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Platinum engagement ring found in Norridge, Il

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Received a call telling me an engagement ring given 50yrs ago was lost in a yard, but it was lost months ago. This was a concern knowing now it would not be a surface find anymore but have to give it a shot, I planned on being there most of the morning.
I was quite surprised when my very first signal was about 2 inches deep and pulled out this beautiful platinum engagement ring, not to mention how surprised the husband was.
He walked away crying when I showed it to him.
This is what makes this job fantastic!!!

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring … El Segundo, CA. … Found in Sand at Volleyball Court

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday .. May 3, 2014

Scott called me about 4:30 pm asking me if I could help him find a ring lost in the sand in El Segundo Beach, CA. It was a good distance for me to drive, but I felt I could get there within an hour. When I arrived I met Scott in the parking lot and as we walked over to the volleyball court I got another call for a lost ring in Laguna Beach. I asked them if they could wait and they agreed to wait till I finished this search.

Scott said his fiancé was playing volley ball when her platinum/diamond engagement ring went flying off her finger. These are usually easy searches, except when I turned on my detector there was a lot of radio or microwave signals interfering with my detector. I was lucky enough to have my CTX 3030 detector which has a switch that eliminates this interference . After making the adjustments it was a short time till I found the beautiful ring. When I held the ring up all Scott and his fiancé’s friends applauded and yelled. I got about 3 or 4 hugs from some of her girl friends. After a few minutes to take some photos I ran to my car to drive to Laguna Beach.



Lost Platinum Diamond Ring in East Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)











Today I had a search for a platinum diamond engagement ring that was lost on Meaghan property along the walk way beside her house. Meaghan had searched for a week on and off in the area that the ring came out of her pocket, but just couldn’t find it.

That’s what prompted her to search the internet and see if there was someone that could help her find her engagement ring of 5 years, finding ”The Ring Finders” was exactly what she had hoped for!

I received the call and we set up a day to come out and find the ring, a week later I was there to check out the search area. Looking it over, I knew I’d be finding this ring without my detector.

After moving  a dozen concrete blocks that were a part of the walk way and a couple of long pipes and boards and about 30 minutes…There it was under a concrete block closes to the house…


What a beautiful ring! I was so happy that it showed itself and its now back where it belongs. Thank you for reading my blogs and until the next search…


I love my job!

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Video below of the search.