Lost Gold Ring Recovered in Chaple Hill, N.C. on 11/25/2015

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

last night on 11/24/2015, I received a call from a nice gentleman who lost his ring while working outside on his home. After speaking to him and going over the details of how he lost the ring I agreed to meet him at his home to do the search on the next morning at 8:00 am on 11/25/2015.  When I arrived at his home it was right at 8:00 am like we agreed on. He walked me though everything he had done up to losing the ring. He also explained that when he was done working he had went to the side of the house to rinse a bucket out he was using. He put his hand in the bucket that he had the ring on the stir the water and wash the dirty bucket out. Since the water was dirty and cold it would only make sense why he would think the ring would come off in the water. He explained that he dumped the water out on the side of the in the leaves.  Well when I decided to begin my search I had my Regulator long range Electroscope and decided to use it first to check the areas. Instantly I got a signal with it when I was standing in front of the house while shooting it down toward the side of the house. After establishing  the first line on bearing I change my angle and shot a new line of bearing while this time standing further out in front of the home so I could shoot across my first line to see where the strongest signal would cross. I got 3 hits across my first line of bearing, 2 of them was 2 weak to worry about but the Third one was very strong so I started my search there.  The strongest was not on the side he thought the ring would be but instead was where he was working in the front. I grabbed my detector and sure enough I found the ring in the strongest area in less than two minutes. I was very happy to help him recover it fast. He was happy to have it back.

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