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Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Ice Plant in Long Beach…Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Olga contacted me explaining that she had lost her wedding ring in ice plant outside her beach front home. It seemed like a search that should be done right away, so we made arrangements to do the search that day.

When I arrived Olga took me to the back of the house, and showed me where the ring had gone; the ice plant was thick. She then showed me how she believed the ring got there, and where she believed it probably was. I proceeded to search in the area she showed me with no luck. I expanded out in the direction she had shown, and continued in that direction; nothing. I was going to go in a different direction, but she insisted I continue looking where she thought it had gone. I have found over the years that sometimes our spacial view of things can be a bit skewed when we see things, and especially when all things look the same, as in a very large mat of ice plant. After finishing the requested area search, I convinced her to allow me to search in the other direction, and within minutes I found her ring. We know as Ringfinders, that searching “out of the box” can result, in many occasions, in a successful recovery. Olga ended up pleased with my request.

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Vacationers Lost Wedding Ring in Surf at Hermosa Beach, CA. ..Found and Returned Three Days Later

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











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*** Julian and her husband had been vacationing in Hermosa Beach, CA. The fourth day of their stay at a hotel on the beachfront, they were throwing a football in ankle deep water in the surf when Julian’s wedding ring slipped off her finger. The ring disappeared immediately into the wet sand. The three days of there vacation were not good. 

The morning that they were leaving to drive back to their home in Arizona, Julian called me asking for help. She didn’t really feel it was possible to recover a ring that had been washing around in the surf for three days. I told her if they could stay long enough for me to get a general location, we have a good chance to find the ring. 

I met them an hour later as they were loading their vehicle with their luggage. They walked me out to the ocean , directly in front of the hotel, pointing out the location. It was low tide which was an advantage as I was thinking I might have to wait a half a day for the best low tide. I didn’t want to get their hopes up, but I had a positive feeling that I could find the ring, even if I had to try for a couple days.

I went back to my car to get my equipment as they left me to proceed with the search. After about five 40 feet grid passes. I only received one good signal through my headphones. That was all I needed. Julian’s beautiful white gold diamond wedding ring in my scoop. Three days after being through five or six high tides with a strong surf the ring was approximately 6” deep but still shallow enough to give me a decent signal in my water proof metal detector.

I called them with the good news, thinking they were on the road but close enough that they could pick up the ring. ( I could mail it ) After recovering rings for awhile, I understand that the owners never feel comfortable until the ring is back on their finger. I keep hearing how much they missed not having the ring where it had been for so many years.

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Small Gold Pendant Lost in Sand at Remote Malibu, CA. Beach .. Found with High-Tech Metal Detector

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*** Nico’s mother called ma asking about how the metal detecting service works. Most people don’t even know that this type service exists. I asked a few questions about what was lost and generally where the loss occurred. It seemed her son Nico had been at one of the Malibu, CA. Beaches.

He dropped a small gold pendant in the sand and couldn’t find it. The pendant was a gift from his grandmother in Italy. He was very upset because it was such a special gift that he wears daily. I explained to his mother how the service works, giving he assurance that I could find a small gold item in the sand with my equipment. It was very important that he have the location secure till I arrived. The recovery should be quick if he is there to guide me to a small area. 

Everything worked out well, with Nico meeting me at the top of the cliff side beach. We walked down the steep trail to a beautiful secluded beach. I set up my high frequency metal detector to detect a very small gold item. It was a whisper of a signal but enough to alert me to dig with my sand scoop .. YEP! a glimmer of yellow gold in the scoop that was what we were looking for.

Happy, Overjoyed and Relieved that the pendant wasn’t lost forever. Nico and his friends celebrating with high fives.

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