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Lost Graduation Ring Recovered in Leesville, Louisiana!

Dakota U. and his family and friends had just arrived at a swim area, and while they were applying sun screen, Dakota lost his gold Texas A&M University graduation ring overboard. “We spent an hour on our hands and knees looking for it,” his wife relayed. What should have been a happy outing had turned into gloom.

After doing all they could, he and his wife got in touch with me. They were distraught and had little hope they would ever see it again. However, they had location coordinates for the swim area and a good set of reference lines. I knew I could help them.

We arranged to meet at the boat launch, where we set out on choppy waters toward our target zone. When we anchored in waist-deep water, I immediately set to work, walking lines and listening for good signals.

After about an hour, we saw a little water snake pop up nearby. To get a closer look at it, I walked toward it, still swinging away and listening. As soon as the snake submerged, I got a big signal from my detector. Our little search party gathered around, and I knelt down and brought up the target. They knew I had got it by the smiles on my face. Next we were all smiling as I opened handful of rocks, revealing his gold ring!

Making smiles and new friends is why I enjoy the art and science of metal detection so much. This is what it is truly all about.

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