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Lost Car Keys in Downtown Moose Jaw

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

I received a Call from Deborah she had lost here rental car key in the grass after parking her car and going for lunch. I told her I would meet her. I was a very small area of lawn so I setup and searched the area with no luck finding the Key. I asked Deborah if she check the police department, and she said no that she didn’t think about it.

On my drive home after, I happen to drive by the police department. I stop and ask if they had any keys turn in the reception desk showed the keys they had and one was a single key that looked like a rental key with an id tag. I took picture of the key and sent it to Deborah and called her she confirmed the key was match. I agreed to meet her at the Toyota dealership to return the key to her.

Lost Wedding Ring Found In The Snow In Martensville

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

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My son Dave  and his wife just bought a new house and was moving to Martensville, from Warman. He asked if I brought my detector because the previous own had lost his ring in the snow in the back yard.

when we arrived at the new home I grab the detector and one for my 4 yearly grandson and we headed to the back yard to look for the ring. After about 20 minutes of detecting I got a good signal in the snow was the shinny ring.

My son returned the ring to the owner.


  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Moose Jaw Ring Finder Ben Griswold- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   306-630-3016

I got face book notification that I was tagged in!

Afternoon everyone…Help needed!!
I lost my wedding ring this afternoon in blow in insulation in the attic. Anyone out there have a metal detector that might help to find it? Pls PM if you can help!

I sent Kevin a PM in messenger and he informed me it was in about one meter square area. he was fixing the bathroom fan and drop his tool in the attic insulation, when found it the white gold wedding ring was missing off finger.We met up on within an hour off the post and he showed me the attic and the area he lost the ring and. I got to work and thankfully it wasn’t -30 as the temperature in the attic was comfortable,  it was blown in insulation so it’s like quicksand for ring.

After searching with my AT gold with the sniper coil, I received a good target number.  Then using the Garret pin point there was his wedding band  just hidden 8 inches into the insulation.

I love the hunt for the lost ring, you never know where its going to show up but when it does…There it is…A Smile!


  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Karrie husband was reading the Costco Connection when he read the article Hunting treasures. He searched the Ring Finders and contacted me.   Karrie had lost her wedding ring  so 30 days prior while playing catch with her daughter in the back yard. the ring was on her glove hand and was thought to be lost when she had to remove the glove to retrieve the ball from under the evergreen trees.  They had purchased a metal detector but could find the ring.

We made arrangements to meet.  I did a search of the evergreen trees on both sides of the yard and grid search of the main area of the yard. I was into the second  hour of the search and got a  great tone and 49 VDI  in the 2 in depth the ring was covered by the grass. Karrie was very happy to get the lost ring back on her finger.

This has to be one of the best feelings to return a precious lost item to someone that may have given up all hope of ever seeing it again.

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Lost Hearing Aid at Gull Lake Saskatchewan In The Snow

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

I received a call from Hamid on Friday He lost his Hearing aid on trap line North of Gull Lake Saskatchewan. He had tried his Metal Detector’s and they wouldn’t find his other hearing aid. At a loss and looking at replacements that could cost up to $3000. He did some research finding the ring finders website and my number.

We decided that Sunday morning I would meet with him and go out on the the trapline. Before we left he had me check to see if the detectors I brought with me could find the hearing aid the Garrett AT Gold locate it ringing a solid 2, the Minelab X Terra 70 had weak signal.

I started the search from the location on the trail where he notice it missing. At this spot he had a tree branch brush the side of his head, and is the first time he noticed it missing. I started searching in wide grid pattern working from the left side of the trail to the right thought the tress and brush, moving in the direction he came from. There was a couple signals along the trail but they were a high VDI reading and about 6 inches in the ground I was looking for a shallow target. After sometime I got a solid signal of 2 about two feet next to the trail a inch deep in the snow aways down the trail.

Hamid couldn’t believe it when I bent down telling him it was his hearing aid and moving the snow away revealed the hearing aid. Its a great feeling being able to give back a lost item that some has lost being the smile on their faces!

Lost White Gold Mens Diamond Ring Danielson Provincial Park, Lake Diefenbaker

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Tyler Called me about locating his Lost Wedding Ring in the Sand just off the Beach. Him and his family  was enjoying the day at the beach swimming he headed to the truck and was wiping the sand off his legs when his ring slipped off his hand. They spent the next couple hours searching for the Lost Ring. They head back to camper and was searching for a Metal Detector to Rent in Outlook, when they found my Name on the  internet. He called and we made plans to meet at the parking at 10AM the next day.

The next morning I made the 2 hour drive and at 10 we meet, he said I would need follow in truck to the secluded beach area down the road. He had place a stick at the location that the ring fell off. I  set up and started a grid of the area after a 20 minutes on the second good signal the ring was in the sand 2 inches. I pick the ring up and he was up the beach about 50 yards, as I walked toward the family he looked over and said you found the ring? I said I found a ring with 3 diamonds he said really mine has 3 diamonds  He  and his family was overjoyed at the discovery.

If you experience a loss call a professional to find it 1(306)630-3016


Lost white Gold Diamond Wedding ring in the Snow, Regina, Saskatchewan

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Lost white Gold Diamond Wedding ring in the Snow, Regina, Saskatchewan

Judy sent me a text yesterday at supper, she had lost here white gold diamond wedding ring in her back while untangling the dogs chain it was dark out side. She was distraught over loose. They purchased a cheap metal detector from Canadian
Tire but had no luck finding the lost 1 carat ring. She googled and found my info on The Ring Finders Website.

I called Judy immediately and arranged to meet her the next day at her home in Regina. When I arrived Judy showed the approximate area in the snow that it was fell of her finger. the out side Temperature was -14 and the was about 2 inches on the ground. The ring was found 10 feet from the original location and rang up a solid 44 on the AT Gold.

Judy was very happy and could not believe I had found it.

Lost White Gold wedding rings, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Lost White Gold wedding rings Moose Jaw Saskatchewan


I woke up at 7:00 in the morning to a 4am text from a young lady who asked if I could help her find her lost ring… She told me the ring fell off her finger and went over her raised deck. After reading her texts I had a gut feeling that this ring had been thrown.

After arriving to the location and meeting her and as she was describing the area where she thought the ring was lost she told me that she got mad and threw the ring at her husband. This happens more than you know, the only thing is not many people don’t want to talk about it …

She opened up and told me that she got mad and in the heat of the argument threw her ring at the glass table top beside her husband. She then turn and went it the house the husband told her the ring was missing and went to bed. Distraught she spent the night looking in the dark for it, and she found the ring finders and contacted me by a text.

 The deck had a four foot wide hedge of bushes around it and most of it about five feet higher than deck rail. After a 5 hour search of the yard and thick brush area around the deck I didn’t find the ring and had to head to work, I told her I would return the next morning and search the tops of trees and bushes surrounding the deck after work. At about 8pm that same day she text me and said they found the ring stuck in the top of one bigger trees behind the table.

She thanked me for my time and support. I was just happy that she was able to find it.


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service Moose Jaw, Regina Saskatchewan Ben Griswold

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Long-time 20 years, Metal Detectorist helping to find lost rings and jewelry even lost keys on beaches, parks, lakes, and wherever you have lost things, in and around Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Searching for lost items is a hobby of mine and I have  found lots of rings and other valuables on the Beach in the sand and water, and in parks, lakes, event sites, soccer fields, baseball fields etc.

Please contact me if you have lost something in the areas near these cities, Moose Jaw, Regina, Buffalo Pound, and Diefenbaker Lake or near these areas, and I will assist.

Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a metal detecting specialist…Lost your ring…Call me and I’ll do my best to help you find what you thought was lost forever.

I have under water detector up to 5 feet and the skills to use them to help find your item before someone else does!

Please find my information on the “The Ring Finders” site or via email:

I look forward to helping you find that lost ring or heirloom

Ben Griswold: 306-630-3016