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from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
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Hello my name is Chris Turner CEO/The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service… If you’re looking to rent a metal detector here in Vancouver/Lower Mainland to find your lost wedding or engagement ring, why not hire an expert that can find it for you! I have close to 38 years experience and have helped hundreds of people find their lost rings. I use the best metal detecting equipment for both land and water,  if you know the area where you lost your ring… You must act fast!

I work on a Reward Basis/Please check my profile page for all details

Call me ASAP (anytime day or night).

Chris Turner

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Lost Antique Silver Earring in Richmond BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463










Hi all, I received a call about 3 + weeks back in regards to a search for a lost antique silver earring. The lady was heading out of town for a few weeks and due to work I couldn’t get out before she left on her trip. We agreed to touch basis later when she got back in town, I got the call and off I went to search for a silver earring.

When we met I could tell how frustrated  Trudy was with the thought of never finding it. She really loved her earrings and it was only recent she had her ears pierced.

I started my search and 25 minutes into to it I found  earring, I was as happy as Trudy when I found it. Its hard when people don’t know where the item is lost, sometimes these searches give people closure…This was a fun search!


I love my job!








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