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Do Metal Detectors Find Platinum Rings?

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Sarah’s Beautiful Platinum Infinity Diamond Wedding Band Sparkling Bright Once Again After Ring Finder Brian Rudolph Recovers the Young Lady’s Precious Keepsake from the Arlington, Virginia Lawn!

Jason and Sarah Celebrating the Success Story of the Return of their Lost Platinum Infinity Diamond Wedding Band Thanks to THE RING FINDER’S Member Brian Rudolph!

To answer the question as to whether or not a metal detector can find platinum rings, one should gain knowledge about the subject from a professional detectorist.

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Keepsake in Any Environment: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

A detectorist is someone who uses a metal detector to find items made of metal that are either buried in the earth or laying on the surface of the ground. I happen to be a professional metal detectorist and item recovery specialist who helps people be reunited with their lost items of value. This may include a ring, family heirloom, smartphone, set of keys or even buried treasure. Many of my clients try using a metal detector prior to calling me for help. Once they fail at finding their target, they become desperate and begin searching the internet for a solution to their problem. Most of the time they end up finding the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS which helps people find a detectorist in their local area who specialize in finding lost rings and other items. I am one of those unique ring finders. Next, they contact one of us by phone and we become their best shot at recovering their lost item of value.

So, does a metal detector really find lost platinum rings? The answer that I will give is summed up in this ring search story below. I received a call from a young lady named Sarah who was doing some yard work on the side of her lovely Arlington, Virginia house while her child played nearby. At some point she decided to take off her platinum infinity diamond wedding band so as not to lose it during the gardening project. As Sarah was walking towards the house to put the ring in a safe place, she held the band in her hand and unfortunately her most precious keepsake slipped from between her fingers and disappeared into the grass. The distraught woman did not know where and at what moment the wedding band dropped below. Sarah was only certain that she had possession of the jewel while walking with it towards the side porch door and that it had to be somewhere on the lawn.

The couple searched everywhere for the lost ring and sadly nothing turned up. They even borrowed a metal detector from a friend and scanned the yard as best as they could and still all of their efforts led to no avail. At some point, the very one who lost the diamond infinity band got desperate to come up with an answer to this deeply distressing situation and immediately went online to seek help. Sarah couldn’t bear watching her poor husband endlessly search for the lost ring with his machine in hand and with no positive results. She came to the conclusion: One, Jason wasn’t experienced enough with the detector. Two, the device wasn’t capable of finding this particular petite piece of jewelry. And three, her husband just wasn’t experienced enough as a ring finder to tackle the territory effectively enough to discover the lost treasure from their property. These are three most common reasons why people call professional ring finders instead of continuing their struggle to find their precious item on their own. Finding a platinum piece of metal has a lot to do with all of the factors that I listed above, which is the very reason that Sarah finally called on a pro from THE RING FINDERS directory!

Later that same day, after going through all of the details on the phone, I visited Sarah and Jason’s beautiful property in Arlington, Virginia. The young lady showed me the yard and I was extremely complimentary of their thick, plush grass. Anything could have disappeared for good in that well cared for lawn! Once I got all of the facts, I returned to the car and got all of my gear out to begin the search.

The first thing I did was to lay down grid tape lines across the yard. This way I could stay in perfect formation as I swung my detector across the property. As I started the process of looking for the missing wedding band, I shared with Sarah some of the details of what I was doing and how I was going about finding her most precious keepsake. Jason arrived back at the house sometime after I began scanning the lawn and he too took some interest in how a hired professional recovers lost platinum and diamond items such as with this particular ring.

After about 15 minutes or so, as I was about halfway across the lawn, I got the perfect signal on the detector. It was exactly the VDI (visual display indicator) number and tone that I was looking for! I I’m so experienced with finding lost platinum rings and other items like this one that it’s kind of like speaking and hearing a language with the machines I operate. When I came across this particular target, I knew that this would end up being Sarah’s lost wedding band! I knelt down on the ground and used my pinpointer to isolate the exact place where the unidentified piece of metal was hiding. Then, as I reached down and spread apart a clump of grass blades to see what I had uncovered, there it was, Sarah’s beautiful platinum diamond wedding ring! It was quite a beautiful sight indeed!

The couple was so excited that I had found the jewel and they were completely relieved that their cherished item would not be permanently lost out there in their yard! By hiring me to recover the ring, Sarah and Jason learned (as many others have as well) that calling in a professional ring finder was the best decision they could ever make! We the specialists know how to use high quality metal detectors, we know the target signals that we are searching for and we implement the best strategy possible to recover that which is lost.

So, do metal detectors find platinum rings? Of course they do! As long as it’s quality matches the need, as long as the user is experienced, and as long as the one utilizing the machine wisely hunts for the lost item like one of us professionals listed on the THE RING FINDERS directory!


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