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Business Trip to Hawaii Before Christmas, LOST WEDDING RING, SAVED by the TONE! GOTT’UM

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


On November 28th 2017 Steve just flew into Hawaii on a business trip. While here on island he decided to head to the beach and take a swim. He noticed a few kids playing football in the water and decided to join them. After some time playing he looked down and realized, NO WEDDING RING. It fell off and he started to look everywhere. The kids that were playing also stopped and put on their swimming goggles to help find his platinum wedding ring. After hours of looking they came up short. Steve was contemplating as to how he would  tell his wife that while on a business trip in Hawaii “I lost my wedding ring”!  Well, thanks to a friend of mine on the beach who noticed the commotion, he went over to Steve and asked if everything is ok.  Steve said “NO, I LOST MY WEDDING RING AND DON’T KNOW WHERE IT IS IN THE WATER”. That’s when I got the phone call. I was able to confirm with Steve that I would help him find his wedding ring and would be there in 30 minutes. I packed up the gear and my family as we were on our way to pick up our Christmas tree that evening. I arrived to the beach and noticed Steve walking waist deep in the ocean and still frantically looking. As I got closer, he looked up to me and yelled “KAI”? I responded ” I’m Ready” and started to gear up as my wife and son played on the beach. It was later in the evening and the sun was setting. After 40 minutes I finally GOT THAT TONE! I looked up to Steve who’s eye was full of depression and a lost of hope and he says “Whats this in the scoop?” At that time I heard a loud “HE FOUND IT”! I got the biggest hugs of ALOHA. In the scoop was Steve’s Platinum wedding ring. My Family and I were excited to see his joy and gratitude all over his face. Steve was very grateful that he thanked me so many times and I had to return with IT’S MY PLEASURE… Thank you Steve for believing in me and we both will have a very Merry Christmas.


Lost ring in lake Pawtuckaway NH found

  • from Bremerton (Washington, United States)

Hey guys and gals!

Monday, the 10th of October, I got a text message from a gentlemen named Vic asking me if I could help him find his custom made 22K wedding ring. Vic, his wife, and close friends, had been enjoying Columbus day at one of the largest State Parks in Southeastern New Hampshire, when he encountered what would perfectly describe the ideal situation for loosing a ring, it was dusk, he was in the frigid waters of Lake Pawtuckaway, and lastly he was playing catch with a Frisbee.

Straight out about 20 yards from the rocks in the first photo was where the ring ended up being found. Vic was happily reunited with his beautiful ring and he learned a good lesson, but I will have to admit I learned a lesson too, never give up and always remember the basics. I looked for Vic’s ring for two hours before deciding I needed a break. I was cold and kind of light headed from splashing around in the cold lake water, so Vic and I sat down to warm up in the sun and he set out telling me how it’s a custom where he’s from for each partner to have the others ring custom made and how they do not see the ring until it goes on their finger at the wedding. Turns out the designs each one chose was almost identical, which in their opinion was pretty awesome.



vic-ring-1 vic2 vic3 vic4

I listened to Vic’s story again on how he lost his ring and being it rang so true to how a ring is lost I had to determine one of two things was going on, concerning me not finding the ring yet, my detector was not working correctly or the ring fell on or near a piece of iron and my machine was discriminating out the iron and the ring at the same time. I proceeded to start my hunt over in all metal mode and dig everything that beeped and a long story short I got a hit on a couple of objects side by side, scooped them up and had a bobby pin, a small nail, and a 22K gold ring. Turned out to be a gorgeous day!

Guy Fuller 603-809-3622 🙂

Newlyweds’ Lost Wedding Ring FOUND at the Hilton Hotel, Big Island, Hawaii

brent and van - ring finding

SEE THE FIND-Movie!!! Finding Vans Ring

Van and Ellie called us with bad news and good news.

The bad news was that Van had been swimming in the Hilton hotel’s lagoon in Waikoloa and lost his new wedding ring! He’d put sunscreen on and within minutes of getting in, felt it fly off as he moved his hand through the water. The good news was that since he had felt it slip off – he’d marked the precise location, time and depth before calling us.

There were no waves in the lagoon, the deepest part of the lagoon was shoulder depth and within a controlled space (as opposed to a public one – so someone who may have seen them searching couldn’t return and keep Van’s ring if found).

We met them at the entrance to the main lobby where the hotel had also arranged security to log us in and bring us to the lagoon. We were relieved for the buggy ride as the hotel grounds are huge and we’d brought two underwater detectors as well as light scuba gear in case…

Van climbed over the rocks and went into the water with me while Sylvie gave me (and Van’s wife Ellie) moral support from the nearby shore. Sylvie didn’t get in as I thought it would be a quick find – since everything was going in our favor – it was almost an “ideal” location.

One and a half hours later, I was starting to worry… We’d gone over-and-over the square he’d marked the moment his ring was lost. I continued to expand the search at every pass. Sylvie called over, “Should I gear up and bring in the Sea Hunter?” We use the pulse induction Garrett Sea Hunter MkII with a big coil in clean sandy-bottomed areas.

“I think so…” I replied not sure how I – or my Minelab Excalibur could have missed the ring. I was getting cold  and frustrated that something seemingly so right had gone so wrong.

Just as Sylvie started walking over to get the other detector I suddenly heard the loud clear tone that tungsten makes in my headphones. “Cancel that!” I yelled over to Sylvie. Van looked up. He was holding the Go Pro and started filming. I stuck my head in the water, scooped and looked into the basket. “Does it look something like this?!” I asked, picking the ring out of the mud and stones.

Van and Ellie were so relieved to have their precious ring found!

And so were we – Phew!

van ring closeup


2015-11-15 14.48.44-1


Lost Ring in Boston found. “In the next yard”

  • from Bremerton (Washington, United States)

A grand wedding planned and the congratulations had everyone in great spirits. Then Fido put a damper on things and it wasn’t by eating the wedding ring or biting the groom. It imageseems Fido wanted to join in on all the fun. When the stafford shire terrier was brought out to join the party she got so excited she made a be line for her mom and Bailey was wearing her very nice clothes. In order to stop the pooch from knocking her down Bailey threw up here hands to brace for impact. Well the rest is history, but I’ll let you hear the rest from Baileys point of view. Thanks for stopping by!

Bailey’s Testimonial:



I am so grateful to Guy and The Ring Finders! They made a pretty crappy week end on a great note.

I lost my engagement ring playing in the yard with my dog and after panicking, my fiancée, myself, some of the wedding party and three neighbors searched in our yard. After seven hours and a metal detector rental and not enough luck, we turned to the internet and found Guy here on the Ring finders.

Skeptical at first, because I didn’t think there was even anyone in the world who would do this, let alone on a reward basis and not for a really high fee, I gave Guy a call and after some brief chatting and scheduling, I got to meet him and he got to work. After his first initial run through of the yard he assured me it was close that he could find my ring. A day or so later he came back when I was available for more time he gave the yard an extremely through sweep, and then the neighboring yard a through sweep as well.

When the ring didn’t turn up in my yard, my first though was “we’ll never find is” and Guy assured me again we would and I wouldn’t be writing this if he hadn’t, and I am so grateful that he did. My ring had made it over the fence into the yard next door, and was safely recovered from under a pile of leaves.

Guy is a funny, easy going person and his genuinely nice persona kept the whole experience enjoyable despite the circumstances. That fact that he does this just for the love of helping people, and that he helped me, makes me glad such a site like this, and people like him that do this, exist.

Thank you Guy for doing this, and thank you theringfinders for making a place that people like me can find people like Guy.