Wedding Ring Lost at Winery .. Temecula, CA. .. Found in Landscaping

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Mathias text me to ask if I would be available for a ring search in Temecula, CA. I answered, explaining we need to discuss details and get permission if it’s private property.. He was able to get permission for the next morning from the winery. His wife Brittany would be there to meet me to show me possible locations where her two white gold wedding rings may have come off her fingers.
Brittany had last remembered seeing her rings the morning they went to the winery. She discovered her two wedding rings missing that afternoon as they were leaving. They had walked all over the the property and she couldn’t recall anything she might have done to cause the rings to slip from her finger.
They reported the loss to the management but nobody had found any rings. After thinking about the events of the day Brittany remembered swinging her arms as she talked. We went to the area where that had happened. I was able to find the wedding band but the engagement ring was not in the same grassy landscaping. The rest of the area was asphalt and hard packed dirt walkways. Another point was that the larger of the rings was the probably the first to fall off. It could have fallen off her finger anywhere before this location. With not many places for a ring to hide, it may have been picked up by one of the many tourists that visit this popular winery.
It had been four days sense the loss of the rings. After going over the grassy landscaping four times with two different metal detectors I felt confident that the second ring was not in that grass.
Brittany thanked me for finding the one ring and realized that we had found what we can call a needle in a hay stack.
It would have been easier if she felt it slip from her finger and if we could have got to search the area sooner. With the information they first gave me, it didn’t seem likely to find any ring. This was one time I as glad that I say, “I will Try Anywhere”


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