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Lost Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring in Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

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***Susie and Aiman had enjoying a day at the beach in Laguna Beach, CA. While sitting on the sand Susie dropped her two rings in the dry sand. They found one of the rings but the white gold blue sapphire with diamonds ring eluded their efforts to recover it.

They went to their hotel and the lifeguard to ask for help finding a metal detecting service. Neither of the people they talked to could help them. Aiman was getting frustrated when he thought he might google search for a metal detector specialist. He was able to get my contact information. When he called me I was returning to Newport Beach, CA. from San Diego, CA.

I was able to tell him I could be at Laguna Beach in less than an hour. After hearing how the loss occurred it was easy to assure Aiman that my equipment could find the ring. He then texted me the address and agreed to wait at the location. The traffic conditions were perfect and when I arrived there was parking available only a half block away.We met on the beach and they told me what had happened when the loss happened. I complimented them for staying at the location saying, this will  be a quick recovery. Sometimes it takes hours to get back to an area once people walk off the beach.

Setting up my metal detector took longer than the actual recovery. The beautiful blue sapphire ring showed up in my scoop after just a few short swings of the search coil. Then the smiles were on both Aiman’s and Susie’s faces. These easy searches are still just as exciting for me as tougher searches. It’s about helping people to get their cherished keepsakes back where they belong.


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Cartier Trinity Ring Found in Sand at Private Beach … Newport Beach, CA.

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Mark called me after his daughter, Paige had lost her Cartier Trinity Ring in the sand at a small neighborhood beach while playing tether ball. I was able to meet them at this location in a Newport Beach gated community within 30 minutes of his call.

Paige was upset that she had lost this  ring. It was a ring she had always wanted and was recently given to her as a graduation gift. I verified that she actually felt the ring come off her finger and it wasn’t the place where she noticed it missing. She said it definitely came off in that location.

I felt confident that the ring could be found with my metal detector but when playing with a ball it could as farther away than most people realize. I started my search by circling the tether ball pole. We were lucky as the ring showed up within 10 ft. of the pole. 

We had a quick search and a happy family including Paige’s mother, father and several of her friends. Like many other times, I was told they had no idea this service existed. Hopefully they will spread their experience with their neighbors and  any social media groups they belong to. If you are reading this and want to help others, please tell others about TheRingFinders metal detecting service.


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Lost iPhone in Sand at Venice Beach, CA. .. Recovered using Find My iPhone App and Metal Detector

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Rene’ called me requesting help to find her friend Chris’ iPhone lost the night before in the sand at Venice Beach, CA. 

These cellphones can be hard to find at the beach as they are often picked up by people walking the beach. After hearing that the loss occurred in very soft sand and the Find My iPhone app indicated it was still at the location, I told them I would be there within an hour.

We met on the beach where I was glad to see that the beach rake had not passed over the possible area of the loss. I set up my detector beginning a search grid approximately 20ft. by 30ft around the gps app location. From my experience the Find My iPhone App can be off as much as 30 ft. This find also occurred more than 35 ft. outside the gps ping location. After about 20 minutes I got a clear #30 tid reading from my metal detector.

I used my hands feel through the sand because it’s very easy to damage a cellphone with my metal sand scoop. 

Both Rene’ and Chris were very relieved and grateful to have the phone back saving them all the trouble of having to replace the expensive item,  irreplaceable photos and information.

Another successful search and happy smiles from Rene’ and Chris


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Wedding Ring Lost in Surf .. San Clemente, CA. .. Found Three Days after Loss

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On Sunday we had a special winter beach day. The daytime temperature was near 80 degrees at San Clemente, CA. I received a call from Julie just within minutes after her husband, PJ lost his tungsten wedding ring in the surf. She had my contact information because I had found the same ring last summer in the dry sand.

The tide was actually a medium high level when the ring was lost. PJ had retrieved his son’s surfboard when it washed ashore. He walked out to thigh deep water to push the surfboard to his son. That was when he felt the ring come off his finger. It’s always nice to know the person felt the ring come off and they have marked the location.

I was there to meet PJ shortly after the phone call. Even though it wasn’t low tide yet, it was more important to get the location and see the sand conditions. I thought it was worth a quick try knowing that my best chances were waiting for low tide. Starting with my Minelab Excalibur metal detector, I walked out into the surf. Thirty feet out I stepped into a 4 ft. trough that put me in water up to my shoulders. It was smarter to wait 2 hours for a lower tide. I tried again in the dark at 7 pm. Terrible search conditions, a deep trough with moving sand from past experience in the same location, I felt the ring was not findable. So I texted BJ and Julie. They thanked me saying the understand.

Three days after the first search I returned to the beach where the loss occurred. It was a much lower tide so my intention was just to see how much change the beach sand and cobble had made. We have many different type beaches and sand conditions vary.

I took out my Minelab Equinox 800 detector and my “Lucky “ new Xtreme Titaium sand scoop to the location planning to just see if there were any targets. When I saw the beach at a minus low tide, the cobble was still there and the sand had filled in the deep trough. I figured that the ring had to be at the bottom of the 4 ft. trough. I didn’t even want to get wet but just before leaving I walked into ankle deep water to do a couple test swings. It did get a signal that was more like a penny signal. Took my lucky Xtreme Ti scoop and retrieved PJ’s tungsten wedding ring. I couldn’t have been more surprised.

I texted PJ the good news with a picture of the ring. Later that evening I was able to return the ring to Julie. This was a special find for me because it’s my #400 recorded ring recoveries. Many searches and other types of finds like keys, cellphones, and once I located an abandoned bomb shelter. I love doing this, it’s not a job, it’s a passion!!



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Lost Key Fob .. Seal Beach, CA. .. Found in Rabbit Hole

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

When Peter parked his car in a Seal Beach city parking lot to go surfing, he thought he could hide his electronic key fob under some loose dirt in the planter next to his car.
When he finished surfing, he went to retrieve his key fob and there was a freshly dug hole and no key to be found. He believed that it was a rabbit or some kind of rodent responsible for taking his key.
Peter called requesting my help. He couldn’t meet me but gave good directions which put me exactly to the scene of the mysterious disappearance of a $500 key.
It was not a location that I could use my larger metal detector so I started with my handheld pinpointer. My first thought was that a dog may have dug out a gopher hole possibly throwing the fob into the surrounding plants or landscaping.
Returning to check the hole, I dug down another foot where there were three separate holes. I was about to give up but probed into each hole with my Garrett carrot pinpointer. I got a signal but figured it had to be a water pipe. It just seemed impossible for the key fob to be 16 inches deep.
I just had to see what it was. Yes! It was the missing key fob.. I called Peter to give him the good news and he met me the next day. I still can’t believe this story

Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Dockweiler State Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Lucy and her husband Jason were at Dockweiler State Beach spending a few days in the RV park with their daughter and son.  The day before contacting me Lucy had put her white gold diamond wedding ring in her back pocket. The same pocket that she keeps her IPhone.

Several times during their day on the beach Lucy had pulled her phone from her pocket to take photos. She told me that she had been in shallow surf and on the dry sand from the RV parking area to the water (towel line).

One problem was they had to check out of the park by noon. I was able to meet them just before check out time so she could show me the large search area. I also noticed that the beach rake had groomed a lot of the zone. I got a good reading of what could be at least a two hour grid search. We were confident that the ring had been dropped in the sand.

I explained that this would be time consuming and I had to help they lady in Marina Del Rey first as it should be an easy search. They were understanding and decided to wait in the day parking lot.

Returning in less than an hour, I went directly to the top of the dry sand. I picked an area at random that looked likely to start my process of elimination. Within 15 minutes the beautiful diamond wedding ring was in my scoop. Amazing, considering the huge area and the possibility the rake machine could have dragged it down the beach.
I called Lucy and Jason with the good news. They had just parked their RV and were walking out to meet me. Everything worked out well and there were plenty of smiles and hugs. Plus they could drive home before the LA traffic got congested.

Unique Gold Ring Lost in Sand .. Marina Del Rey, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Claire called me as I was driving to another lost ring call at Dockwieler State Beach. She said that her daughter had lost a gold ring that was a duplicate to her ring. It actually had her mother’s ashes embedded in the setting. Her daughter was devastated at the loss which occurred the night before while she was swinging her arms standing on the dry sand at the beach.
They knew the general area and a beachfront resident was keeping watching over the location. I told her that another person was waiting to meet me.

I was able to reschedule the search for the ring at Dockwieler State Beach as it was a large search area.
I went to meet Claire at Marina Del Rey Penensula. We walked about a block down the beach walk where we could see that the beach rake had made one pass very close to the location of the loss.
I set up to do a grid search. As I was swinging my detector on my first line, I saw a glimmer of yellow gold in the sand. It at the top of a small mound caused by the tires of the tractor or rake machine. The tires actually pushed the ring to the surface.

It was an easy search because Claire’s daughter felt the ring fly from her fingers and her mother was able show me a general location. Claire was very excited and immediately called her daughter, Scarlett to give her the good news.

Lost Wedding Ring in Sand .. Newport Dunes Resort, Newport Beach, CA. .. Recoverd and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I had been out on my local beach which is almost my backyard. As I was putting up my metal detector after practicing with a new high frequency search coil, Armando called requesting help to find his wedding ring. He lost it throwing a football in the sand at the beach.
I was available and it sounded like an easy search if they were still at the location. I’m located in Newport Beach on the coast centered between more than 200 miles of beaches, so my first question was, what beach?
When Armando told me he was at Newport Dunes, I was so surprised I almost dropped my phone. That is where I live and he was just a block away from where live.
I jumped on my Segway, meeting Armando and his wife Brianna in record time. They showed me the area which was easy to identify because of the finger marks in the sand and some sifting tools they used in search for the ring. Beginning my grid search, the first pass was about 15 ft. Half way back on the second pass, next to a sifting basket, I was able to get a great signal that was Armando’s tungsten carbide wedding ring. It would have been terrible to lose this as they have only been 4 months.
Total time from the phone call was less that 15 minutes. I wish they could all be that easy.


Wedding Ring Lost at Winery .. Temecula, CA. .. Found in Landscaping

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Mathias text me to ask if I would be available for a ring search in Temecula, CA. I answered, explaining we need to discuss details and get permission if it’s private property.. He was able to get permission for the next morning from the winery. His wife Brittany would be there to meet me to show me possible locations where her two white gold wedding rings may have come off her fingers.
Brittany had last remembered seeing her rings the morning they went to the winery. She discovered her two wedding rings missing that afternoon as they were leaving. They had walked all over the the property and she couldn’t recall anything she might have done to cause the rings to slip from her finger.
They reported the loss to the management but nobody had found any rings. After thinking about the events of the day Brittany remembered swinging her arms as she talked. We went to the area where that had happened. I was able to find the wedding band but the engagement ring was not in the same grassy landscaping. The rest of the area was asphalt and hard packed dirt walkways. Another point was that the larger of the rings was the probably the first to fall off. It could have fallen off her finger anywhere before this location. With not many places for a ring to hide, it may have been picked up by one of the many tourists that visit this popular winery.
It had been four days sense the loss of the rings. After going over the grassy landscaping four times with two different metal detectors I felt confident that the second ring was not in that grass.
Brittany thanked me for finding the one ring and realized that we had found what we can call a needle in a hay stack.
It would have been easier if she felt it slip from her finger and if we could have got to search the area sooner. With the information they first gave me, it didn’t seem likely to find any ring. This was one time I as glad that I say, “I will Try Anywhere”


Lost Tungsten Carbide Ring .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Mohammad had challenged his brother to a running race across the sand to the water. He twisted his ankle in the soft sand falling down. At that moment he felt his ring slip off his finger. After the loss they spent several hours trying to find it with their fingers.
His friend Sama, found my number on line, calling me to ask if I could help them. I had just finished finding a ring in San Clemente. It would take me about 40 minutes to get to their location. She agreed to wait even though it was getting dark.
The area where the ring was lost was in dry sand in mid beach. The most important thing was, Mohammad had the location very well marked, 40 paces from the cement walk way and 20 paces from the trash can. The perfect search conditions, most times people get confused and can’t get back to the spot. It wasn’t long till I had the ring and both Mohammad and Sama were on their way home.. It would be nice if all searches were like this. This was also another time I had to hear, ” I didn’t know TheRingFinders directory existed”. Thanks to the Internet, Sama was able to find TheRingFinders when she Google searched, how to find a ring in the sand..