Lost Gold Ring in West Vancouver...Found! How to find your lost ring

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young lady the other day asking if I could help her find a lost ring that was a gift from her mom & dad and daughter, many years ago. After asking a few questions I came to realize she wasn’t a hundred percent sure it was lost where she thought it was…in the garden.

To her it made sense because she put the rings on just before she went out for lunch then at the last second she  jumped in the garden to do a few things, she didn’t realize until later she was missing one ring. After searching the car and then searching her house she thought of renting a metal detector and that’s when she found TheRingFinders.

Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a metal detecting expert to come out and help you find your lost item…It will save you countless hours and ensure you that the ring is there or not there. I always wonder how many people have rented a metal detector and didn’t find their ring and just gave up? Its not as easy as we make it look, we know our detectors and importantly the environment we are searching and the questions that will help us get close to what we are looking for.

In this search I couldn’t use my metal detector because of the thick over growth of flowers & plants and the fact that there was wire hold the flowers up. OK bring out the handheld pin pointer and get on my hands and knees and start the slow search!

Not long after searching the first area, Bingo! I was lucky to find her beautiful ring in the second location!











I love my job! Did you know there is a global directory called TheRingFinders.com with over 430 members helping people find what they thought was lost forever…We find Smiles!

Watch video of search below…Need help in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland call Chris Turner 778-838-3463


3 Replies to “Lost Gold Ring in West Vancouver…Found!”

  1. Dave Millman says:

    At 2:52 her eyes shift down, then go wide as she spots the ring. You have too much fun, Chris!

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    O yea! Another nice surprise and that was funny that she kept talking and looking for the ring not realizing you had already found it!! And it looks cold and wet….wish I could send you some of our warm weather! Knee and elbow seem to be working fine?!! Cheers my friend!

  3. Larry Griffith, France says:

    That beautiful garden looked like a REAL challenge at first. Great find.

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