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Wedding Ring lost found and returned Madeira Beach, Florida

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Wedding Ring lost found and returned Madeira Beach, Florida

Ryan and his wife Ashley were enjoying at sunny afternoon at the beach tossing around a Nerf Football when Ryan felt his ring fly off his finger.  They immediately went to try and rent a metal detector at a rent all type place, but were disappointed to find that all the rental places detectors were broken.  So they posted an add on Craigslist in hopes someone may spot the ring.  Howard Metts saw the post and gave Stan Flack a heads up to the post since it was near his home.  After a few text’s and emails, Stan decided he had enough information and gave a hunt for the ring on his way to work.  After about 10 minutes of hunting, bingo, ring found.  Ryan and Ashley ecstatic about the find, met Stan at his work and the ring was returned.  Smile’s all the way around.

Ryan's ring Ryan and Ashley


Lost Wedding ring set found and returned at Ft Desoto Park, Pinellas County, Florida

Jordi and Maria recently moved from Spain to Orlando for a job opportunity and then on July 4, 2015 were married. This last weekend they decided to take a vacation weekend and explore a little bit of the Florida western Gulf Coast. On Friday, they came to the North Beach at Ft Desoto and were relaxing in the sun and Gulf waters.

In early afternoon they were tossing a ball to each other when Maria reached for the ball and felt her new wedding set come off her hand. She stood right where it had fallen off while Jordi dug in the sand around her feet to try and recover them. They couldn’t find the rings even thought they looked for the rest of the day. Jordi was wise enough to take a good look around and marked the location in his mind with visuals of the landscape around him. They went to there hotel that night very sad about the loss of Maria’s wedding rings. The next morning Jordi rented a metal detector and returned to the spot where the rings had been lost. He found a few pieces of rusty iron, but no rings and then the detector quit working. They continued to hunt for the rest of the day, but had no luck. They returned to Orlando the next day and Jordi got busy searching the internet and soon found SRARC on The Ring Finders site.

He contacted Mike and soon they had a meeting time established for Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Mike Miller, Chris Duerden, Bill Gallant, and Tom & Joanne Gajentan were able to attend the hunt and within 7 minutes we had both rings back on the hand of Maria. What a bunch of beautiful smiles were shared between the entire group.

Jordi and Maria were wish you the best of times while you are here in the United States and also wish you many happy years together.

Great work team, It is just the best when we are able to rescue something precious for such nice people.

8-25-2015 a 8-25-2015

HS Class Ring Lost, Found and Returned from Pass A Grille beach

During a recent detecting trip Mike Miller found a class ring. He started a search to find the owner (Tracie) and was able to find her and return her ring to her.

Her story is that Tracie and her fiance (David) were at her favorite beach for the afternoon. David was wearing her High School class ring and she warned him that if he lost it he was a “dead man”. He went into the water and was pulling himself along the bottom in waist deep water where sure enough the ring came off. Tracie was not a happy beach person after that, but they looked for the ring and finally gave up.

A couple months later she got an email telling her that Mike had found her ring and would like to return it to her. Overjoyed she contacted him and they met at a local Gulfport restaurant. She said not only did Mike return her ring he saved her fiancé’s life. The picture and smiles say the rest.


Man’s Wedding Band Lost in the Sand – FOUND Sunset Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Shana asking if I would help find a Silver Wedding Band lost in the sand at Sunset Beach NC. I told her I’d be glad to help but I was at the movies with my wife and I couldn’t be there until about 10pm, which she agreed to. After the movies, I called Shana to let her know I was on my way, dropped my wife off at home, grabbed my gear and headed for the beach.

I arrived just prior to 10pm and met Jake, who was the one that lost his ring, and his wife, Maria at the beach access path. On the way out to the beach Jake told me that he was playing volleyball and when he hit the ball his ring flew off, he also gave me a description of the ring. Luckily they had left the net up and set out small light loops in the area they thought the ring would be in. He also let me know that about 15 family members had been digging through the sand in an attempt to find it. I let him know, for future reference, that it’s not really a good idea to try and dig through the sand because you could actually be burying the ring  deeper.

I started a north/south grid along the length of the net and on the same side where he thought the ring was and found a few junk items but no ring. I then did an east/west grid over the same area and came up with nothing. I was getting a little concerned that the ring may have been buried due to all the digging. I took a couple of steps outside the playing area and the net pole on the far side to start an expanded search, took two steps in the new grid and Bingo. I knew immediately I had it. I took a shallow scoop, shook out the sand and there it was. I nonchalantly walked back over to Jake and asked him again to tell me exactly what he did when he felt the ring fly off his finger and then asked him to describe the ring again, once he finished I held the scoop up to him and asked him if his ring looked like this one. Once he shined his flashlight into the scoop and saw his ring he got an instant smile from ear to ear and so did Maria.  It doesn’t get any better than this! On the way back to the car, Maria let me know that they’re heading back home tomorrow so this was a Must find tonight.

Overall, this was an easy search but we were all surprised how far the ring flew from hitting the ball with open hands.

Jake and Maria – thank you for your generous reward and have a safe trip home.

Thank you for reading.



Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Wedding Ring Lost (found) in St. Petersburg, Florida

Thanks to SRARC… Logan is out of the dog house!
Natalie posted on the website “Next Door” for St. Pete’s Old NE neighborhood that her husband, Logan, had lost his wedding band while they were out walking the dog. SRARC member Paul Hill saw the post while at lunch after Church and gave them a call to find out more specific information. Upon returning home, Paul got right to work going over the area discussed (4 blocks of sidewalks). After 2 hours, no ring was found. Letting the temperature drop a bit, Paul headed back out for another hour. With no luck, Paul called and let them know that he could not find it but if they could narrow down the location, he would be happy to try again. The next day after Natalie looked at some pictures of their walk, they realized Logan didn’t have his ring on in any of them. That is when it hit Logan that he had played volleyball Sunday morning at a nearby park before they went on their walk. A text was sent to Paul, who said he would head over there as soon as he returned home later that day. Paul headed over to the courts with fellow SRARC member Stan Flack to try and find the ring. Upon arrival, all the courts were busy except the one that Logan had played on that previous day. Within two minutes, Stan had recovered the ring. They headed over and returned the ring to a very excited Logan who couldn’t believe it was found.
Thanks Paul and Stan for taking the time to help a neighbor.

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Wedding Ring recovered on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Brian was at the beach with family checking out the sea life and the small shells burrowing in the sand.   They all decided to head back to the blanket and  Brian went in the ocean to wash the sand off his hands.  When he got to the blanket he realize his ring was missing. He placed an ad on craigslist where ring finder member Howard Metts saw it and alerted Stan Flack because it was near his home.  A call went out for ring finders. Five volunteers showed to look for Brian’s ring. After about 40 minutes of hunting Stan came up with the ring. Unbelief and happiness could be seen on Brian’s face. Nice work by all!!

IMG_1737 IMG_1740 IMG_1742

Wedding Ring Lost and Recovered on Treasure Island, Florida

Alex and his wife of one year traveled from Mexico to enjoy a family reunion in Treasure Is., FL.  While playing volleyball it was Alex’s turn to serve.  At the end of his overhand serve he felt his wedding ring come off.  He and many of the reunion got down on their hands and knees to search for the ring.  Now this was not your run of the mill wedding band.  Many family members donated their jewelry to make the wedding band set for the bride and groom.   Devastated, they inquired at the office for any information that may help their cause.  The office happened to have for the number for SRARC.  Alex called Mike Miller and left a message and requesting a call back.  Mike Miller and Paul Hill had just finished detecting Clearwater beach when they received the message.  Being so close by, they headed right down to begin the search.  Upon arrival, Alex showed them the area which he was serving explaining the situation as best as he could.  Paul began the search and was not getting any targets on the surface as it should have been.  Gridding the court, Paul expanded his search to include the opposite side as well.  Still no luck.  Mike, who had been assisting with a pin pointer decided he would go get his detector to help out.  When Mike returned he searched an area passed the volleyball court over a 12 foot sidewalk.  Within 3 minutes Mike had the ring in hand.  Nearly 70 feet from the service line.  Everyone was in shock that it was so far from where it was presumed to be.  Needless to say, the reunion is now ready to resume on a high note.

SRARC wishes Alex and his bride a Happy One Year Anniversary this Saturday.

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Man With Good Contacts finds Maderia Beach Ring

Kyle and his family were enjoying a weekend at Madeira Beach, Fl. from their home in Lakeland. Kyle was playing volleyball and noticed his wedding ring was gone after diving for the ball up by the net. They searched desperately with no luck. Kyle’s mom happened to be lifelong friends with Mitch a metal detectorist who lives in Sebastian Inlet on the East Coast. She contacted him and he contacted Paul Hill via Facebook whom he knows from detecting together in England. This was about 8:10pm. Knowing it was on a volleyball court and may be hit by someone else, Paul headed out to help. Arriving, Paul got right to work after Kyle explained what happened. With few signals Paul asked Kyle if he was sure it came off at that point or he just realized it was gone when he rose from the diving play. Kyle was pretty sure it happened at that time. Paul expanded his search area and decided to grid the half court in which Kyle played. After about the 5th pass the ring was recovered in front of the serving area. Bride and groom were happy to have the ring back where it belongs!

Kyle1 Kyle2

Treasure Island Wedding Ring Recovered

Mike and Jody were enjoying a day at the beach so Mike put his ring in his shoe so he wouldn’t lose it. Not knowing this Jody needed to get to something and moved his shoe and viola the ring disappeared. They called SRARC who sent out team member Stan Flack seeing how he was nearby. Mike was certain of the area and so this was an easy day for Stan. Took about 15 seconds and the ring was returned much to the delight of JODY.
Thanks Stan for being there for both recoveries this past weekend!

IMG_1658 IMG_1659

100 Year old Ring lost then recovered on Treasure Island

After calling Bill Jackson’s to find someone with a metal detector, Jerry Blair of Dunnellon, FL called SRARC with a desperate plea. His wife Cherife was on Clearwater Beach looking for a lost 100 + year old platinum and diamond ring that had been passed down from her grandmother to her that had been lost in the sand.

Tom Jones called Chris Durden who happened to be leaving Clearwater Beach at the time and asked him to call Cherife and help her find the ring. Moments later Chris called Tom back and informed him that she was on Sunset Beach instead. Hearing this Tom decided to meet her instead since he was only 10 minutes from her.

Tom arrived to find that she had put 3 rings in her shoe the evening before so as not to lose them in the water. When she left the beach she picked up her towel tipping over her shoes. She picked up the shoes and went to her car. Upon arriving at the car she realized that her rings had been inside her shoe and had been dropped. She went back to the beach and searched the area finding 2 of the 3 rings but could not find the one that was most dear to her heart.

Tom started hunting listening for a soft target since the ring was very small and platinum. After passing over the area Cherife had marked out he found a penny, quarter and a pull tab but no ring. He went back over the area very slowly and found the ring at the exact location where Cherife had found the other two.

Needless to say she was extremely happy and called her husband to tell him the great news.

Ring Cherife