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Lost Engagement Ring Found on Sauvie Island Beach

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

It was a Saturday morning. Marina was getting ready for a swim. She took off her three rings and put them in her jeans back pocket. When she returned from swimming only two rings were still in the pocket! She and her husband rented a metal detector, but no luck. Frustrated, she got in touch with me. We agreed to meet the following Saturday morning.

Marina was smart to call a professional metal detectorist from The Ring Finders. She was also smart to mark the area where she had been sitting. Happily, after being distracted by a bottle cap, I was able to locate and return Marina’s 14k gold and green tourmaline engagement ring in just under 15 minutes!

It’s a beauty!

Marina was pretty happy!


Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 310-968-4860

Greater Portland Area TheRingFinders

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater Portland Area from Hillsboro, Oregon

Forensic Investigator & GIA Graduate Gemologist



Lost Ring at Navarre Beach – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I opened up Facebook two nights ago and saw that Pensacola Ring Finders had been mentioned in a comment. Ellyce told Amanda that if there was any hope, I could find her ring. I thought to myself as I turned in for the night that if Amanda reached out to me, I really hoped that I could live up to Ellyce’s trust in me. Sure enough the next morning I saw I had a text from Amanda and I quickly gave her a call. She told me that their family was staying in Navarre and that her niece Kaylee had lost her engagement ring in the surf while posing for a picture and they were pretty distraught. I told her that I could come out after work in the afternoon and I would be glad to help. When I got there I also got to meet Felix, Kaylee’s other half and you could tell that he was really concerned about losing Kaylee’s ring. The two of them walked me down to the water and told me where they thought the ring was lost and where they thought it might be. I started canvassing the area above the top shelf of sand with no luck and then switched to the deeper area below the shelf. I tried east and west and north and south and even expanded the search area a bit but I got nothing. Everyone had focused on two blue chairs on the beach and when two people who had helped the day before came up and confirmed the same location I thought, “ okay, it’s got to be down there I just can’t hear it”. I decided to use a trick I have learned over the years and I got down where the sand was being curled back into the shelf by the waves. I turned my machine onto a different pinpoint mode and cranked up the sensitivity. I got right in front of the chairs and heard a very faint grunt that was so deep I couldn’t hear it any other way. I started taking out sand with my scoop and after several tries I looked down and there sat Kaylee’s beautiful engagement ring 💍. That one surprised even me a little bit. 😃. I went up and showed Kaylee and as she started to cry and celebrate with her family I looked up the beach and saw Felix coming back from a trip to the room. I saw it dawn on his face that I had found it judging by all the happy smiles and he took off on a dead sprint and picked me up and jumped up and down with me in the air in celebration. This was a great reminder of why I do this and I want to thank everyone for having the trust to recommend me every time they do. I know that Kaylee and Felix are very thankful as well!  Congrats y’all.

Lost wedding ring, Surf City NJ (LBI) August 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call from Susan about her ring she dropped in the sand today in Surf City NJ. It had great sentimental value to her, as I could tell after just a short time on the phone. Lucky I was able to arrive promptly, as she had made reservations for later in the afternoon. Kudos to her and her husband for preparing the area it was lost, which made for a quick recovery. A very short time later they were on their way, with her cherished ring back on her finger. So many happy memories doing this.

Lost Gold Ring – FOUND in Beaver Falls, PA near Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana, and most of Western PA.

I received a text from Ryan that he had lost a gold ring while working on a vehicle in his front yard about a month ago. It took a little coordination because it was a good distance away, but we made arrangements and within a few days I was there and ready to go. It took me between and hour and an hour and a half, but in the tall grass on the way to the mailbox I found it! Ryan was very grateful and happy to have the ring back. Like all the jewelry we find it had its own special story and I was happy to be able to help.

Lost ring in Sevierville, TN

  • from Oak Ridge (Tennessee, United States)

Jimmy and his wife Lindsay were visiting from out of state and rented a cabin in Sevierville for their weekend getaway. Lindsay had set her ring down by the hot tub when their little 3 year old grabbed the ring and darted toward the field with grass 3 feet tall. Jimmy went straight out and bought a metal detector and spent hours looking but didn’t have any luck. Unfortunately they had to leave and headed home, at the same time I was on my vacation in VA. When I got the call I had Jimmy take as many photos as possible so i could reference it later on. I made a quick pit stop on my way home from our 8 hour drive but didnt have any luck. I came back the next day and exanded my search area and found it. I contacted Jimmy for a mailing address and sent it overnight, he and his wife were ecstatic. Its such a great feeling to help someone in their time of need.


  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)



Lauren called me around noon on a Tuesday. She had lost her engagement ring and wedding band on Sunday at an event called “Touch a Truck”. A wide variety of trucks, construction equipment, an ambulance, a helicopter, etc. were positioned in a large (over 3 acre) field for the inspection by adults and their children. Lauren and Corey took their young children to see and play on many of the exhibited vehicles. Starting out the adventure, Lauren placed her wedding rings in her pocket before applying sunscreen to the little ones. She also placed her phone in the same pocket. She took many photos of the kids, each time pulling the phone from her pocket. She noticed the rings missing when she returned to the car.

She sent me a map of the event and some photos she had taken. These photos would help me locate the areas where she had taken her phone out of her pocket. Carrie wasn’t feeling well, so I loaded up the equipment and took off alone. I decided first to go for pure luck and make passes the length of the field (600 feet) focusing more on sight than the detector since the area was very trashy with a very noisy detector. Also, the grass was short and not very dense. After a few passes I decided to check the photo and focus on where they were taken, and the phone removed from the pocket. One photo, which turned out to be the first one taken, showed a distinctive lone tree with a tree line behind it. From the photo I sectioned off a possible area where the photo was taken and hopefully the phone was removed from her pocket. I was making my turn to start the final pass in the hunt area and the engagement ring was sitting on top of the ground/grass in full view. I sent a photo to an ecstatic Lauren. Her husband Corey came out to collect the ring and help with analyzing the other photos to look for other hunt areas. After another 2 hours of hunting for the wedding band, I decided to call it a day and come back another time to continue the hunt. Thank you, Lauren, for the generous reward.



  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Shawn SGT Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Call/Text ASAP  Anytime 24/7   918-313-2202.

Today was another happy story! I got a text message from Tim, who saw a post on a local buy sale trade site. He told me he had lost his ring 15 years ago while doing yard work. He normally puts it in his little pocket of his jeans when he does yard work. As he put it in his pocket, he either pulled it back out as his fingers slid out or it missed the pocket all together and just fell to the ground.

We set up a date/time for me to try to find his ring. I met up with him at his house and he gave me the lay of the land. He went over his movements from 15 years ago and gave me a general area of where he lost it. After about 35 mins, I get a VDI 55 on my Garrett AT MAX. I popped the plug and BOOM I saw round, gold & shiny!! Pulled it out, cleaned it off and drove it to where Tim worked. He was supper happy and excited, as he didn’t expect me to find it!


TIKTOK VIDEO: I said “15 Years” 10 times in my excitement!!! lol


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  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Shawn SGT Whitey Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist – Lost your ring?…. Call ASAP – 918-313-2202. Received a text at 3 am from a young lady today who lost her rings in the snow. Late last night, she and her husband spent 4 hours in the middle of the night trying everything they could to find them. I woke up at 5 am, saw a text message from her around 3 am asking for help. I responded and said when I get up, I’ll message her and be up there as soon as I can.
Poor thing didn’t get a wink of sleep last night as she was so worried about her rings being out there!!
It took me about 5 mins to locate both of them. They were about 4 inches apart, in ice, in the road!!!
She was sooooo happy to get them back! I told her to go get some sleep!!!
Love helping people out!
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Lost Gold Engagement Ring, Ottwell Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a frantic call form Linda yesterday afternoon requesting my service to locate her gold engagement ring which she had lost while installing her Christmas lights! Linda told me she had spent a couple of hours searching for her ring in the shrubs and on the lawn with no luck. Within a 1/2 hour I arrived and within 5 minutes her ring was returned to her! Linda was so relieved to have her ring back on her finger where it had been for the past 43 years.
Thank you Linda, for entrusting me to find your ring.

Tears Of Joy When Lost Heirloom Ring Found In Ottawa

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

This was a tear jerker! Eric received a Ring Finders call this afternoon. 40 years ago Cinzia’s mother had given her a gold flower ring when she was just a child. She then passed it over to her 6 year old daughter. This morning on there way to school her daughter was skipping down the center of the walkway, a few blocks down the road her daughter noticed the ring was gone! Her daughter was pretty upset loosing this heirloom. A coworker told her about a metal detecting service to help find a lost rings, she did a search and found us. We arrived in the early afternoon and we could tell this ring had a lot of sentimental value. Cinzia showed us the path they walked. This was one of those really tough curb strip searches. A lot of  low tones with foils on the surface. We thought it would be a good idea to start our search where her daughter noticed it missing. The great thing is Eric and I are a team, Eric took the right side of the path and I took the left. We slowly inched our way along both side of the path checking every surface signal we received. After about a 1/2 hour of searching we had only covered 1/4 of the path way and I got a loud low tone.. I took out my hand held pin pointer and as it started to ring off I saw the glimmer of gold hiding in the grass! We anxiously walked back to her house to return it.. As she opened the door I held it up and asked, is this it? As soon as she saw it she gasped and put her hand over her mouth, yup my eyes filled up with tears lol! I love ring recoveries and we are so happy we received this call and we were able to help!