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How To Find A Lost Ring At Spanish Banks Dog Park, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I went out on a ring search at Spanish Banks dog park in Vancouver. I talked to Patrick over the phone and he gave me the details in regards to where he believed the ring was lost and how to get there. He sent me a google earth picture of the location and that sure helped! But that being said you still have to ask the question or you could be out by a little and that’s all it takes when you’re looking for something so small.He told me that I was looking for a white gold ring with six small diamonds that he lost while throwing a ball for his dog. He told me soon after he realized his ring came off the whole group of people he was with doing exercises held hands and formed a long line (15 people across) and did a grid search of the area…trying to eyeball the ring. Unfortunately the ring was not found so Patrick went home and found a place to rent a metal detector and came back and searched for five hours with no luck…A little about metal detector rentals…Yes, you can rent a metal detector but in most cases if you’ve never used one it may be a little overwhelming with all the signals that you are getting. You’re renting a very inexpensive metal detector that is going to be beeping every foot or so.That’s why there’s ”The Ring Finders”…A metal detecting service with metal detecting experts using the best equipment to find what you thought was lost forever.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love hearing the stories of about the rings I find and how much it meant to the person to have it found, and all so about the person that gave them the ring and how happy they will be when they get the good news. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the ring on my 3rd grid line in about 15 minutes! I never get tired of finding peoples lost rings and seeing the smiles it brings to a person when you hand it back to them. I have personally found over 300 lost rings for people and I look forward to the next 1000!Thanks for reading my blogs! I love my job!If you have lost something cal me ASAP!Best Regards, Chris Turner/CEO/The Ring FindersWatch Video of the search below…

Lost Diamond Wedding Ring in Vancouver Garden…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

One week ago I received a call from a young lady explaining to me that her mother may have lost her diamond engagement ring in her garden. After talking for a few minutes she said that she wasn’t clear if her mother lost the ring in the garden or if it was lost in her house.I told her that I wouldn’t be able to make it until the weekend, five days later, so that if her mother could check the house good and cannot find it I would come to search the yard on the weekend.Well come Thursday I received a call that they didn’t find the ring in the house and that they needed my service, so we arranged a meeting for 11 AM on Saturday morning.When I arrived I met a very lovely lady named Wendy who told me why she thought the ring could be lost in her backyard. She goes on to tell me that she was doing some yard work and watering the plants and pulling out some bushes and branches which is a very good way to lose a ring.This diamond engagement ring was very special to Wendy because she lost her husband last year as you can imagine the ring meant the world to her. She told me that ring was given to her in 1967 when her husband, boyfriend at the time proposed to her. She remembered that her husband was making payments on the ring… $10 a week and she had the payment sheet showing all the payments he made until it was paid off.I have to tell you I was really praying that I would find this ring for her, so I began my search in the area in the backyard that she showed me where she was pulling branches and watering plants. Wendy had to go in the house to get a battery for her hearing aid and within minutes I had found the ring!  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to show her what I’d found. When Wendy came back outside I showed her her ring and she was so happy! A I have the best job in the in the world! I get to make people smile…Every ring has a story and that story ends when the ring is lost…What I do is get to help continue that story by find that lost ring…This story was a love story about a lady who loved her husband very much and will miss him dearly.Thanks for reading my blogs!If you have lost something and need it found…Call me ASAPYou can watch the video of the search below.

Lost Platinum Wedding Band at English Bay Beach, Vancouver…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)



I helped David find his Platinum wedding band that he lost in the ocean 3 days before we made contact. He told me the story that just before they left the beach for home he was washing the sand off his daughter when he felt the ring come off his finger and into the water.

He spent the next 45 minutes searching for his wedding ring in the not so warm water but so often the end result is the sand wins! That’s only temporary as ”The Ring Finders” are there to help!



If David could put me in the area I will find it, if someone hasn’t beat me to it.

Well after searching the first area just 2 hours before dark we didn’t  have any luck. David started to think that he put me in the wrong location after his wife sent him a picture of him in the water. I decided to return the next morning for low tide and search the new area…



It took 2 hours and I found the ring! I love a good hunt! And I love my job!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Lost something? Call me or The Ring Finders near you.


You can watch the video of the search below…


”Forgotten Fortunes” Estate Search for Hidden Treasure

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

What's Hiding in your House?


Hello it’s Chris Turner CEO for ”The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service” Inc.

I wanted to introduce my other service called…”Forgotten Fortunes” (Turner’s Treasure Team Inc.)

If you have a story about a family member who has hidden their most valuable possessions and has passed away without disclosing their secret hiding spot…Call or email me before you sell that house!

Visit…  to learn more about this service.

Make sure you’re not walking away from your Forgotten Fortune!


I Love My Job!!!!

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Click on the videos below to see some recoveries and our intro video.


Metal Detector Rentals, Vancouver / Lower Mainland, BC… Lost Ring

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Hello my name is Chris Turner CEO/The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service… If you’re looking to rent a metal detector here in Vancouver/Lower Mainland to find your lost wedding or engagement ring, why not hire an expert that can find it for you! I have close to 38 years experience and have helped hundreds of people find their lost rings. I use the best metal detecting equipment for both land and water,  if you know the area where you lost your ring… You must act fast!

I work on a Reward Basis/Please check my profile page for all details

Call me ASAP (anytime day or night).

Chris Turner

Helping your lost ringFind you!



Lost Platinum Diamond Ring in East Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)











Today I had a search for a platinum diamond engagement ring that was lost on Meaghan property along the walk way beside her house. Meaghan had searched for a week on and off in the area that the ring came out of her pocket, but just couldn’t find it.

That’s what prompted her to search the internet and see if there was someone that could help her find her engagement ring of 5 years, finding ”The Ring Finders” was exactly what she had hoped for!

I received the call and we set up a day to come out and find the ring, a week later I was there to check out the search area. Looking it over, I knew I’d be finding this ring without my detector.

After moving  a dozen concrete blocks that were a part of the walk way and a couple of long pipes and boards and about 30 minutes…There it was under a concrete block closes to the house…


What a beautiful ring! I was so happy that it showed itself and its now back where it belongs. Thank you for reading my blogs and until the next search…


I love my job!

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Video below of the search.

Lost Diamond Ring in Port Coquitlam, PoCo…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)












I was at work when I received a call from Patrick who asked if I could help find a ring that his wife Colleen lost that day. Patrick was calling me from Phoenix Arizona but his wife was home in Port Coquitlam, she was at a local school when she was throwing a ball for her dog and the ring came off her finger.

Colleen spent over an hour searching for the ring but had no luck, she then called her husband with the bad news.

Patrick wasted no time and went online and found The Ring Finders Directory and my service here in Vancouver / Lower Mainland. We discussed the search and due to the area the ring was lost at I knew I had to search for it after work that night.

After a 13 1/2 hour day at work I went home grabbed my detector and headed out to PoCo, with Patrick’s help via phone at 12:50 a.m… I located the exact area his wife was playing ball with her dog.




After 30 minutes of grid searching this beautiful ring showed itself…I quickly took a picture and emailed it to Patrick. A minute later I received a call from a very happy young man!

What a great couple! Nice to meet you both and thank you for the kind reward!

I love my job!

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Video of the search below…


Lost Silver Ring at Kits Beach, Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


I get an email yesterday that a lady lost 3 silver rings at the beach, after calling her I find out that she lost them the day before…So its been over 24 hours and I know that people search that beach of a night and early morning and the chances are that someone may have beaten us to the rings.

I meet with the young lady and her man and they show me the area the rings were lost, after a north, south grid search of the area I don’t find the rings. I now will ask my friends who hunt Kits Beach if they know anyone who has found them the rings and offer the reward to them.

As I was searching the area I had a man come up and tell me a young lady lost her ring and ask if I could help. I said sure and asked him to tell her to come over and she did, i told her I’d be over as soon as I finished my grid search.

I walked 50 yards over and met the young lady who showed me the area the ring was flipped off her towel. I started my grid search and after a minute or two I ask if she could move her bike so I could check near there…

Well there it was! Just inches under the sand right where her bike was. I was able to dig it up and surprise her before she knew I found it.

Every Ring has a story attached it and that story ends when it is lost…I love to help continue that story by finding it for them!

I love my job!

Lost something? Call ASAP!

Thanks for reading my blog, there is a video below of the search.


2 Lost Rings in the UBC Area / Spanish Banks…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


Smiles are the best things we find! I got a call from a young lady that tells me she lost two rings while on a big water slide that was made for a party with lots of friends. The rings meant a lot to Fran and she thought she’d never see the rings again so she was going to rent a metal detector and went on line and found The Ring Finders Directory.

My wife and I met Fran at 8PM just before it got dark and she showed us the huge hill where they had the slide that weekend. I could see the flatten grass where the slide was placed and this helped with our grid search.

After just minutes of turning on my big flood light we found one ring that was flattened into the ground. After a 14 hour day at work then 2 hours into the search we decided to call it a night. I knew it would take daylight to find the second ring as it was hard to do a grid in the low light we had.

We sent a picture of the ring to Fran and told her we’d go out and search on the weekend for the gold & jade ring. I went out and bought a new metal detector(Whites V3i) and I was excited to give it a go, our son wanted to join the search and Beverley and I were excited to have him as the search area was pretty huge.

I wasn’t feeling all that great when we got there and it was a hot day so I slowly started to set up my new detector and Jamie ask me if he could give it a go, I said sure and his mother let him use the Whites XLT that she was going to use. I just started to grid search when I hear Jamie and Beverley shouting…Found It! Found It! I’m thinking found what? It was almost like Jamie walked right to the ring!

With such a big area to search that day Jamie knocked it out of the park! I was so proud of him and happy to know that I could go home and rest…Like his mother he has the knack of find what people thought was lost forever.


I love my job & family!


Lost something? Call the Turners ASAP

You can watch the video below.

Lost Ring at SunSet Beach, Vancouver, BC…Found in 3 Feet of Water!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This was a 911 call at around 5pm when I was still at work, I talked to the young lady and she told me that she had lost a very special ring that was given to her by someone she loves very much! She spent hours searching in the water with googles and the ring as most do just disappeared into the sand below.

I assured her that as soon as I got off work that would be right there to find her ring, she told me that she knew the spot and I was hopeful for a very quick recovery… She waited at the spot for 4 hours until I got off work and arrived at the beach.

It was dark when I arrived,  I was sure that it would be a fast recovery as she showed me the area the ring was lost. Well it took 2 hours before the ring showed itself! I could tell that Tina was losing hope and I wanted to get a first time reaction so I told her my batteries were dying and I needed to change them.

As I got out of the water I started my video camera and started to talk to her about the search and about how many pennies I was finding…Then I reached into my scoop and held out her ring!

Her face lit up and the ring that meant the world to her was back where it belonged!


I love my Job!


Lost something? Call me ASAP!

You can watch the video of the search below…Thanks for watching!