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Property Marker Search in Audubon NJ – Dave Milsted

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John emailed me asking if I could locate property markers. I said that I have in the past. We set up a search on Saturday morning. He sent me a copy of his survey that was done more than 30 years ago. 

When I arrived we walked the property. The two in the front yard shouldn’t be an issue, but the two in the back yard will be much harder as there is a chain-link fence & metal poles in the area.

I got to work. The 2 front yard markers were found within 15 minutes. I did not find the two in the backyard. In the area of both markers are telephone poles running electric lines. The markers could have been removed or displaced. The fence was also troubling as I had to use my pinpointer to search. 

John was very happy that I found two of the 4 markers. 

I love my hobby!!

Yardwork Causes Lost Ring in Howell Twp NJ, Found by Dave Milsted

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In late April, Roy left a message on my phone asking if I could help him locate his lost wedding ring. I called him back about an hour later. He explained that while cleaning up his yard he was throwing sticks into the woods. At some point, his ring must have flown off. I told him I would be there within the hour, hopefully getting there before the sunset.
I got there with a few minutes to spare as there was still some daylight. He showed me the area he thinks he lost his ring. He explained that he has recently lost a lot of weight and his ring was loose. He said after he called he went out with a leaf blower and tried to find it, creating a large pile of leaves.
I told him if it is here I will find it. I started searching and got a signal almost immediately. It was deeper than a surface find so I continued. Roy and his wife started walking back to the house. Within the next 2 minutes, I got a very strong signal in the pile of leaves. I kicked them to the side and there was Roy’s wedding ring.
As I was taking a picture they noticed me on the ground and started to walk back. I picked it up and showed them what I found. They were stunned that I found it so quickly. Roy explained that it has a lot of sentimental value and that his 14th anniversary is in 2 days.
I handed the ring to his wife, so she could put it back on his finger! The smiles on their faces were well worth the long drive to get there. Roy said he was going to get a ring guard so he wouldn’t have to call me again!
I love my hobby!

A Leprechaun Was Hiding a Gold Ring in the Clover Patch, In Collingswood NJ! Found by Dave Milsted

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Michael called me during my Sunday morning run. He was outside yesterday doing yardwork, mulching, and playing with his 2 young daughters. When he finally went inside, Michael noticed his rose gold wedding ring was missing. He said he found my website and read the tip about searching at night with a flashlight. He gave that a try but didn’t have any success. I told him that I was halfway through my 6-mile run and would come over when I was finished. 

I met Michael and he showed me the different areas he did work and played with his daughters. It was pretty much the whole yard. I started in the areas he mulched. He had removed the mulch and put it in a bag. In the 2 areas I searched, I found a couple of nails and a few other unknown metal objects. 

Michael went to get the bag of mulch he removed. As he was in the garage I got a great signal in a thick patch of clover. I parted the clover and there it was a very nice rose gold ring. I believe the local leprechaun was trying to keep the gold ring, as it was well concealed. It would have been found without a metal detector  He could believe that I found it in 10 minutes. The look on his face was priceless. He also couldn’t believe that he has so much emotion over a ring. Sentimental feelings are a very powerful thing. 

Michael found me through Facebook, from a successful recovery a few blocks away in Collingswood, a month or so ago. That was also a rose gold ring. 

I Love My Hobby!


Making Snow Angels = Lost Ring in Collingswood NJ Found by Dave Milsted

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I received a call from Katelyn. She told me that her husband lost his rose gold wedding ring in their yard yesterday after we received 8 inches of new snow. They have been trying to melt some of the snow after having someone with a metal detector out yesterday with no luck. 

I was at their house about 20 minutes later. Mike & Katelyn came out and showed me what happened. He had just got done making a snow angel and was flicking his hands trying to get the snow off, and away went his ring. 

I turned on my machine and there was a ton of interference. A neighbor must be sending out radio waves to aliens. I tried everything to make the interference stop, no luck. I had MIke place a coin on the ground to make sure I would be able to hear the signal through the noise, and it works. 

I started searching the area. I found the gas line and the waterline. I had a few other signals that were under the frozen ground. Then I got a signal that moved when I tried to clear away the snow. SUCCESS! What a beautiful rose-colored gold ring it was! It took about 15 minutes to find. Both Mike & Katelyn were so happy. They thought that they might have to wait until spring to find it. 

Thank you to Karen & Lynda for recommending me on Facebook!

I Love My Hobby!