Wedding Ring Lost in Backyard .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Mike emailed me in the morning after finding my contact information on He included his phone number which I used to reply to his request for help. After hearing his story, I explained how the metal detector works and with the information that he gave me, I should be able to find the ring..
The day before, Mike had been doing some gardening in his backyard. He actually felt his gold wedding ring fly off his finger. There were lots of dead leaves and soft soil in the area he thought it may be. He spent some time that evening searching the garden and the grass in front of the planter with no success.
We met the next day after he got home from work. Seeing the small search area I put a 6 inch coil on my CTX metal detector to begin the search. Unable to get a signal in the planter, I was about to use my pin pointer to search in the plants and against the wall. Before shutting the detector off, I passed it over the grass in front of the planter. “Boom” gold ring tone from my detector with a 12-13 ID number. The ring was well hidden in a depression in the lawn. Mike told me he had raked his fingers through the grass several times before calling me. He did call the gardener that morning telling him not to do the backyard that day, which could have been the difference of this being a successful search or a failed search. It was an easy search, but after seeing how well the ring was hidden, I doubt that it would have been recovered without a metal detector..imageimage