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Wedding set recovered from yard in Cherry Creek, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Erin and Dan moved to Denver from the Miami area soon after getting married. They moved into a VRBO to get by for a few weeks. We received a nice spring snow storm and Erin headed out to back door of their place to let the dog out and do something she couldn’t do in Miami, through a snowball. After tossing the snowball she shook her hands off and that is when both her wedding band and engagement ring slipped off her finger. Erin and Dan spent the next hour of so heating water and trying to melt the snow off the back porch since Erin was beside the porch when her rings slipped off. After several pots of water they gave up and decided to try to find another route to recover her rings. With that being said Erin searched the web and my name came up in the Ring Finders.

Erin called me just as I was getting dinner ready to put into the oven. During that phone conversation she explained her situation and I told he that I would be able to perform the search after I had dinner going. Soon after the phone call ended I had the food in the oven and I loaded up the car with a few detectors and headed out for the search. Upon arrival Erin lead me to the back yard and explained what she did and where she was standing. I put together my XP Deus and made a couple of swings over the yard when heard a promising signal. I kicked back 3-4 inches of snow and there was a gold band laying there. I signaled to Erin to come over, she looked at the exposed area and pulled the wedding band from the ground. She moved a bit more snow and her engagement ring appeared. She couldn’t believe that I had found her ring so fast.

Rings recovered April 16th, 2020