was a pleasure helping out knowing how quickly these items can get nabbed in these highly populated areas.

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