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Lost Gold Wedding Ring found in Waterville, Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

After being referred by fellow Ring Finder Dennis Boothby, who was unavailable, I took a ride up to Waterville this morning to reunite Sidney with his lost wedding band. The ring had been lost at the beginning of the month while clearing grass and brush on his property. Although he had rented a metal detector and tried finding it himself, he was unsuccessful. The search area was large about the size of a football field, but my decision to start at the brush pile proved to be the right choice with a new record for me set, by locating the ring in under a minute from beginning the search. I guess we can both give thanks for a second day in a row, Sidney for having the ring he has worn for 32 years of marriage back on his finger, and I for having picked the right end of that football field to start from. With Christmas coming I will be directing a portion of the generous reward I received toward sponsoring a local child’s Angel Tree wish.


Lost Man’s Gold Platinum Ring! Rhatigan Ridge Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Received a call from Tyler requesting my service to locate his wedding band which he lost while raking leaves on the weekend with his son in his back yard,  he had no idea where he lost it but he knew he had it on in the back yard.

After asking Tyler a few questions I agreed to do a search for his ring! Told Tyler I would be there around 2 pm to begin the search Tyler said he was not able to be there but his wife would be home.

I arrived at his house and his wife Calli meet me at the door she showed me the back yard and said Tyler was raking the leaves and he had piled the leaves into a pile also had bagged a few leaves into a clear plastic bags about four bags of leaves.

I started my search at a pile of leaves to rule that pile out and yes no ring in that pile then Calli brought me one bag and said they had shook the bag and  if the ring was there it would have fallen to the bottom but they could not see the ring.

I Scand the bag and bingo the ring was in the bag! Calli said they had search for about three hours on the weekend for the ring with no luck.

Thank you Tyler and Calli for allowing me to locate your lost Ring.

Apple AirPod Found With A Metal Detector on A Beach In Southern Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, I found an Apple AirPod, as I was Metal Detecting a local beach. I didn’t see it at first because it was among the White Sea shells and blended right in with the shells, but the detector kept going off. Once I saw it, amongst the shells, I scooped it up and looked around, hoping to see someone who may have just dropped it. Absolutely no one in the area. The Apple AirPod was not wet at all and must have been lost earlier in the morning.

I then started a grid to see if I could find the other AirPod. I was unable to find the matching AirPod and thought that the owner, may have only lost the one. Now I needed to find the owner.
Once I got home, I placed several posts on Facebook asking if anyone had lost an Apple AirPod. I placed the post on Lost and Found – Maine, and a couple of the local community sites. I had asked if anyone had lost their AirPod and if they had, where did they lose it. I had a few people contact me but the AirPod was no where near the areas that they had lost theirs. Then, on Sunday October 8th, I saw a message from Rita. Rita had lost her AirPod’s and it was exactly where I had found it. Now I had found the rightful owner. Unfortunately Rita had lost both of her AirPod’s but was happy to be getting one of them back, as she could still use the one I found. Rita thinks she lost them while walking her dog on the beach. The dog had broken away from her and she put the AirPod’s were placed in one of her shallow pockets, to chase after the dog. They must have fallen out of her shallow pocket as she chased the dog.
We made plans to meet up a few days later, so that I could return the AirPod. Today, October 12th, we met and I was able to return her AirPod. Now, I will be on the lookout whenever I go to the beach.

Lost gold wedding band recovered from Thompson Lake in Oxford, ME

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I received a call from Karen after her husband Scott had lost his wedding band in 10 feet of water while swimming laps between the dock and swim float in front of their camp on Thompson Lake in Oxford, ME. Scott had immediately realized he lost his ring and marked the location with a large rock. Using his marker I utilized a spiral search pattern and was able to recover the ring buried in several inches of silt within about 10 minutes of commencing the hunt. The couple will celebrate 27 years of marriage in a few weeks and Scott’s ring is safely back on his finger for that special day and many more to follow.

Lost Wedding Ring Camp Creek Lake Franklin, Texas recovered by Houston Metal Detecting Services

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Believe It or Not! Wedding Ring Set Recovered from Camp Creek Lake in Franklin, Texas by Houston Metal Detecting Services.
I was contacted by Craig Ellison who advised he was looking for some help recovering his wife’s wedding ring set from Camp Creek Lake in Franklin, Texas.
Craig advised his wife had been in the lake with other family members when the unthinkable happened. Craig said his wife was in about 4 1/2 feet of water and tossing a ball when her ring slipped off her finger and dropped to the bottom of the lake.
Craig said a great number of hours were spent looking for the ring in the relatively clean water of the lake. Craig said they exhausted their efforts to find the rings and searched the internet for help. Craig said he came across Houston Metal Detecting Services and placed the call.
Arrangements were made to meet Craig and his family at the lake the following weekend. As you can see from the photos and video it was a great day at Camp Creek Lake.



































































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Wedding ring recovered in Genoa, Nebraska

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Marv reached out because his wife had lost her wedding ring while doing yard work. She thought she had tucked it away by her phone. At the end of the day while getting ready to shower she realized it was missing.  She was helpful in narrowing down the areas of their gorgeous acreage. Within minutes it was recovered and smiles and laughs filled faces. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of this recovery of an irreplaceable item.




Property Markers Missing For Close to 50 Years

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

I was recently contacted by Nathaniel about some missing property markers on his property, in Hollis, Maine, about 25 miles west of Portland, Maine. Nathaniel had found my RingFinders Metal Detecting Service by doing a Google search for “How to find Missing Property Markers, With A Metal Detector”.  My name was right near the top of the list. Nathaniel asked if I could help locate any of the markers with my metal detector, if the markers were still there at all.  He told me that the home had been built in the early 1970’s and he had purchased the property 8 years ago. Nathaniel was told there were property markers at the time the home was built, according to records he had obtained. He was also told by the previous owner that at least one marker had been removed many years ago. The property is a rural area and his 2+ acres were a combination of woods, field, marshy areas and generally overgrown underbrush.  I agreed to help and arranged to meet him the next morning.
Nathaniel met me bright and early and showed me where he thought one of the property markers should be. I told Nathaniel  that we would dig and investigate every target. As I detected the area, I was finding absolutely nothing. No trash, nails or any other metal was being found. Finally after approximately 30 minutes, I had an iron target. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an old nail.  As I started detecting again, a property marker was visibly seen, approximately 50-60 feet further west than Nathaniel had me detecting in. The marker was found in an overgrown area of new and dead grass.

With one marker found, we proceeded into a swampy area approximately 400 feet into the woods. The area had many downed trees and was very very wet and mucky. I detected and visually looked for approximately 2 1/2 more hours with no luck on the remaining 2 markers. Nathaniel also did a very through visual search while I was detecting the areas. Had the markers been removed years ago by the owner, hunters, kids playing in the woods? Had the markers fallen victim to one of the many fallen trees and is now under one of those large trees? We may never know but Nathaniel now has one of his property markers to start with his surveying of the property.
So, not all call outs are for finding a ring or necklace with a metal detector. Next time you are contacted, you may just be heading into a wooded, swampy area looking for property markers.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring – Found! Monroeville area near Pittsburgh, PA

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA. Why rent a metal detector when you can get a trained operator with top of the line equipment at the same time…

I got a call from Mike that he was removing some trash from in front of his house when his ring flew off his finger. Mike said that he and some of the neighbors had searched the area but were unable to find it and he thought maybe it went into the sewer. It was Good Friday and I was planning on heading to church in a little bit so I was hesitant to head out until after mass however, my wife convinced me to go and help Mike – maybe that was my calling for the day. So I told Mike I would be right out and about an hour later I arrived. Looking at where the sewer was compared to where he had been standing when he lost his ring I was thinking that would be one heck of shot and some really bad luck if it went into the sewer, so I had my doubts it went in there. I began my search, checking the most logical place which was the neighbor’s yard across the street and I came up empty so I went back over in front of Mike’s house. After scanning the front yard I moved to the lower side of the driveway where there was a slight drop off to the grass and BAM! there it was. Mike was very surprised at where I had found it in relation to where he had lost it. He and his wife were ever so grateful. The nice thing about a semi-quick find like this was I got to spend a bit of time talking to Mike afterwards. As always – it is great to meet kind and generous people like Mike and his wife and be able to return his lost ring! And I was really glad my wife talked me into going out sooner than later…there is only one Easter miracle but this was definitely a blessing!


Lost Diamond Gold Wedding Ring in Magna, UT- Found

I received a call from a gentleman who’s wife had lost her diamond gold wedding ring while working in the chicken coop. she was laying straw down for the chickens and ducks when she noticed it was missing. The ring was very sentimental cause the diamond in the ring was a gift from a family member. It took all of about 10 minutes to locate the ring that was camouflaged in the straw. They were so excited and couldn’t believe how fast I was able to find it! I am super happy it’s back where it belongs!

Check out the full recovery on my Youtube channel- https://youtu.be/t22Wd2DZNwM

Metal Detector Rental North Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 

Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a metal detecting specialist, this will save you lots of time and ensure success in the end. This story is about a young man by the name of Andrew who lost his wedding band while doing yard work. I wonder how many people have done this in the past and have given up the search, thinking they will never find it. This search was interesting. It wasn’t too labour-intensive two locations and it was found in one of the likely locations in the front yard under a bush that he lifted up and shook a bit.

The thing was it was out of sight and it required me getting down under the bush with my handheld pin pointer to do the search as I couldn’t reach it with the metal detector. As I was on the ground, searching the leaves and dirt I spotted it under some roots and leaves in a position where I would never have found it with my metal detector. I love this job, it’s like being a detective. You have to think out-of-the-box and go to places that you’re pretty sure you won’t find it, and then you do. It’s a Murphy’s Law kind of thing, it’s going to be in one of the toughest places to find and that’s where you have to check.




Andrews anniversary was coming up in April so it was an honour to be able to find it and reconnect him with his beautiful ring.


Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.