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Lost diamond ring at Spanish Banks Beach…Found after 2 days!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work when I got a call from a young lady who asked if I could help her find her lost diamond ring. I asked where it was lost and when it was lost and she told me it was lost at Spanish Banks beach and that it was lost for 2 days and that she’d cried for 2 days.

She said that she happened to read a story online about a member of TheRingFinders and thought that she had to reach out and give it a shot.

I explained that there was a chance that the beach machine could have scooped it up or another detectorist could have found it as it was lost for 2 days.

That being said I was excited to go to the beach after working a 14 hour day because for me this is what relaxes me the most…A good treasure hunt!!

It was 11 PM and the young lady sent me a google earth map of the location where she’d lost the ring.

She said it was in front of the volley ball court # 3 or #4 I started my search and after searching all of court 3 & 4 I had no ring…Could have someone already found it? maybe or maybe she was a little off with her directions.

I expanded my search to court 5 & 6 and I found the ring minutes later in front of court 6 where she was sitting.

















I was so excited and sent her a text message with a picture of the ring and a note that said…No more crying!

I love this job! if you have lost something special and need it found please visit and find a member nearest your locaton!


Here’s the video of the search & return

How to Find a Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Jericho Park Vancouver…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I received a call from a young man who had lost his wedding ring 3 days ago at a park in Vancouver. He told me he was playing Frisbee football and he wasn’t sure if he put the ring in his bag before the game or if he put the ring in his pocket…

After meeting Doug and discussing the search area and asking a lot of questions to narrow down the search area I decided to start the search where Doug put his bag down.

I knew that this could be a very long search as I would have to search the entire soccer field if the ring wasn’t found near where his bag was.

I started my search and after 10 minutes or so I got a good signal and looked down and saw a big gold band hiding in the golden grass. I was excited and noticed that Doug and his wife wasn’t looking so I picked it up and asked Doug if I could do a short interview about his ring…He agreed but what he didn’t know was that I found his ring.

After a few questions I held the ring up in front of the camera and on the video you can see their reaction…I love my job!!!


















If you have lost a ring and need help finding it…Call me ASAP!

Video of the search…


Lost Diamond Engagement Ring In Delta, BC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Last night at around 10:15 pm I received a call from a young man that explained to me that his fiancé had lost her engagement ring on the side of the road where they were walking. In actual fact he accidentally pulled the ring off while holding her hand and it went flying into the grass, the ring wasn’t fitting the young lady perfectly it was a bit loose.

You can only imagine the disappointment and heartbreak this young couple felt for over an hour and a half of searching for the ring in the grass and waiting for me to arrive.

When I arrived I was greeted by  young couple and they explain the situation and  showed me what happened. I took a look at the search area and thought to myself this could be a fast recovery… but most times when I think that… it’s the exact opposite.

I set up my searchlights I set up my GoPro camera and tuned up my Garrett AT Gold and began to search, we had a young lady on a bike stop to watch and within 10 seconds I had found the ring!

Smiles everywhere! Its the greatest feeling in the world for me to see how happy you can make someone! And the young lady in the video was so happy for the couple as well. I truly have the greatest job in the world!



If you have lost your ring…Don’t wait… call a member of The Ring Finders near you!

You can watch the video of the search below…

Lost ring-Mahwah,NJ

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)


My name is Fred Stedtler.If you have lost a precious item, ring or other jewelry do not give up hope! I will help locate your lost item! I can use my sophisticated  metal detectors to find your lost item. Why rent detector and try to learn how to use it when I can provide this service? I can search on grass,soil,the beach or in water to 5 feet deep.

I search in the Mahwah,NJ area, including Southern New York. I work on a reward basis…This means you pay me what it’s worth to you and what you can afford for me to come find your lost item.

So, don’t give up hope, this is your best chance of locating your lost item.Please contact me through the Ring Finders website. I look forward to helping you. Thank You, Fred Stedtler

Metal Detecting For a Lost Rose Gold Wedding Band at UBC, Vancouver.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I was running around getting ready for a trip to the Rocky Mountains to Yoho National Park (10 hour drive) to look for a lost silver ring in 4 feet of water…Ice cold glacier water! I looked at the weather channel and it was snowing there today and a chance of flurries tomorrow…Of course I just sold my truck… I got home at 2pm today and started cooking a meal when I got a call from a young lady who lost her wedding band at UBC (University of British Columbia) She wanted to know if I could come out and find it for her…I was on my way!

It’s about a 45 minute drive to get there and when I arrived I was greeted by a young lady by the name of Noa. She walked me down to the location where she lost her ring and told me that she lost 2 rings but found 1 by looking around. The problem was there was long grass all around and the ring could easily be in the grass. I started my search and unfortunately there was lots of targets in this area…10 minutes later I heard that nice medium tone and I separated the grass and saw the rose gold ring glinting in the sunlight.




I will never get tired of my job because the smile is what makes what I do so special.




Thanks for reading my blogs…I love my job!


Lost your ring…Call ASAP!


Watch the video of the search below…


Metal Detecting For a Lost Diamond Wedding Band, Vancouver BC…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was relaxing at home and thinking of hitting the hay when the phone rings just a few minutes before 10 pm. It was a young lady who sounded very upset and was wondering if I could help find her diamond wedding band.

After talking about the search she was brave enough to tell me that she got mad at her husband and tossed the ring into a grassy area by the college. Believe it or not that is a very common thing that people do…You never see many people on my videos talking about this because they don’t want to be seen or talk about such a search, and most won’t want their picture taken. I woke up quickly and grabbed my equipment and headed to Langara College where she was waiting.

I was greeted by a very sad young lady when I arrived and we talked about the search area, I had her throw my wedding band so I can see the general area and strength of the toss. I started my search and after a lot of questions and approximately 30 minutes and my second cross grid of the area I got a good signal and there between the grass blades was her diamond wedding band!



I was so happy to see that ring and I was able to surprise her as she did’t see me find it…




I hope she and her husband can patch things up and she can look back and smile about the night the ring went flying.   Thanks for watching! If you lost something and need it found call me ASAP   You can watch the video of the search below…

Found 1885 Five Dollar American Gold Coin at Vancouver Park…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Well its been an amazing week and a half for recoveries! I Found a $7000 Rolex watch and a $4500 Breitling watch along with a diamond pendent and some gold wedding bands and a silver native ring. I have been able to make a few people very happy these days!        This was another highlight for me as I got a call to find a beautiful $5.00 Gold Coin for a young man who lost it playing baseball.  I met the young man and his girlfriend at around 11pm as I new that we had to find it ASAP. You see he told me that his late Grandfather gave it to him many years ago and he wore it everyday.I asked a few questions and felt good about finding the gold coin because the grass was a bit high and we all know how gold likes to hide… Well it could only hide for 45 minutes from me before I was able to find and give it back to the owner.   I have the greatest job in the world! I get to make people smile! It was nice meeting you both tonight Roger and I’m so happy that you got your Grandfathers gift back! Thank you for the kind reward!  Best, Chris TurnerI love my job! Lost something?Call me ASAP! You can watch the search below.

Lost Diamond Pendent at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today at around 10am I received a call from a young lady who told me that she had lost her diamond pendent at a park not far from where I live so I jumped into my SUV and headed out to meet and hopefully find her diamond pendent.

When I arrived I was greeted by two young ladies who had set up a grid of the area they believed the pendent was in…

I started my search and I found a few targets mostly junk and then Maggie headed out to the rest room and her friend stayed behind while I was searching.

Not long after she left I received a good signal on my Whites V3I, I moved the grass to see the diamond pendent sparkling at me! I called Maggie’s girlfriend over to show her and we both just smiled…

A minute later Maggie showed up and I told her that I found a bottle cap and held up her pendent…

I love the reaction when people first see their lost item!


How special was Maggie’s diamond pendent? It was given to her 6 years ago from her boyfriend on her first year anniversary…And they are still together today!

I love my job!

Lost something? Call ASAP

Watch the video of the search on the link below…

Lost Gold Ring at Simco Park in New Westminister, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Over two weeks ago I was in touch via email in regards to doing a search at a park not to far from me,  for a lost gold band. Because of both of our schedules we didn’t meet up until this evening.

When I met with David he told me the story of where he thought the ring might be, but he wasn’t sure if it was there or not, as he felt someone could have found it or maybe it was lost some where else.



We discussed the search and I started to do my grid with the hope of finding his ring. This Ring was given to David by his father and he was going to wear it when he gets married this December.

I was into my grid search for 30 when I got a good hit on my V3I, I bent down with my pinpointer and after I moved the grass I could see the outline of his gold ring…



I was so happy that it was found and I called David and his girlfriend over and I have to say I have the best job in the world! I get to make people smile and I love it.

I Love My Job!

Lost Something?


Call me ASAP!


Watch the video of the search below.

Lost my Ring in Vancouver BC…Platinum Wedding Band Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other day while I was at work in regards to a lost platinum wedding band, lost while the man was cleaning out his SUV on the side of the road by his house. We discussed the search and I was able to get to his place before dark at around 8 pm to start the search.

I was feeling confident that this would be a quick search and I’d be on my way home within 30 minutes or less…Not…It was almost midnight and I had to pack it up and head home without finding the ring. Sometimes this happens and I knew the ring had to be there some where so I told the young man and his wife that I’d be back on the weekend to continue my search for his platinum wedding band. I could tell they were both disappointed but I assured them that if it was there I would find it.

The only place that I could think it would be was in the very large and thick hedge along side their property, I did spend some time searching under the hedge but mostly I concentrated in the areas that someone could come along the next day and find it. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss the most obvious place and I searched them over and over, I did have some problems with power lines just above me but I was able to stabilize my metal detector.

Saturday came and I was off to search for this young man’s ring,  I brought a rake and I was ready to shake the hedge and rack everything under the hedge to the front and detect.  I started at the most likely spot under the hedge on my stomach and slowly worked inch by inch with my hand held pin pointer (detector)  after about an hour and half way up the hedge I got a nice loud signal and I moved the branches and leaves near the root and there I saw his beautiful platinum wedding band!



I think it might have gotten caught up in the branches and when I shook the hedge it fell to the ground, I was so happy to see that ring and to give it back to the young mans wife as he wasn’t home at the time. When I knocked on the door and she saw the ring I could tell how relieved she was! I have the greatest job in the world…I get to make people smile!


Thank you for the very kind reward Darren! I’m so glad your ring is back where it belongs!

I love my Job!

Lost your Ring? Call me ASAP!

You can watch the video below of the search…