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Texas A&M Class Ring Recovered at Navarre Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Loren and his family from Philadelphia, Virginia, Atlanta, Texas and Louisiana had traveled to Navarre Beach for a family reunion. Everyone was having a wonderful time, Loren was throwing the football around with his brothers while cooling off in the water and He felt the ring slide off his finger and disappear in the sand. This ring was special to Loren, his Texas A&M Class Ring that meant a lot to him and he wanted the original back! His wife called a friend who knew the Pensacola area and recommended Pensacola Ring Finders. I was contacted and told them I would help. The ring was lost in chest deep water and the area rather large. It took three and a half hours to find. The family had just about lost faith that it would be found so when found everyone was ecstatic. That’s when Loren’s wife shared with me why it was of the upmost importance that his original ring be recovered. Tradition! Having a worn A&M class ring meant it is always on his finger, a symbols of honor and loyalty to the school, class mates, his education and chosen profession as a Engineer. I’ve a grand daughter going to engineering school at A&M now so we instantly bonded. Loren and his family are the nicest people you ever want to meet. I am glad I met them, could help and wish them the best. Hook Em’ Loren!

Lost Ring Found at Navarre Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Alex, his wife Andy along with their two adorable children were vacationing for a few a days on Navarre Beach. Alex was careful to put his wedding ring in the beach bag before playing with the kids in the sand on Sunday. Some where in the outing his ring fell out of the bag maybe while removing something or perhaps the bag fell over. In the mean time the kids were having serious fun digging in the sand. Alex was an Army Vet whose last duty station was in Alaska, had since separated and now the family lived in Tennessee. So as you could imagine, the kids were absolutely loving the beach. Andy called me Monday morning to see if I would come recover Alex’s ring. I said I would and arrived about 10:30. Both Alex and Andy showed me the area they were at the day before, but maybe two thirds of the areas sand looked like the kids had dug holes filled some, made mounds and generally had a great time in the process. As I started my search they were still digging. After 30 minutes or so and digging several targets, a fish hook, a stainless bolt, a piece is iron, a couple of pop tops and a a hair pin, I got a encouraging signal but it indicated it was almost off the scale deep. I dug anyway. The first scoop came up empty, the second try I pushed the scoop as deep as it would go. As I shook the sand from the scoop I could hear something heavy shaking around. I smiled and that tipped Alex off that this target was a good one. I reached in and handed his wedding ring to him. Everyone was all smiles. As I like to say, no more worries and no regrets, time for the vacation to continue!

Do Metal Detectors Find Platinum Rings?

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Sarah’s Beautiful Platinum Infinity Diamond Wedding Band Sparkling Bright Once Again After Ring Finder Brian Rudolph Recovers the Young Lady’s Precious Keepsake from the Arlington, Virginia Lawn!

Jason and Sarah Celebrating the Success Story of the Return of their Lost Platinum Infinity Diamond Wedding Band Thanks to THE RING FINDER’S Member Brian Rudolph!

To answer the question as to whether or not a metal detector can find platinum rings, one should gain knowledge about the subject from a professional detectorist.

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Keepsake in Any Environment: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

A detectorist is someone who uses a metal detector to find items made of metal that are either buried in the earth or laying on the surface of the ground. I happen to be a professional metal detectorist and item recovery specialist who helps people be reunited with their lost items of value. This may include a ring, family heirloom, smartphone, set of keys or even buried treasure. Many of my clients try using a metal detector prior to calling me for help. Once they fail at finding their target, they become desperate and begin searching the internet for a solution to their problem. Most of the time they end up finding the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS which helps people find a detectorist in their local area who specialize in finding lost rings and other items. I am one of those unique ring finders. Next, they contact one of us by phone and we become their best shot at recovering their lost item of value.

So, does a metal detector really find lost platinum rings? The answer that I will give is summed up in this ring search story below. I received a call from a young lady named Sarah who was doing some yard work on the side of her lovely Arlington, Virginia house while her child played nearby. At some point she decided to take off her platinum infinity diamond wedding band so as not to lose it during the gardening project. As Sarah was walking towards the house to put the ring in a safe place, she held the band in her hand and unfortunately her most precious keepsake slipped from between her fingers and disappeared into the grass. The distraught woman did not know where and at what moment the wedding band dropped below. Sarah was only certain that she had possession of the jewel while walking with it towards the side porch door and that it had to be somewhere on the lawn.

The couple searched everywhere for the lost ring and sadly nothing turned up. They even borrowed a metal detector from a friend and scanned the yard as best as they could and still all of their efforts led to no avail. At some point, the very one who lost the diamond infinity band got desperate to come up with an answer to this deeply distressing situation and immediately went online to seek help. Sarah couldn’t bear watching her poor husband endlessly search for the lost ring with his machine in hand and with no positive results. She came to the conclusion: One, Jason wasn’t experienced enough with the detector. Two, the device wasn’t capable of finding this particular petite piece of jewelry. And three, her husband just wasn’t experienced enough as a ring finder to tackle the territory effectively enough to discover the lost treasure from their property. These are three most common reasons why people call professional ring finders instead of continuing their struggle to find their precious item on their own. Finding a platinum piece of metal has a lot to do with all of the factors that I listed above, which is the very reason that Sarah finally called on a pro from THE RING FINDERS directory!

Later that same day, after going through all of the details on the phone, I visited Sarah and Jason’s beautiful property in Arlington, Virginia. The young lady showed me the yard and I was extremely complimentary of their thick, plush grass. Anything could have disappeared for good in that well cared for lawn! Once I got all of the facts, I returned to the car and got all of my gear out to begin the search.

The first thing I did was to lay down grid tape lines across the yard. This way I could stay in perfect formation as I swung my detector across the property. As I started the process of looking for the missing wedding band, I shared with Sarah some of the details of what I was doing and how I was going about finding her most precious keepsake. Jason arrived back at the house sometime after I began scanning the lawn and he too took some interest in how a hired professional recovers lost platinum and diamond items such as with this particular ring.

After about 15 minutes or so, as I was about halfway across the lawn, I got the perfect signal on the detector. It was exactly the VDI (visual display indicator) number and tone that I was looking for! I I’m so experienced with finding lost platinum rings and other items like this one that it’s kind of like speaking and hearing a language with the machines I operate. When I came across this particular target, I knew that this would end up being Sarah’s lost wedding band! I knelt down on the ground and used my pinpointer to isolate the exact place where the unidentified piece of metal was hiding. Then, as I reached down and spread apart a clump of grass blades to see what I had uncovered, there it was, Sarah’s beautiful platinum diamond wedding ring! It was quite a beautiful sight indeed!

The couple was so excited that I had found the jewel and they were completely relieved that their cherished item would not be permanently lost out there in their yard! By hiring me to recover the ring, Sarah and Jason learned (as many others have as well) that calling in a professional ring finder was the best decision they could ever make! We the specialists know how to use high quality metal detectors, we know the target signals that we are searching for and we implement the best strategy possible to recover that which is lost.

So, do metal detectors find platinum rings? Of course they do! As long as it’s quality matches the need, as long as the user is experienced, and as long as the one utilizing the machine wisely hunts for the lost item like one of us professionals listed on the THE RING FINDERS directory!


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Lost White Gold 10 Year Anniversary Diamond Wedding Band West Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

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Sunday morning I received a text from someone asking for some help in finding a ring that had been lost somewhere on the property around their house. They had just learned of my services and said it had been quite a few months. Of course I called to meet Katie as she explained in more detail the events that took place six months prior. 

On a nice summer day while preparing food in her kitchen she took her white gold ten year anniversary diamond wedding band off and slipped it into her pant pocket. They proceed to their patio grill where they also enjoyed their dinner over their deck. 

After dinner, Katie explained in great detail how she spent the next two hours working in her yard. She had been bending and moving quite a bit. I also learned that in the past she had also lost her driver’s license from this same stretch pant pocket. Fortunately, they found her license at that time. Hearing that other items had escaped this same pair of yoga pants provided a ray of hope that her ring did in fact fall out somewhere in the yard. I agreed to drop by her home after work for a quick visit and to at least get a good start on the search. Currently, at this time of the season, it gets dark rather quickly. Fortunately I have a lot of experience working my equipment in the dark and can still be quite successful.

When I arrive Katie was extremely helpful and to her credit, she did a wonderful job describing all of her detailed actions and movements through her yard. She also added that before she left her yard work that day while still standing outside she noticed the ring was no longer in her pocket. After hearing this key detail I immediately knew the percentage odds of her ring being in the yard went from medium to high probability. 

One of the things I like to ask is exactly when and where was the last time you had a clear memory of your ring and where did you notice it was missing. Placing some book ends around the period of loss can really narrow a search down to some priority hot spots to search before expanding out to other areas of possibility.

With some day light left I quickly got started searching in her front yard. Within an hour of searching in the dark I located Katie’s lost white gold ten year, ten diamond wedding band that had been in her from lawn for the past six months.


Jeff Morgan



Lost iPhone Left On Car Roof Roadside Investigation Mill Creek WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch video link below…

A local woman from the community contacted me asking for assistance in locating her lost iPhone. I learned from our discussion that this person had not enabled the Apple tracking features so we had no way of knowing its general location. This individual was also very focused on keeping her personal identity protected thus very concerned on recovering her phone. 

She explain to me that she had gone out to pickup some take out food. By the time she made it home the realization that her iPhone was gone became her priority focus. After a short period of time she went back to the restaurant asking and looking around and no phone was found. She also drove the same roads but was unable to find her phone.

She then started searching Craig’s List in hopes someone had found her phone. In doing so she learned of my services to the community in how I help people locate lost items.

She also shared with me that she had a memory of hearing what sounded like something falling on to the roof of her car like a small tree branch. She then noticed seeing something falling off her car from her rearview mirror. She thought this event was odd as the weather was calm.

After hearing this it become my prime focus to investigate the location of this incident as the potential location of her lost cell phone. It’s very common for people to place phones and items on top of their vehicles while loading and unloading, forgetting the items and driving away. Some distance down the road these items will eventually rattle off onto the roadway.

Watch this video to see the conclusion of a lost iPhone in Mill Creek, WA.

After the recovery it is important to share how appreciative this lady was for the services provided. She told me that she now has closure and that she can now move past the incident without constantly wondering every time she passes through this part of town.


Jeff Morgan