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  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Hello my name is Chris Turner CEO/The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service… If you’re looking to rent a metal detector here in Vancouver/Lower Mainland to find your lost wedding or engagement ring, why not hire an expert that can find it for you! I have close to 38 years experience and have helped hundreds of people find their lost rings. I use the best metal detecting equipment for both land and water,  if you know the area where you lost your ring… You must act fast!

I work on a Reward Basis/Please check my profile page for all details

Call me ASAP (anytime day or night).

Chris Turner

Helping your lost ringFind you!




4 Replies to “Metal Detector Rentals, Vancouver / Lower Mainland, BC… Lost Ring”

  1. sheena says:

    hello my bf and i went camping this weekend and i lost my engagment ring in 2f of water close to shore.
    This happend on sat. Morning.
    Thank you. Our phone number is 778 255 1614 our names our sheena and Tyler

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Just checking to see if I contacted you in regards to your lost ring? Please call me if you didn’t get in touch with me via phone///If your ring hasn’t been found I can find it still…
    Best, Chris Turner

  3. Juan says:

    Need help with finding a ring. Please contact me. I sent you email as well. Thx

  4. Hi,

    I unfortunately lost a flying drone, 2 weeks old, due to this solar flare/magnetic crazy field going on .. it took over and scrambled it’s GPS which then landed itself in the middle of Alice Lake. My buddy went scuba diving for it but it’s too dark to see ANYTHING. it’s 30-40 feet deep, very dark but we could not find this drone which would help in my possible claim (defective) machine.

    Any thoughts on this ? Underwater metal detector idea’s ??
    Thanks for your time ..

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