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Reporters ring found after 12 years/North Vancouver/Deep Cove

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Here’s a story about a story… The Province Newspaper here in Vancouver was doing a story on my service ”Finders” and the reporter who was doing the story told me about the time he’d lost his gold wedding band in his backyard.

He goes on to tell me that he lost it 12 years ago, he search the area at the time that he lost the ring but couldn’t find it.

I said to him… We’ll start the story by finding your ring! He smiled and said no chance, he told me that he had landscaped the backyard a few times over the years and more then likely it was hauled out with the leaves and dirt.

But that didn’t stop me as I enjoy a challenge, I started late that day in his back yard and he was taking some pictures while I was searching. It was getting dark and I’d spent a couple of hours but didn’t find the ring, he thanked me for trying and I told him I’d be back in the morning.

I picked up where I left off and as I was getting close to completing my grid search of the back yard I received a faint signal that was close to a small tree in his garden.

I started to dig down in the soft dirt and about 8 inches down I could see the color of gold in the hole, I pulled out his lost gold ring and I have to say I had a big smile on my face! The total hours spent on this search was 3 1/2.

I called over to his work place and left a message with the receptionist that I was coming down to give him the ring that I found for him. She was excited as she heard about the search and I think no one believed I’d find it after so many years.

We met up and I took his picture for my ”Book of Smiles” and needless to say the whole story he did on ”Finders” was about me finding his ring!

You can read the story on my website under the ”News” Tab and click on the story… Well, Chris sure found my ring!

I love my job!

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Diamond & Ruby Ring lost at Bowen Island

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This lady in this picture lost her beautiful ruby & diamond ring in the mud and water while walking on a wooden dock along side a lake at Bowen Island. I took the ferry and met her on the Island the next day and she showed me the area the ring fell off into the mud.

This was a tough search as it was deep and thick mud, my only hope was that the ring didn’t make its way down to the bottom. I started my search by lying on the dock at the edge and slowly moving the loop of my metal detector left and right and sliding down the dock inches at a time.

I was hoping to get a signal but it wasn’t looking good as the area I was searching was not the area she thought she lost it at as I worked my way down the dock on my mud grid search.

I had to push hard to get my loop further down then reach my arm down to my loop to make it flat then search, then after 30 minutes I heard the sound I was hoping to hear… I put my scoop down into the mud and after the thirdattempt I was looking at her very muddy ruby ring!

After washing it and giving it back to her, well the smile tells the story!

I love my job!

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Tiffany White Gold Wedding Band Lost! Kits Beach Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story is about a man who lost his white gold wedding band at Kits Beach in Vancouver on a sunny summers day.

He was in the water cooling off when he realized that his ring was gone, he wasn’t sure of the exact location but he did give me an area that was workable, but it would take some time to find.

I talked to young man over the phone and he gave me the area that he believed the ring was in and because I’ve hunted that area so many times in the past it wasn’t important that he be there.

I showed up at low tide the next morning around 5 am and started my search of the area, I didn’t receive many signals which makes the search easier and it took me only 30 minutes to find his ring.

I was excited to call and tell him the good news, he was on his way to the beach the second I called him to pick up his ring.

When he arrive I gave him his ring and for some reason he didn’t think it was his, he look at it for a while then put it on and it fit him, but he remembered that there was an inscription inside and this one didn’t have one…?

I said cool two white gold rings in the same area, I’ll find yours next and I started to search. Within 30 minutes I found his 18k white gold Tiffany wedding band.

He was very pleased and gave me a nice reward and I left the beach with a 14k white gold ring that needed to find its owner and it did only weeks later…

I love my job!

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One of a kind silver ring lost at Spanish Banks Beach Vancouver…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A few summers back I received a call from a young lady who lost a silver ring. I don’t get many calls to find silver rings but the lady told me that it was a one of a kind ring that she bought at a studio in Los Angeles.

It meant the world to her! I was on my way to Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver to do a ring search at 10:15 pm.

When I showed up at the beach I was greeted by two young ladies and they took me to the spot they believed the ring was lost.

I started my grid search and it was stop and go as I received lots of signals on my metal detector in the area of the beach the ring was believed to be lost.

It took 15 minutes until I got the silver signal I was waiting for and out of the sand and into my scoop came the silver ring the lady had lost.

She like most was very excited and happy that I found the ring, it helps when people are sure of the area it was lost in as I will continue to search until I find it.

I love my job!


Search and we will Find

Family Heirloom Lost at Kits Beach…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


Family heirloom lost at Kits Beach two Summers ago, Found in 10 seconds, 22k gold heart shape pendent that fell off a chain into the sand.

I was shown the area that they believed the pendent was lost at and it was a quick find. The young man told me that it was his friends pendent and he had to go, so he stayed until I arrive to show me the area.

He also told me that his friend said the pendent was in their family for many, many years… And now it will be in the family for many years to come!

I love my job!

Search and we will Find

Lost my gold wedding band by a log at Kits Beach… Help!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get call one evening a few summers ago and this man tells me that he and his wife were enjoying a beautiful day at Kits Beach in Vancouver. Before he went into the water he took his ring off and put it on his towel as he was afraid he might lose it while he was in the ocean.

After his swim he came back to his towel and had a nap, when he awoke he and his wife got ready to head home to Maple Ridge which was a good hour plus drive from the beach.

Half way home he notices his ring isn’t on his finger… Then he remembers that he took it off and put it on the towel, when he got up to head home he picked up the towel and the ring must of fell into the sand.

He drives back to the beach and searches around the log that they were sitting by and after an hour he gives up. As he was heading back to the car he sees a lifeguard and decides to ask if anyone found his ring.

The lifeguard said no but call this guy and hands him a flyer. Heading home he decides he has nothing to lose so he calls the number and he tells me where he was on the beach when he lost his ring.

I get to the beach and find the log he described to me over the phone, I start up my metal detector and the first signal is his ring. A couple sitting by a log beside me where in shock as no more the 10 seconds I find a gold ring. I wonder if they bought a metal detector the next day?

He did the right thing by calling that day as someone would have found that ring that night as everyone who treasure hunts checks the logs as that’s where everyone sits.

I had a search the next day near Maple Ridge so I dropped off the ring to its happy owner…

I love my job!

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Help…White Gold Ring…Lost at Spanish Banks Beach

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

When I get calls to search for someones lost ring they are usually calls of distress… Help! or , I lost my ring can you find it?, I searched for hours, I rented a metal detector but couldn’t find it…
I’m the Finder Guy and I love the search, put me in the area the ring was lost and I will find it! The lady above lost her white gold ring at the beach and searched for hours but couldn’t find it.

She saw where the ring fell into the sand and started to search for it but it was gone…?

How could that be you ask, well its like quicksand, the more you dig the deeper it gets, almost to the point where I can hardly get a signal with my detector.

It was late when I got the call that summers day and I met up with the young lady and she showed me the area she new the ring was lost in so I started my search.

Due to the fact it was an extremely high trash area and that she had dug the ring much deeper into the sand, this search that should of taken only minutes… took me 1 1/2 hours.

The picture above of her holding the ring is like looking at someone who is looking into their lovers eyes. Every persons ring has a story and this story gets to be continued.

I love my job!

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Diamond Ring for her 16th Birthday…Lost at Kits Beach, Vancouver.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A few years back I get a call from a young lady who lost her diamond ring that was given to her on her 16th birthday from her parents.

She was at the beach in Vancouver (Kits Beach) enjoying the hot summers day and playing some volleyball, after the game she sat down and had a drink of water and shortly after realized that her ring was gone.

When I arrived at the beach she showed me the area that she was playing volleyball, it was a makeshift area that they made so they could play as the courts were full. It was getting dark and I didn’t think it would be to hard of a search as she thought she knew the area it was lost in. I started my search and after an hour and a half no ring.

The reason was the area was full of metal, parts of tin cans and nails all kinds of crap! I packed it up and told her that I’d be back in the morning before I went to work.

Early the next morning I could see where I left off and continued my grid search. I had to dig everything as it was so full of garbage and I didn’t want to miss it, after another hour and a half I started to think that the ring wasn’t there, and then bang! There it was, in my sand scoop! I called the owner and told her that I found the ring and she and her parents were very grateful.

I love my job!

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Lost Bling on Kits Beach Vancouver!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call one summer’s night from a young lady that lost her gold heart shaped diamond pendent at the beach while she was playing volleyball.

It was dark out by the time I arrived at Kits Beach in Vancouver, that doesn’t matter to me as I’ve spent many a night searching the beaches.

We meet and discuss the area that she believed the pendent came off, I start my grid search and within 10 minutes I found the heart shaped diamond Bling!

For some reason I was thinking small… When it was in my sand scoop it was huge! You can tell by the smile that she was happy to get it back.

This was a simple search due to the size of the pendent, if it was a smaller size it would of taken a little longer to find.

I love my job!

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Ocean Diamond Lost in sand, Kits Beach, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This is a story about a young lady who lost her diamond engagement ring and wedding band that were soldered together, last year at the beach while putting suntan lotion on her son.
This was a tough one as it was a large area that I had to search, also we had to wait for the low tide to be right in order to get out far enough to search for it, and that was a week after the ring was lost.
As I set out to meet the lady and search for her ring on a beautiful sunny day, my truck broke down about five blocks away from the beach… I had it towed to a repair shop and I walked to the beach.
I met the lady at the beach and she gave me the area it could be lost in, I started my grid search and after 11/2 hours… still no ring.
I asked if it could be out a little further then my grid that I did and she said it could be.
I extend the grid further out and I was under pressure as the tide would be making its way back in shortly.
Within 5 minutes I received a good signal, as I bend down and scooped up the sand I could see the glint of gold in the bottom of the scoop.
Just then the lady who was about 15 yards away looked at me and yelled… Is that my ring!
I walked to the waters edge and cleaned the ring off and held it up and said, I believe it is.
I’m sure you could hear the screams of joy for miles! Wish I would of had a video camera to show you the reaction…
I love my job!
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(Look for the ring on the testimonial page).
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