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Lost iPhone Left On Car Roof Roadside Investigation Mill Creek WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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A local woman from the community contacted me asking for assistance in locating her lost iPhone. I learned from our discussion that this person had not enabled the Apple tracking features so we had no way of knowing its general location. This individual was also very focused on keeping her personal identity protected thus very concerned on recovering her phone. 

She explain to me that she had gone out to pickup some take out food. By the time she made it home the realization that her iPhone was gone became her priority focus. After a short period of time she went back to the restaurant asking and looking around and no phone was found. She also drove the same roads but was unable to find her phone.

She then started searching Craig’s List in hopes someone had found her phone. In doing so she learned of my services to the community in how I help people locate lost items.

She also shared with me that she had a memory of hearing what sounded like something falling on to the roof of her car like a small tree branch. She then noticed seeing something falling off her car from her rearview mirror. She thought this event was odd as the weather was calm.

After hearing this it become my prime focus to investigate the location of this incident as the potential location of her lost cell phone. It’s very common for people to place phones and items on top of their vehicles while loading and unloading, forgetting the items and driving away. Some distance down the road these items will eventually rattle off onto the roadway.

Watch this video to see the conclusion of a lost iPhone in Mill Creek, WA.

After the recovery it is important to share how appreciative this lady was for the services provided. She told me that she now has closure and that she can now move past the incident without constantly wondering every time she passes through this part of town.


Jeff Morgan