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Lost Gold Pendent, Soccer Ball, Killarney High School, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Gold Saint Christopher

Today I had a search for a solid gold soccer ball pendent that a friend from work lost 5 years ago at a soccer field in South Vancouver.

The story was that it was given to him by his farther 30 years ago. Dean is a goal keeper and never takes his lucky pendent off. While training at Killarney High School 5 years ago, he was making a save and the chain broke and the pendent fell off into the grass but he felt the chain in his sweeter…

He was devastated! He searched for hours with a flash light as it was getting dark but couldn’t find his golden soccer ball. He gave up the search like most people do and tried to put it behind him.

It was Friday night and we were working on a film set and I saw his pendent and commented on the gold soccer ball. I used to play a bit back in the day, Dean told me the story about the one that he lost and how much it meant to him…

My first question was where did you lose it? He told me and I told him I’d take a look for it, today I spent 5 hours searching but couldn’t find it… However I found a Gold Saint Christopher pendent the size of a Canadian Quarter. Now I have to try and find the owner of that…

I believe that everyone’s jewellery has a story attached to it and what I do is try and find the owner and return it so that the story can continue…

I also met up with Dean at the end of the day and he showed me the area that he remembered losing the pendent. He drew me a map of the area at work, after 5 hours of searching I was in the wrong area! Oh well, I found the pendent and now I have a new search to see if I can find the owner. It was 4 inches deep in the ground so I believe this was there for many years.

I’ll be searching the new area for his golden soccer ball tomorrow. I hope I can find it so I can write a part 2!

I love my job!

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Chris Turner

Lost Gold Soccer Ball, Pendent, South Vancouver, killarney High School

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A friend of mine told me that he lost a gold soccer ball pendent that was given to him 30 years ago from his father…He lost it 5 years ago and just now told me the story…

Lost Diamond Ring in Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Sweet 16… Birthday Gift lost in 4 feet of water!

Mother & Daughter & Ring

It was a sweet 16th birthday diamond ring that her mother bought for her daughter…Two weeks after receiving her gift it was lost in 4 feet of water in Wannuck Lake…This is how the story goes…

It was her brothers birthday and family and friends enjoyed a sunny day at Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge. Her bother and friends all decided to run into the lake with clothes on…Great to be young!

They all agreed and lined up and at the same time ran into the water…All but Kate who stopped at the waters edge, as she was laughing her cousin ran out and grabbed her and walked her into the water then threw her in!

As she started to swim back to shore she felt her hand hit her leg and felt her ring come off her finger. She stopped and told everyone not to move and that her ring came off.

It was hopeless due to the murky bottom, the ring was lost! She was devastated and so was her mother! Luckily Kate’s mother started to search the internet to find a metal detector and found The Ring Finders Directory.

I received an email and called Susan to discuss the search, she explained how much the ring meant to both of them and was really hoping that I could find it.

After talking to them I found out that a lady who saw them searching the water had offered to search for the ring as she was a diver. They never heard back from the lady and didn’t know if she came back to the lake later to search for the ring.

I started my search in waiters and soon changed to my wetsuit as it was in deeper water then expected. Shortly after changing into the wetsuit my underwater detector took on some water…Bummer! But I had backup in my car.

I started the search and within 15 minutes I had found many bobby pins and one diamond ring with two hearts…
To get a first hand reaction for my video camera I pretended that I needed to film me starting the search.

I got my camera and started to talk about the many bobby pins I had found then I held up the ring…

I have the greatest job in the world!

I love my job!

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Checkout the video below of the discovery…

Lost Diamond Ring in Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

It was a Sweet 16th birthday present…A diamond ring that her mother bought for her daughter…Two weeks after receiving her gift it was lost in 4 feet of water in Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge…

Angels In The Outfield,Video, Lost Silver Pendant, Vancouver Park

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Watch the video here and read the story below…

Angels In The Outfield, Lost Silver Pendant, Vancouver Park

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost Silver Angel Pendant...Found

Angel Pendant lost...Found

Well today I had a search for a lost silver angel pendent, at a park in Vancouver. It was lost at a rugby practice, my first thought was that some young man had lost it…Wrong! Some young lady had lost it while training.

Normally I wouldn’t search for something lost without the permission of the person first, but the person posted it on the internet with the exact location. I couldn’t get out the day I saw the post because of work so I went out the next day.

When I arrived at the location and started my grid search I could tell that someone else had already searched the area for the lost pendant.

I was a little set back at the thought that someone must of already found it, but it was such a nice day I decided to search anyway.

I started my grid where the person left off, instead of continuing the grid north I back tracked south toward the area that was already searched.

That was a good call as it didn’t take long before something silver caught my eye, my first thought was…that’s a dime, but closer inspection it turned out to be the pendant!

It was nice meeting you Amy! And thank you for the generous reward!

I love my job!

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Metal Detecting TV Interview/Treasure Hunter Chris Turner/Living Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Here is a TV interview I did a few years ago for Living Vancouver…It’s about my Finders service and helping people find their lost jewellery.

Thanks for watching!

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Metal Detecting/TV interview on treasure hunting/Chris Turner

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Here’s a TV interview I did a few years ago…Short interview about treasure hunting/ it takes 9 seconds before it starts up…

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