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I got face book notification that I was tagged in!

Afternoon everyone…Help needed!!
I lost my wedding ring this afternoon in blow in insulation in the attic. Anyone out there have a metal detector that might help to find it? Pls PM if you can help!

I sent Kevin a PM in messenger and he informed me it was in about one meter square area. he was fixing the bathroom fan and drop his tool in the attic insulation, when found it the white gold wedding ring was missing off finger.We met up on within an hour off the post and he showed me the attic and the area he lost the ring and. I got to work and thankfully it wasn’t -30 as the temperature in the attic was comfortable,  it was blown in insulation so it’s like quicksand for ring.

After searching with my AT gold with the sniper coil, I received a good target number.  Then using the Garret pin point there was his wedding band  just hidden 8 inches into the insulation.

I love the hunt for the lost ring, you never know where its going to show up but when it does…There it is…A Smile!