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Ring Lost During Emerald Isle Vacation Found Before Metal Detector Purchase

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Josh’s wife and she seemed flustered that her husband’s very new ring was missing after a day at the beach.  I was told the ring was put away and during the transport of the beach equipment from the shores back to the vacation house the ring fell out.  Josh later mentioned to me he had already planned to purchase a metal detector to try is luck.  The path their wagon traveled was very well staked out and this was a huge help in finding Josh’s ring within seconds.  The small group that tried to find his ring was surprised how quickly the ring sank into the soft dry sand.  I was very happy to return Josh’s beautiful white gold wedding band and hope they can resume a joyful vacation at Emerald Isle, NC

Tumble To Treat Toddler Results In Lost Wedding Band. Emerald Isle, NC

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Another Crystal Coast Ring Finders recovery!

Emerald Isle, NC

Rob was trying to cheer up a toddler that had fallen and was crying.  He took a fall on the beach house deck the family was staying to help cheer her up.  Rob felt the ring slip away and caught a glimpse of it flying off of the deck.  After neighbors and family members helped search for the ring with no luck, a family member found CCRF contact information.  About an hour later, the search began with a successful recovery!  Rob told me he was heading back to Boston the very next day.


Topsail Beach Lost Rings Found With Metal Detector

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Chase was relaxing at Topsail Beach, NC.  When it was time to leave his group packed up the gear and headed back to the house.  It was then he realized he had removed his rings for safe keeping.  Later that day his father called Emerald Isle Metal Detecting.  I was preoccupied so I messaged a nearby friend to see if he would help.  Because of a Midnight tide Justin made plans for a late night hunt the very day the rings were lost.  Thankfully, Chase and his father remembered the general area they had set up and this made for a much shorter search and find.   After Justin found the 1st ring, he was able to locate the 2nd ring about 10 feet away.