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Men’s Wedding Ring Lost In The Snow, While Ice Fishing On A Maine Lake, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday January 21, 2024, I saw a text, on my phone, that had come in at 10:44am. It was now 12:40pm, 2 hours later. The message stated

“Hey, I lost my wedding ring yesterday while ice fishing in east waterboro. I am relatively certain that it is somewhere on this approximately football field sized patch of ice underneath an inch or two of snow. I found your number online. Do you have the opportunity and ability to search for it at some point”?

I immediately called back and told Luke that I was available to go search and could be there around 2:00pm. He had lost his ring, he thinks on Little Ossipee Lake, in East Waterboro, Maine. This was about 20 miles from my home. Luke told me he was home with his infant daughter and would not be able to meet me at the location until his wife, returned home , in the late afternoon. Luke sent me a photo of the area he had been ice fishing in, along with the address, of his friends lakefront camp, they had been at.
I arrived at the address right at 2:00pm, after a 30 minute drive. I saw the tracks and ice fishing holes, on the ice, that were in Luke’s photo. I texted Luke and let him know I had arrived and with such a large area to cover, should I start on the right side of the area or the left. Luke said the drilled holes on the right side 1st and drilled more holes to the left. The area may have contained 10-15 ice fishing holes, plus all the tracks going from hole to hole. I decided to start where Luke had started and detected the tracks, to the holes on the right side, of the area. Being a frozen lake, with approximately 2 inches of snow on it, I was moving along quickly, with my 17 inch CTX-3030 coil. Being above the lake, I was receiving absolutely no signals at all and this expedited the search.
After approximately a 1/2 hour, I received the unmistakable low tone sound of gold, along with a VDI reading of 12-19. Definitely a great Non- Ferrous target, in the gold range. I took out my Garret Pinpointer and located the target. I started wiping the snow away with my pinpointer and I saw the outline of a Gold Wedding Ring. I had found Luke’s Wedding Ring.
I sent Luke 2 photos of the ring and his reply was “You Are The Man”. I then asked Luke if he lived local because I could bring him the ring, where his wife was still not home. Luke provided his address, about 10 miles away and I drove right over and gave him his ring back. Luke was smiling ear to ear and said his wife is going to be so excited and happy.
I just love being able to help and return such sentimental and precious items to people. Although the temperature was only 16 degrees and I was detecting in the wide open, in the shade, I warmed up really fast when I saw the ring. Another happy day, all around.

Lost Gold Ring in West Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young lady the other day asking if I could help her find a lost ring that was a gift from her mom & dad and daughter, many years ago. After asking a few questions I came to realize she wasn’t a hundred percent sure it was lost where she thought it was…in the garden.

To her it made sense because she put the rings on just before she went out for lunch then at the last second she  jumped in the garden to do a few things, she didn’t realize until later she was missing one ring. After searching the car and then searching her house she thought of renting a metal detector and that’s when she found TheRingFinders.

Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a metal detecting expert to come out and help you find your lost item…It will save you countless hours and ensure you that the ring is there or not there. I always wonder how many people have rented a metal detector and didn’t find their ring and just gave up? Its not as easy as we make it look, we know our detectors and importantly the environment we are searching and the questions that will help us get close to what we are looking for.

In this search I couldn’t use my metal detector because of the thick over growth of flowers & plants and the fact that there was wire hold the flowers up. OK bring out the handheld pin pointer and get on my hands and knees and start the slow search!

Not long after searching the first area, Bingo! I was lucky to find her beautiful ring in the second location!











I love my job! Did you know there is a global directory called with over 430 members helping people find what they thought was lost forever…We find Smiles!

Watch video of search below…Need help in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland call Chris Turner 778-838-3463