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Engagement Ring Lost From Beach Blanket Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)



Kristina and Drew were spending a beautiful day on the Emerald Isle beach.  Before finding a place to setup for the day in the sun, Kristina placed her engagement ring in a zip up blanket.  She became alerted when she had notice that Drew had opened the blanket and placed it on the beach.  Apparently, he didn’t know about the hidden ring.  Kristina called me and I informed her I could be there in less than 40 minutes.  Upon arrival, I searched over the blanket and received a very strong signal below the blanket.  I even stated “there is your ring”.  I moved the beach blanket and nothing  produced a signal from my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT pinpointer.  It was then, I looked up and noticed the metal zipper under the blanket.  I reset and started to scan the area with my Minelab CTX-3030.  I then locked onto a 2nd strong signal and this time, the Garrett sounded off with Kristina’s ring!  Now her engagement ring can attend next year’s wedding!

Wedding Band Left Behind After Beach Trip With The Pups, FOUND

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Lindsey & Mike were on the Emerald Isle Beach with their son and 2 dogs.  Mike placed his wedding band in a bag before heading into the water.  Between the fun on the beach, playing with their son and the dogs, the bag holding the ring was moved and the ring fell out unbeknownst to the young couple.  After leaving the beach, Mike asked Lindsey for his ring and she had thought he had already taken it from the bag.

I was on my way later that day to recover another ring in the opposite direction.  After some communications between Lindsey and I, I headed to the beach location the next day with a friend to search.  The beach was crowded, of course, for a Saturday and this made some of the areas I suspected the ring to be located unavailable.  After some time and expanding the search area, Mike’s ring was found at the top of a slope very close to being washed into the ocean.  I took a picture as soon as possible and sent it on the Lindsey.  We met the following day for the return.

Emerald Isle Fishing Trip Involves Lost Ring Almost Getting Away

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


David, Kayla and her mother were spending an evening on the beach fishing the shoreline.  Kayla had taken off her engagement ring and placed it in a small bowl.  Just after David caught a fish, Kayla headed down to the water to get a closer look.  Unfortunately, the bowl, holding Kayla’s ring spilled onto the beach just as darkness was setting in.  I happened to be in the area about an hour later and David approached me to ask for my help finding this wonderful ring.  After a few passes and as they were packing up to leave, I was able to pull her ring from the beach.  I was very happy to return this for them as Kayla’s mother told me when I began searching that David had just returned from military service in Afghanistan.    I thank him and all that protect us for their service to our country!