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Rose Gold Wedding Ring Lost On Emerald Isle Beach Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Nicholas sent me a message very early in the morning about his wife’s wedding ring being lost on the Emerald Isle beach.  I did some investigative work ( asking for location pictures, ring description, etc.) and made a plan to head to the beach.  After some communications, I was able to find the area they were set up and started my search.  Unfortunately, after my first attempt, I only found a few items and no ring.  Nicholas’s reply was “That’s unfortunate.”  I woke up early the next morning to head back there with my CTX-3030 with a 17″ search coil to cover the area without missing spots and to hopefully gain a few more inches of depth.  I also recruited the service of my friend, Justin.  He has helped me in the past even when I was out of state.  Justin was using his Minelab Equinox with a 15″ search coil.  Again after hours of searching, we were not finding the ring and decided it was time to take a break and evaluate our next plan.  I decided to widen the search area of the slope they had set up on and thought where the ring may have fallen out of the purse it was placed for safe keeping.  Just started to work the area between from where they arrived and exited the beach, and their set up location near the water.   Finally, Justin received a solid tone and was able to pull Christina’s ring out of the soft sand.