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Gold and Diamond Pendant Lost in House .. Calabasas, CA. .. Found in Carpet

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday afternoon I received a call from Marie who had lost a small gold and diamond heirloom pendant inside a house. She had been visiting friends in Calabasas, CA. when the pendant slipped off the chain while attempting to put on her necklace. The small pendant fell somewhere in the room which had a very thick carpet. Everybody in the family tried to find it with no success.
When Maria contacted me, I explained that it is difficult to use my normal metal detector inside a home. I have small hand held detectors that may work, depending on the location. Sometimes there are electrical noises like alarm systems or computer system equipment that interfere with metal detectors. Listening to her story, she may have also lost it outside the house, so we had to give it a try.
Maria didn’t want to bother her hosts anymore this day, asking me if I could come Monday. It was about noon Monday when I met her friend’s husband, Dave at the residence . He walked me into the room where the loss occurred. He had disassembled the bed removing the mattress and had moved the dresser to the other side of the room.
Two years ago I bought a UniProbe detecting unit just for situations like this. As a backup I chose to use my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT pinpointer.
Working on my hands and knees I covered about an 8’x 8′ area before I got a signal. There deep in the thick carpet was Maria’s very sentimental pendant. Dave was elated and couldn’t believe that it was found in a place that so many had looked. I was also impressed by how well my UniProbe pinpointer unit worked with such a small piece of gold. I did not get to meet Maria but I was the first person to tell her by phone that her priceless keepsake was found.


Ring Lost in Surf … La Jolla Shores, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

La Jolla Shores, CA. … Thursday 4/16/15 .. 12pm

Ring Lost in Surf … La Jolla Shores, CA. … Found with Metal Detector

Today we have a nice low tide about 2pm. This is a good time to detect on the beach in the wet sand without bothering sunbathers on the dry sand. I arrived at La Jolla Shores beach about noon. After about a half hour messing around the fire pits a man walked up to me asking me if I could help him find his ring. I told him I was a member of TheRingFinders and gave him my card with our website information. His name was FX which is short for a longer name. He is visiting from Seattle, WA. Earlier in he morning at hi tide he had been surfing when his gold wedding ring of 15 years slipped of his finger. He felt it slip off when he was in about knee deep water but it disappeared right away. FX walked me over to the location which he had remembered was directly in front of the lifeguard tower.
I told him that I had to work the area slow and thorough as this is a game of inches. If I miss it by an inch, it could take hours to find it. He just stood by with his smart phone reading TheRingFinders website. I made a long pass to the waterline then returned toward the beach. Just before turning around for my third pass I heard a good tone that I knew was gold. There under 2 inches of wet sand was FX’s gold wedding band. Another good memory for a vacation holiday. Also a great smile for me to remember. After a many years of finding rings for people I go by beaches remembering the people and their rings that I have found and returned. Making good memories for everybody is part of what we do.

Lost Keys .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in the sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday,  March 15, 2014

It has been a while sense I recieved a call to find a lost item. The weather has been beautiful in So. Calif. I’m sure that people have  a need for our service but  people are still learning about The RingFinders.

This morning I recieved a call from Glen. He had found me through a Google link that showed up when he tried to find a metal detector for rent. His nephews Mark and Mat were visiting from Germany and Glen had lent them his car.  They went to Newport Beach Friday evening to look at the waves while watching the sunset. When they returned to the car the keys were not in Mark’s back pocket.  It was dark making it difficult to find the keys.  These were the only set of keys. The car had to be towed home and they were looking at possibly paying as much as $300 to have a new set made.

I  live only 4 miles away so I was able to meet Uncle Glen  Saturday about 11:30 am at the general location. Mark and Mat would not be able to  get to our location till after 1:00pm. I decided to search the towel line before too many people took over the search area. After the nephews arrived I asked them if they had been doing any activities that would cause them to lose the keys. They had only walked 200 yards  from their parking lot to the top of the dry sand ( which is know as the towel line ).  We all walked to the area they believed they were sitting.  I could see where I had already searched and I had only 15 or 20 feet from this spot.  Within 3 minutes we had the keys. It does help to have good directions. I still enjoyed the hunt.  Everybody was so happy and they will be able to enjoy their vacation.  I was happy that the keys were not dropped in that 200 yard walk from the car to the place they were sitting. It was a pleasure to help these guys and the people on the beach were also very co-operative.