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Gold diamond wedding ring set lost from purse during a company party at Newport Beach

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*** A lady named Pin had gone to a company beach party at a Newport Dunes Resort. It was a large group of over one hundred people with catered dinner, music and live entertainment. Most of the venue was set up on the sand.  Pin decided to take off her rose gold and diamond wedding ring set and put them in her basket type bag. 

After returning home, she couldn’t find her wedding rings in her purse. She assumed that they may have been pulled out when she was taking things out during her 3 hours on the beach. Then she had the thought that maybe somebody had stolen the rings. 

Pin called the main office to ask if anyone had reported wedding rings fo lost and found. One of the people at the office gave her my contact information. Pin called me giving me directions to where they had been during the beach party. She was unable to meet me at the location, so I went to the location of the screen shot map she had marked up.

After a couple hours of grid searching without finding the rings I had to leave because of rain. Early the next morning I returned to finish the search. I wasn’t the ten minutes before I got a great signal that turned up two beautiful rose gold wedding rings.  

I texted a photo of the rings to Pin and immediately she called me. She was so excited we couldn’t talk much. She asked if I could hold the rings till for a couple days because they were out of town. No problem, we met the next weekend to return her very special rings.

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Vacationers Lost Wedding Ring in Surf at Hermosa Beach, CA. ..Found and Returned Three Days Later

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*** Julian and her husband had been vacationing in Hermosa Beach, CA. The fourth day of their stay at a hotel on the beachfront, they were throwing a football in ankle deep water in the surf when Julian’s wedding ring slipped off her finger. The ring disappeared immediately into the wet sand. The three days of there vacation were not good. 

The morning that they were leaving to drive back to their home in Arizona, Julian called me asking for help. She didn’t really feel it was possible to recover a ring that had been washing around in the surf for three days. I told her if they could stay long enough for me to get a general location, we have a good chance to find the ring. 

I met them an hour later as they were loading their vehicle with their luggage. They walked me out to the ocean , directly in front of the hotel, pointing out the location. It was low tide which was an advantage as I was thinking I might have to wait a half a day for the best low tide. I didn’t want to get their hopes up, but I had a positive feeling that I could find the ring, even if I had to try for a couple days.

I went back to my car to get my equipment as they left me to proceed with the search. After about five 40 feet grid passes. I only received one good signal through my headphones. That was all I needed. Julian’s beautiful white gold diamond wedding ring in my scoop. Three days after being through five or six high tides with a strong surf the ring was approximately 6” deep but still shallow enough to give me a decent signal in my water proof metal detector.

I called them with the good news, thinking they were on the road but close enough that they could pick up the ring. ( I could mail it ) After recovering rings for awhile, I understand that the owners never feel comfortable until the ring is back on their finger. I keep hearing how much they missed not having the ring where it had been for so many years.

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Small Gold Pendant Lost in Sand at Remote Malibu, CA. Beach .. Found with High-Tech Metal Detector

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*** Nico’s mother called ma asking about how the metal detecting service works. Most people don’t even know that this type service exists. I asked a few questions about what was lost and generally where the loss occurred. It seemed her son Nico had been at one of the Malibu, CA. Beaches.

He dropped a small gold pendant in the sand and couldn’t find it. The pendant was a gift from his grandmother in Italy. He was very upset because it was such a special gift that he wears daily. I explained to his mother how the service works, giving he assurance that I could find a small gold item in the sand with my equipment. It was very important that he have the location secure till I arrived. The recovery should be quick if he is there to guide me to a small area. 

Everything worked out well, with Nico meeting me at the top of the cliff side beach. We walked down the steep trail to a beautiful secluded beach. I set up my high frequency metal detector to detect a very small gold item. It was a whisper of a signal but enough to alert me to dig with my sand scoop .. YEP! a glimmer of yellow gold in the scoop that was what we were looking for.

Happy, Overjoyed and Relieved that the pendant wasn’t lost forever. Nico and his friends celebrating with high fives.

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Lost Wedding Ring In Grassy Park.. Irvine, CA. .. Found in the Dark with a Metal Detector

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**** George called me to see if I could help him find his wife’s wedding ring lost in a park or along the walkway to the park. They had taken a break from moving into a new home, walking a couple blocks to a local park with their young son. 

His wife Shirley had put her wedding and engagement ring in a pocket of the baby’s tote bag. George was helping by carrying the bag not knowing the rings we’re in the bag. After returning to the new house Shirley could only find the engagement ring in the pocket. The wedding ring was no where to be found in the bag.

It was already after sunset but I felt it was important to get to the location even if I had to return the next morning. Sometimes it’s not possible for the person to meet me the next day. I’m also haunted by a recent ring search in grass where the lawnmower crew damaged the ring before I could find it. The there is always a possibility of someone finding the ring when it’s lost in a public place, so timing is important.

George met me about 8 pm showing me about three blocks where the and Shirley had walked to the grassy park. Then at the park he showed me a huge area where he had played hide and go seek with his little son. All the time he had the tote over his shoulder. It was going to be at least 4 or 5 hours to cover the area if I didn’t find it.

He said his wife looked at some of the videos she took during that afternoon. She believed the loss occurred in a certain spot. I thought that was the only clue I had to help me decidwhere to start.  I told George, this large of a search area would probably require me to come  back in the morning but I wanted to give it a couple hours before the park closed at 10 pm. He had a long drive back and had to work the next day.. I had what I needed to know and told him I would update him by texting.

Sometimes you start in the right location.. This was one of those times. Shirley was right about where the ring might have fallen out of the baby’s bag. I got a perfect white gold signal in the grass with my metal detector. Looking down with my searchlight revealed the wedding ring glistening on the surface of the grass.

I called George with the good news. He was about half way home but turned around to meet me. Both of us were excited about the successful search. I didn’t get to see Shirley’s reaction, George texted me..

”Thanks you so much Stan! I just gave the ring to my wife can’t even tell you how happy she is, words can’t explain”

It might have been easier to do the search the next morning. I just don’t like to see anyone have to worry and lose sleep not knowing if they will ever see that most sentimental wedding wrong again.


Surfer lost car key at 17th St. .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in sand

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I just returned from a trip to Honduras. I was checking some of my local beaches for recent sand erosion when I was approached by one of our local lifeguards. He asked if I had time to help a surfer that had dropped his car key in the sand. I told him I was always available and clued him in about on our way to meet Michael.
Although Michael didn’t realize when or where he dropped the single key he was confident that it had to be around the top of the beach, which we refer as the towel line.

Here’s Michael’s story:

Plodding through the sand after a surf, my automobile key somehow slipped out of my wetsuit. After continuously retracing my steps and searching on hands and knees in the sun for over an hour, I was ready to throw in the towel by asking a lifeguard for a phone. We spotted a person, about two-hundred yards away, waving a metal detector left to right, Mr. Stan Ross.

I have always been skeptical of the people who invest hours sifting through the sand; however, Stan made a believer out of me. He was jovial, yet professional, patiently asking questions and easing a stressful situation with understanding and confidence. He was methodical and took the time to interact and explain his strategy. In less than fifteen minutes, to my jubilation, I had the key in hand! If he showed this determination with a key, I would definitely want him on my team if I lost anything of sentimental value. I am very grateful, Mr. Ross, for your generous service.

Michael asked me if he could write me a testimonial. It’s letters like this that make my day. When I started metal detecting back in 1971, I had no idea that I could use my hobby to help people.. The internet also makes this possible.image