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Lost White Gold Mens Diamond Ring Danielson Provincial Park, Lake Diefenbaker

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Tyler Called me about locating his Lost Wedding Ring in the Sand just off the Beach. Him and his family  was enjoying the day at the beach swimming he headed to the truck and was wiping the sand off his legs when his ring slipped off his hand. They spent the next couple hours searching for the Lost Ring. They head back to camper and was searching for a Metal Detector to Rent in Outlook, when they found my Name on the  internet. He called and we made plans to meet at the parking at 10AM the next day.

The next morning I made the 2 hour drive and at 10 we meet, he said I would need follow in truck to the secluded beach area down the road. He had place a stick at the location that the ring fell off. I  set up and started a grid of the area after a 20 minutes on the second good signal the ring was in the sand 2 inches. I pick the ring up and he was up the beach about 50 yards, as I walked toward the family he looked over and said you found the ring? I said I found a ring with 3 diamonds he said really mine has 3 diamonds  He  and his family was overjoyed at the discovery.

If you experience a loss call a professional to find it 1(306)630-3016