Lost Silver Ring at Kits Beach, Vancouver...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


I get an email yesterday that a lady lost 3 silver rings at the beach, after calling her I find out that she lost them the day before…So its been over 24 hours and I know that people search that beach of a night and early morning and the chances are that someone may have beaten us to the rings.

I meet with the young lady and her man and they show me the area the rings were lost, after a north, south grid search of the area I don’t find the rings. I now will ask my friends who hunt Kits Beach if they know anyone who has found them the rings and offer the reward to them.

As I was searching the area I had a man come up and tell me a young lady lost her ring and ask if I could help. I said sure and asked him to tell her to come over and she did, i told her I’d be over as soon as I finished my grid search.

I walked 50 yards over and met the young lady who showed me the area the ring was flipped off her towel. I started my grid search and after a minute or two I ask if she could move her bike so I could check near there…

Well there it was! Just inches under the sand right where her bike was. I was able to dig it up and surprise her before she knew I found it.

Every Ring has a story attached it and that story ends when it is lost…I love to help continue that story by finding it for them!

I love my job!

Lost something? Call ASAP!

Thanks for reading my blog, there is a video below of the search.


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