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2 Lost Rings in the UBC Area / Spanish Banks…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


Smiles are the best things we find! I got a call from a young lady that tells me she lost two rings while on a big water slide that was made for a party with lots of friends. The rings meant a lot to Fran and she thought she’d never see the rings again so she was going to rent a metal detector and went on line and found The Ring Finders Directory.

My wife and I met Fran at 8PM just before it got dark and she showed us the huge hill where they had the slide that weekend. I could see the flatten grass where the slide was placed and this helped with our grid search.

After just minutes of turning on my big flood light we found one ring that was flattened into the ground. After a 14 hour day at work then 2 hours into the search we decided to call it a night. I knew it would take daylight to find the second ring as it was hard to do a grid in the low light we had.

We sent a picture of the ring to Fran and told her we’d go out and search on the weekend for the gold & jade ring. I went out and bought a new metal detector(Whites V3i) and I was excited to give it a go, our son wanted to join the search and Beverley and I were excited to have him as the search area was pretty huge.

I wasn’t feeling all that great when we got there and it was a hot day so I slowly started to set up my new detector and Jamie ask me if he could give it a go, I said sure and his mother let him use the Whites XLT that she was going to use. I just started to grid search when I hear Jamie and Beverley shouting…Found It! Found It! I’m thinking found what? It was almost like Jamie walked right to the ring!

With such a big area to search that day Jamie knocked it out of the park! I was so proud of him and happy to know that I could go home and rest…Like his mother he has the knack of find what people thought was lost forever.


I love my job & family!


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You can watch the video below.

Found Diamond Ring at Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work on a Monday and I received a call from a young lady who ask me if I could find her husbands lost diamond wedding band at Centennial Beach in Tswwassen BC. She told me that the ring could have been lost while he was playing volleyball or out in the ocean while he was swimming.

I met with Sasha that evening and before the park was closed she showed me the area that the ring could be lost in and it was huge! I got permission from the park ranger to stay and search the area for a few hours, Sasha went home and I spent 3 hours searching the dry sand and a little bit of the water. I had no luck the first night but I felt good that it wasn’t in the dry sand and I knew that it would be a long shot that someone already found it in such a huge area when the tide is out.








My wife Beverley came out a week later at low tide to help me grid search the wet sand, she was ready to go out and find the ring and the competition was on! I found a two dollar coin and yelled out that I did! Then a couple of quarters, some dimes and after 1 1/2 hours of a slow grid search I got another signal and found a nickel, and I yelled out to Beverley more change…A second later she yells out…FOUND IT! I’m thinking what? Then she yells out again…FOUND IT! I FOUND THE RING!!! I thought she was joking until i see her dancing in the ankle deep water .

I couldn’t believe it! It only took us 1 1/2 hours in a huge area to find the young man’s ring! This was amazing and Beverley was so happy! It’s a great feeling when you can help someone and this young couple told us that they had given up and were ready to claim it on their insurance.

It was nice to do another hunt with my wife and this was the first time we had ever been to this beach, we met a lady who was metal detecting the beach and we talked for a while, she told us that she was 90 years old! OMG!!! We still have a good 40 years of helping people find what they thought was lost for ever!!!

One other note…We got an email that night and someone had lost his wedding band at the same beach we found this one…Beverley found that one too at midnight!

We love our job!

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You can watch the video of the search below…


Lost Ring at Boundary Bay, Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen BC…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)











We received an email at 1o:15 pm from a young man that lost his ring at Centennial Beach, Boundary Bay, Tsawwassen. The strange thing was that we had a search that morning for a man’s lost ring in water. It was a massive area and we found it in a few hours…My wife found it! She was so excited!!! that video will be up as soon as we meet the person who lost the ring and give it back…

So this search Danny told me that he knew the area the ring came off at and my question was did you lose it by a log? Yes he replied, not far from a log. I knew we had to hit the beach ASAP because if we waited till the next day someone could beat us to it…

We met up and discussed the search and set out to the location he lost the ring. I have a big  battery powered light that lit the way to the area he lost his ring.

Because Beverley found the last ring at this beach she decided that she’d find this one too. Danny was confident that the ring was lost in a relatively small area so Beverly started her grid search and within 5-10 minutes she found his ring!

Beverley was so happy that Dan got his ring back and this was only the second time we ever hunted this beach! The same day Beverley found a diamond ring(32 diamonds) for a man that lost it a week before we were able to search for it…

I’m so happy that my wife is excited to compete with me…I just hope she lets me find a few!


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You can watch the video below…