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Lost Gold Ring in North Vancouver, BC…Found!

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So last night before my night hunt for the two wedding rings I receive an email from a young lady who lost her gold ring that was given to her by her mother. After discussing the search we both knew it was a long shot due to she didn’t know when the ring came out of her pocket..

These kinda searches I call (closure searches) I will search the most likely areas where they think the ring fell out of her pocket. My chances are very low as its a needle in a haystack…The area was very big and to boot there was power lines directly above me. This drives detector crazy!

The only thing I could do for the first part of the search was use my pin pointer, as we moved away from the power lines I was able to use my detector by dropping the sensitivity  to almost the lowest setting. I would still be able to get a signal as the ring would be sitting on top of the grass.

The young lady was at work so her boyfriend met with me to show me the area they had walked when they realized the ring was missing.

After 30 minutes I got a great signal and as I bent down to use my pin pointer and move the grass there was here gold ring starring back up at me!!! Crazy, I was so happy and so was her boyfriend! I always give a 100% even if I don’t think I have a chance, today I was rewarded by finding this young ladies most cherished  gift that was given to her by her mother…




I love my Job!

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Found Wedding & Engagement Rings at The Dog Park, Kits Beach.

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Just before I was getting ready to call it a night I received an email that a young lady had lost both her wedding & engagement rings at the dog park at Kits Beach. I emailed the person right away and asked them to call me, minutes later we were discussing the search.

Because the rings were lost at such a high risk area…(beach and by a log) I knew that we’d have to get out ASAP to search for the rings. The young man agreed to meet me at 11:45 pm, we met and he showed me the area he thought the rings would be in…

After a few swings of my metal detector and no rings I began to move to the front of the log where they never searched for the rings and within a minute I found one of the rings…



Minutes after the wedding ring was found I found the engagement ring! Smiles all around! The rings were not where he thought they’d be but its my job to think of why they’re not there and expand my search area. For some reason the rings were deep! After discussing the search he told me that they have a 70 lb. dog that was play right were the rings where found…


I love my job!

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You can watch the video of the search below…


Lost Silver Chain at Kits Beach, Vancouver BC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I receive a call this morning from a young man who told me he lost a very special silver chain that was given to him by his girlfriend. He lost it at Kits Beach in Vancouver the evening of the fireworks.

That’s the worst time to lose something on the beach because after the fire works many metal detectorists will search the beaches all night long. I thought fore sure someone would have already found the chain.

I put out a few calls but no one heard of a silver chain being found on Kits Beach so I called the young man and we set a time to meet at the beach that day.

After about 20 minutes of searching for a parking spot we hooked up and discussed the search area and I told him that our chances where low and he understood.

He took me to the area and I set my grid and started to search, the people around the area were curious and watched as I searched. One pull tab, one bottle cap, one washer and then…Up from the sand hanging half out on my sand scoop was his beautiful silver chain!


Within seconds of seeing the silver glinting in the hot sun people started clapping and cheering… The young man and his girlfriend were all smiles.

I have found lots of rings and things over the years, this recovery made me smile to see how such a young man was so happy to see his silver chain that was given to him by his sweetheart. He told me how much it meant to him and another one wouldn’t be the same…

I Love my job!

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Lost Gold Ring at White Pines Lake in Poco…Found!

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After a couple of nice sunny summer days (finally) the phone started to ring. This young man had lost his white gold wedding band in five feet of water at White Pine Beach in Poco. This lake is beautiful and you are not allowed to search here without permission. I received permission to find the ring and leave, this was good news as you could imagine how important it was for him to have it found. He’d only been married for nine months and I could tell how bad he felt about losing his ring. My only chance of finding his ring would be if it was in the first 5 feet of water, as I don’t dive…But we do have a diver from Squamish who would’ve come out to help, if it was deeper then I could search. I started my search and it was pretty quite with only a couple of signals before I got the loud proud signal that turned out to be his white gold wedding band.




Because the young man took reference marks of the area the ring was lost in, it made my job so much easier! This could have taken many hours of searching if he didn’t mark the area the ring was lost…That being said after this quick search I headed out on another water search where someone had lost their ring but couldn’t tell me where it came off their finger…The search area was as long as a soccer field and I spent 5 hours with no luck…So if you think I find everything, I don’t, I can only find what is there to be found.

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I Love my Job!

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Found..Lost Gold Ring at English Bay Beach, Vancouver BC

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Last night I went to sleep at 11:45 pm and I was planning on getting up at 3:am to go to the beach with a friend and do a beach hunt.

Minutes before midnight I awake to a phone call…911… someone lost their ring at the beach and wanted to know if I could help find it.

After taking notes of the location the ring was lost at I decide to search for it ASAP so that no one else would find it before I got there.

I get up and make a coffee and get ready to hit the road…The great thing was that it was the same beach my friend and I were going to at 4 am that morning. I wasn’t going to wake him up early so I went there to find the ring then come back to pick up my friend.

I get to the beach and I can see hand prints all over the sand in the area the ring was lost at, I know that I’m in the right spot, so I start my search.

After 10 minutes of searching in the dark at around 1:15 am I get a loud strong signal. I sink the scoop into the nice dry sand and I watched the sand sift through the scoop until I could see the beautiful color of gold!

After I returned home from the beach I had 30 minutes to make another coffee and get ready to pick up my friend and head back out to the beach.

I love my job!

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Found, Lost platinum wedding ring in West Vancouver

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I received a call from a young man that owns a landscaping company here in West Vancouver.  He said that he’d lost his platinum wedding ring of ten years some where in his clients back yard.

He rented a metal detector and searched with 4 of his employees for over 4 hours but didn’t find the ring. He then went on his smart phone and found ”The Ring Finders” (That is a smart phone!)

We made arrangements to me meet later in the day, when I arrived he showed me the area he believed the ring was lost in and I began my search. Only minutes later I found his wedding band, needless to say he was excited but couldn’t understand why he couldn’t find it as he and his employees were searching for hours in the same location…


I have had close to 70% of the people who hire me rent metal detectors first and after searching for hours give up the search and call me. My equipment is much better then the ones they rent and also it could be a little overwhelming for the person who has never used a metal detector.

Every ring has a story and it’s always a great feeling to help continue that story for the people I help.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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I love My Job!

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Lost Gold Ring at Wreck Beach, Vancouver…Found!

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Today at work I received a call from a young man who lost his wedding band (common-law) at Wreck Beach yesterday. He explained that he took it off and put it in his pack so that he wouldn’t lose it.

That being said he went into his pack four times to get something out and it was in four different locations on the beach. I met Ben and his lovely wife to search the locations in hope that I could reunite him with his ring.

The first location on the beach (Nude Beach) was at the far end where he felt it could be, 20 minutes and some pocket change near a log and nothing. We move to the second location, another log closer to the middle of the beach. Within seconds of turning on my detector I found his ring…Smiles all around!

I love my job!

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You can watch the video of the search below…


Lost Wedding Band on Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver…Found!

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Its been a slow start to spring and summer this year as we haven’t had a spring or summer yet…Heck we didn’t even have a winter! That being said the snow stayed on the mountains and that’s where I went for a few hours, a couple of weekends ago.

I found the usual change ($30.00) and a few silver pieces and lots of crapy metal things. I was packing it up for the day and as I was driving away the parking lot grabbed my attention as I started to wonder what could’ve  been plower to the side with all the snow. I drove about a 100 yards and stopped my car and got out to walk alongside the road to see if I could spot anything.

Well I walked no further the 10 feet past my car and looked down a spotted a gold wedding band in the dirt and gravel…


I didn’t even have my detector, talk about when its meant to be! The great thing about this ring was that there was a name and the wedding date inscribed on the inside of the band.

I left the mountain and when I got home I posted the find on the craigslist in hopes that maybe the person would find me. The hardest thing is finding the owner if they haven’t contacted me to do the search. Most people just give up!  I was at work and it hit me…Call the Ski Resort and see if anyone has reported it lost. This was a great idea as someone had, well we met today and he has his lost ring of nearly 4 months back on his finger.

I love my job!

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Lost Diamond Ring in Burnaby, BC…Found! New-Video Added

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday I got a call from a young man who wanted me to come out and take a look for a lost diamond ring that was a gift from his father. This was a special ring as the young mans grandfather had given it to his father many years before. Losing the ring as you could imagine was heart breaking!

He had rented a metal detector the day before I got there and spent many hours searching but had no luck finding the ring. That’s when he went online and found my directory “The Ring Finders” We discussed the search over the phone and I was thinking that I had a 50-50 chance of finding the ring as he didn’t know if it came off where he thought it did.

When I arrived at his place and he showed me the area where he thought it could be, my feeling was if it was there I’d find it, if not, I’d give him closure. 15 minutes into the search and no ring where he thought it might be, I decided to expand my search in the opposite direction and that was a good thing as I found his beautiful diamond ring!

The young man was so grateful and happy and I was too, it always feels good to find what you’re looking for and help continue that story that the ring came with…

I love my job!

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Lost Diamond Ring in South West Vancouver… Blog & Video

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Tonight I received a call from a young lady who lost a very special ring, it was her diamond ring and she was heart broken that it was lost.

I was told by Jen that the ring came off when she was feeding crows from her patio, on the 4th floor of their apartment.  When she was throwing the food to the crows her ring came off,  she feared it may have landed on the apartment roof  next door.

We did a few test throws with a ring I gave her,  this  gives me the general direction and I started my search. Within 15 minutes I got a great signal that fell into the gold reading on my Whites XLT metal detector.

I moved some leafs and snow and saw the glint of white gold, I bent down to take a closer look and I could see the ring that was stuck into the ground, as it was walked on for sure by Jen and her boyfriend who had spent many hours with a rented metal detector, but had no luck finding the ring.

I was very happy to have found the ring for Jen, Its nice to know its back where it belongs.  It was nice meeting you Jen & Ryan! Thank you for generous reward Jen!

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my story!

Chris Turner