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Lost Wedding Rings Found in Spokane Valley

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

The call: Sherrel had lost her two wedding rings while pulling weeds in her garden. It was 8:30 pm when she called me so I begged my Sweet wife to let me go to Sherrel’s house that night. I gave Sherrel a call back and told her my family and I were all coming over so I can find her rings as fast as she had lost them.


The Search: Arriving at the house at O’ dark thirty, I quickly geared up and put on my head lamp. I knocked on the door we said our hello’s then I was shown the garden where the loss took place. The garden was a ten by ten area including the grass which was  3/4 of the ten by ten area. So to eliminate the easiest space I gridded the grass. I got one signal at 4 inches and knew that her rings were not going to be that deep. The little garden was next on the list but it had a few unwanted metal guests. I and Sherrel’s husband removed the solar lights and the lawn ornaments. As I weaved through the foliage I heard a strong tone with a vdi of 23. Out came the Whites trx to help me search. I followed the beeps up into the middle of the bush. As I looked through the plant I saw not one but two golden rings nestled in the lilacs.


The Reaction: I am still a little new at finding people’s rings so I flipped out. I tried to snatch the rings from the bush so fast that I missed one of them. So I ran back to the bush and then back to Sherrel with the rings in hand screaming “guess what?” and “thank you Lord”. Of course all of this excitement from my end confused Sherrel and her husband so when I  said I had found the rings they didn’t believe me right way until they were safely back on Sherrels hand.


The Rings Story: These Rings needed to be back on Sherrels hand more than most I feel. See the rings had been on her hand for 40 years. Along with that provenance, they were made in Egypt. Sherrel’s husband was from Egypt and while she was working there they met. Sherrels husband had the finest Arminian jeweler in the land, hand make the plain band, and then had another stone placed in the solitaire ring that Sherrel had received from her work.


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The Pre ring finders Search crew

The Pre ring finders Search crew