Wedding Ring Recovered at Gulf Shores, Alabama

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Orlando called me yesterday to help him find his lost wedding ring. He lost it in shallow water late that morning but was concerned because there was significant wave action. He said he was in about knee deep water, was hit by a wave, felt the ring drop from his finger and it immediately disappeared under the sugar white sand. he had a general idea of where it was lost but it was still a big area. We were lucky that he lost it near high tide and the tide had dropped about a half foot. That was good because the wave action wasn’t moving much sand shoreward that would have buried the ring deeper. I started my search in a grid fashion and dug every signal because the ring was made of both silver and gold. Orlando and others on the beach were watching every move, I dug a pop top, then a penny, anticipation building with each target. After about 30 minutes I think, I got a very loud signal that screamed silver, I thought it was a quarter coin but dug it anyway. It was Orlando’s ring! A successful recovery, no more worries, Orlando and his family were all smiles relieved and happy!

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