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  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


I got a call on Thursday evening from Rob , he told me how he had  just lost his wedding ring while he was making snow angels with his daughter up on mt.Baldy . We made arrangements to meet at 8:30 the next morning . When I got there it was a bone chilling 30 degrees . A little cold for sunny southern California . Rob met me there and we retraced his steps and did a little detective work so we looked at photos from the day before, we narrowed it down to seeing the ring on his finger before the snow angels to it being missing after he shook off his hands and he stood back up, we walked about 100 yards crossed a running creek until we came across the remnants of the snow angels . Rob was pleasant to talk to and was very helpful in getting us back to the right spot. I took a few swings with the detector, heard  a loud solid signal, scooped down and there was Rob’s heavy platinum wedding band. When I showed Rob, he was overtaken with emotion to see the ring that he was certain was lost forever. Rob unfortunately lost his wife a little over a year ago ,his reunion with the ring was heartfelt joy and sadness. He was grateful , before we went down the mountain we had a very nice conversation about all of the quality traits that his wife passed down to his daughter . I am grateful to the ring finders for the opportunity to help others like Rob. That’s the real treasure for me.